Hi Words Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

If you are looking for something that will exercise your thinking muscles, Hi Words is the game for you. You can challenge your brain with the most addictive word search puzzles! Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to master!

In Hi Words, each puzzle contains a number of words on a fixed theme, fruits, animals, sports, characters, magic, jobs, gardening and many more. In each level, you need to find the words, crush the letters and clear the board. Bear in mind that only words on the fixed theme can be accepted.

hi words answers

This game is more challenging than making words out of a bunch of letters. You have to strategize how to get to the answers you see right away by eliminating other letters/words. To start, you can just run your finger over every row or column in both directions to see the letters displayed at the top. This is much easier than reading backwards.

Intuitive, challenging, addictive, educational, big fun – that’s all about Hi Words.

And if you are stuck, here we are to help you! Below you can check out our complete list of Hi Words answers, cheats and solutions!


hi words fruits answers

1: pear, apple, cherry, lemon, lime
2: mango, berry, banana, peach
3: grape, melon, orange, coconut
4: papaya, date, fig, apple, olive
5: berry, cherry, lime, apricot
6: melon, pear, lemon, mango, banana
7: orange, berry, cherry, lime
8: banana, fig, apple, olive, date
9: peach, guava, cherry, coconut
10: mango, lime, lemon, orange, papaya, berry, apple


hi words animals answers

11: horse, deer, lion, pig
12: bear, sheep, bull, monkey
13: buffalo, lion, tiger, deer, rabbit
14: horse, monkey, pig, wolf, seal
15: bull, buffalo, sheep, lion, tiger
16: whale, wolf, seal, deer, dog, pig
17: cow, sheep, bull, tiger, monkey, rabbit
18: bee, seal, wolf, bear, pig, horse, buffalo
19: cat, deer, tiger, sheep, monkey, whale, cow, rabbit
20: buffalo, bee, wolf, seal, lion, dog, bull, pig


hi words travel answers

21: bicycle, ship, national camping
22: cruise, visa, tour, fun, camera
23: ship, pleasure, train, holiday, national
24: currency, enjoy, visa, camera, camping
25: ticket, cruise, airport, local, tour, pleasure
26: camping, food, bicycle, visa, guide, national
27: schedule, tour, fun, hike, ship, ticket
28: national, camping, luggage, hotel, airport, bicycle, enjoy
29: holiday, camera, cruise, visa, fun, hike, local, currency
30: guide, pleasure, ticket, train, camping, airport, hotel, bicycle


hi words life answers

31: work, limit, job, sport, school
32: team, teacher, success, faith, college
33: job, marriage, career, energy, graduate
34: mother, drama, test, courage, limit, compete
35: faith, pursuit, peace, gain, feeling, graduate
36: success, birth, target, teacher, drama, teenager, exam
37: home, sleep, child, baby, rest, adult, limit
38: teacher, travel, student, gather, retire, book, reward, drama
39: sport, work, compete, passion, career, limit, continue, pride
40: retire, baby, college, marriage, feeling, gather, sleep, teenager


hi words art answers

41: photo, painting, movie, exhibit, portrait
42: blues, guitar, sketch, pen, cartoon, tone
43: painting, drama, brush, museum, actor, portrait
44: film, music, design. rhythm, sketch, ink, artist
45: poster, cartoon, draw, opera, jazz, paint, abstract
46: sketch, artist, painting, blues, rhythm, gallery, portrait
47: poetry, guitar, dance, style, photo, frame, jazz, tone
48: exhibit, gallery, blues, museum, piano, artist, film, pen
49: poetry, craft, media, paint, style, drama, abstract, ink
50: portrait, piano, poster, exhibit, blues, brush, hue, jazz

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