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Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Survive in the Wilderness

If you’ve been playing massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) games, you’ll notice that most of them are typically variations of characters who are soldiers or are operating in an army-type setup. Some examples are Marsaction: Infinite Ambition, which is reminiscent of titles like StarCraft or Starship Troopers, with soldiers fighting alien bugs on an alien planet.

On the other hand, you also have Age of Apes, a similar game where apes are the dominant species and your loyal band of monkeys are fighting across the ruins of the old world. Royal Revolt 2, albeit being on the more cutesy side of visuals, is another game that hearkens back to this setup, where you’re a monarch leading your troops to victory against other kingdoms.

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom puts a spin on this typical MMORTS arrangement with players leading their own pack of wolves as they try to find a home in the wild.

wolf the wild kingdom cover
Hungry like the wolf.

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom was released only recently by Special Gamez, but it already has a lot of stuff that will keep you preoccupied. Since it’s a new title, don’t be surprised to frequently get requests to update the game.

Your journey begins with Alpha, the youngest son of the wolf king Charlie, who was betrayed by Loki. Loki, Alpha’s older brother, had been working with the hyenas and conspired to kill Charlie. They succeeded in getting rid of the wolf king, but they failed to take out Alpha, who managed to escape with his pack. From there, Alpha and the remainder of his followers sought to find a place where they could settle and rebuild so they could, eventually, take revenge on Loki.

In a way, the story (which sounds like a slightly different version of the Disney-animated The Lion King if you really think about it), serves as your early tutorial stage by introducing how basic battles work. 

wolf the wild kingdom target
Get ready to fight tooth and claw.

In Wolf Kingdom, battles are typically done by commanding your pack to march toward enemy forces by dragging a path to your destination. A clash will ensue and your success will mostly depend on the leader of your pack, as well as the number of “troops” you can march to the battlefield. We say “troops” because you will, after completing some requirements later, have the chance to train animals other than wolves.

The tutorial stage also shows you another basic aspect of fighting: multiple forces attacking each other. At one point in the introduction, Alpha and Charlie combine forces and make easy work of a group of hyenas since multiple groups on the offensive will cause increased damage.

However, the tides are turned when Alpha and Charlie are surrounded by a mob of Loki’s “army,” which forces Alpha to flee while Charlie fends off the attackers.

surrounded in wolf the wild kingdom
This isn’t looking good…

After traveling for a long time, Alpha and his exhausted and hungry pack settle on a seemingly desolate area in the wild, thinking that the hyenas wouldn’t be crazy enough to follow them there.

wolf the wild kingdom alpha
Grab yourself an elk and chow down!

With their original home razed and with practically nothing to go back to, Alpha and his kin explore the new, unfamiliar territory, hoping they could find what they need to survive and restore what they’ve lost.

It’s at this point that the game proper begins, with Alpha exploring the foggy map. Interactive buttons will occasionally appear, which can lead to an objective, battle, or or an exploration task that can dispel the surrounding fog and unlock nearby areas.

wolf the wild kingdom foggy map
What scent is that?

From hereon, the game will introduce you to a myriad of features, though it does ease you into the various tasks you have to accomplish so it won’t seem too overwhelming. With our beginner’s guide for Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom, you’ll know just what to do to get a rewarding playthrough, the strongest wolf heroes, a fortified base, and reclaim what’s yours as the true Alpha wolf!

Let the Main Quests Lead the Way

wolf the wild kingdom main quest
Work yourself like a dog.

As with games of the same kind, following the Main Quests in Wolf Game isn’t just rewarding. It will also point you toward the right direction, at least in terms of what you should do if you want to progress through the story. Of course, Wolf Game isn’t limited to the main storyline alone, and you certainly won’t feel boxed in.

However, you do still need to follow it as a beginner if you want to know, say, the basic functions of buildings or how scouting with your eagle works for the first time.

Following the Main Quests will also tell you which areas can be unlocked and what prerequisites there are to accessing more buildings, troops, boosts, missions, and the like.

Main Quests are divided per chapter so make an effort to finish all the main tasks indicated in the list. You may access these tasks by clicking on the white wolf icon at the left side of the screen.

wolf the wild kingdom chapter completed

With each main task completed, you will gain rewards and items that will come in handy down the line. Some of the most common rewards you can obtain are speedups, gems (considered to be premium currency in the game), Experience Stele (for upgrading wolf heroes), water, and meat.

Water and meat are commonly used resources to accomplish numerous functions, such as heading into battle, as well as repairing and upgrading buildings, which we will discuss in the next section.

Keep Repairing and Upgrading Buildings 

storage cave in wolf the wild kingdom
This is what those humans call a refrigerator.

As your pack settles and explores the terrain you’ve chosen for your new home, you will get to encounter buildings in the vicinity. These buildings can be accessed often by repairing them. Buildings in the game aren’t made in a “Build” tab, but rather repaired as structures that already exist within the territory. The more nearby areas you unlock without the fog’s cover, the more buildings you can repair and access.

You will have a significant number of buildings under your command since you will get to repair and access multiple Springs, Healing Herbs, Hunting Grounds, Quarries, etc. At some point, Main Quests will require you to upgrade all your buildings, but it does so in a rotational way. This means you don’t have to upgrade all buildings all at once and certainly not immediately one after the other.

As mentioned, letting the Main Quests lead the way will let you know which buildings you’ll need to upgrade, though, at one point, you will notice that all of them will have to be upgraded, or else you won’t get to upgrade other buildings.

As a quick aside, repairs and upgrades are the responsibilities of the monkey builders you have hired. Early into the game, Alpha will be able to strike a deal with the monkey elder: in exchange for food and protection, the monkeys will take care of repairing buildings for Alpha and his kin.

monkey builder in wolf the wild kingdom

You will be given one group of monkey builders by default. Unless you hire additional monkey builders, you can only upgrade or repair buildings one at a time.

Now, despite what may seem like the game giving equal importance to all buildings, there are still a handful of structures that you need to pay particular attention to, making sure that they’re continuously upgraded to a higher level whenever you get the chance. It goes without saying that the Healing Herb buildings, as well as resource-related buildings (Spring, Hunting Ground, Quarry, etc.) will be much more useful when brought up to a higher level. Other than those, pay particular attention to the following buildings:

Wolf Throne

wolf throne in wolf the wild kingdom
A government building… er… rock.

It’s no surprise that the Wolf Throne is considered the most important building in the game. Its name says it all! Basically, the Wolf Throne is like your command center. For one thing, you need it to increase the level cap on other buildings, finish Main Quests, access new troop types, increase marching numbers for packs and dispatch queues, add more power to your overall capacity, and many more.

In fact, almost every chapter will require you to level up the Wolf Throne at least once, or else you won’t be able to proceed to the next chapter of the story.

With a Level 9 Wolf Throne, you may access the Appointment attribute, wherein you may appoint a specific wolf hero to gain boosts either for base development or unit attack capabilities.

wolf the wild kingdom appointment

By default, you have a total of 12 cost slots that can be filled, though this can increase depending on the level of your Wolf Throne. The cost for specific attributes will vary on the level of your available wolf heroes.

wolf the wild kingdom appointment cost

For instance, as seen in the image above, you may appoint George to boost the meat production speed in the Hunting Ground by 5%, and he will only occupy 1 cost slot. On the other hand, you may appoint Alpha to boost the gathering speed of all resources by 2%, but he will occupy 2 cost slots. You may appoint and dismiss heroes as you see fit. Some attributes will not be available unless you have already summoned that specific hero from Valhalla (more on this later). 

Thus, even without being prompted, make an effort to upgrade the Wolf Throne every chance you get. Upgrades during the first few levels will take about a few seconds to a couple of minutes, but the higher the level, the longer the waiting time. Even before it reaches Level 10, it can take hours to upgrade the Wolf Throne so take this into consideration while playing.

Wolf Den

wolf the wild kingdom wolf den
Great warriors are made here.

Another crucial building in your territory is the Wolf Den. This is basically where you get to train your “troops.” In the beginning, you’ll only get to train Level 1 wolves but as you upgrade the building, you’ll be able to unlock two other troop types and increase training capacities for each one.

You can unlock higher tiers when you upgrade and conduct research on the Tree of Knowledge (more on this later). Tiers are maxed out to Level 5, with each tier providing you with a variation of the unit type you have.

Here’s a quick summary of the 3 troop types and the various tiers you’ll be able to access when you upgrade your Wolf Den:

Gray Wolves

wolf the wild kingdom gray wolves

Gray Wolves are your starter units. They’re strong against Coyotes but weak against Jackals.

  • Tier 1: Indian Wolf (obtained as default unit)
  • Tier 2: Eastern Wolf (obtained through researching Enhance – Fierce Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 3: Eurasian Wolf  (obtained through researching Evolve – Mighty Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 4: Plains Wolf (obtained through researching Mutant – Ferocious Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 5: Florida Wolf (obtained through researching Special – Battle Wolf attribute)


wolf the wild kingdom coyotes

Coyotes can be unlocked when your Wolf Throne reaches Level 4. Coyotes are strong against Jackals but weak against Gray Wolves.

  • Tier 1: Mexican Coyote (obtained as default unit, Level 4 Wolf Throne)
  • Tier 2: Mearns Coyote (obtained through researching Enhance – Fierce Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 3: Plains Coyote  (obtained through researching Evolve – Mighty Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 4: Mountain Coyote (obtained through researching Mutant – Ferocious Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 5: California Valley Coyote (obtained through researching Special – Battle Wolf attribute)


wolf the wild kingdom jackals

Jackals can be unlocked when your Wolf Throne reaches Level 8. Jackals are strong against Gray Wolves but weak against Coyotes.

  • Tier 1: Asian Jackal (obtained as default unit, Level 8 Wolf Throne)
  • Tier 2: Golden Jackal (obtained through researching Enhance – Fierce Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 3: Side-striped Jackal  (obtained through researching Evolve – Mighty Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 4: Black-backed Jackal (obtained through researching Mutant – Ferocious Wolf attribute)
  • Tier 5: Simien Jackal (obtained through researching Special – Battle Wolf attribute)

Specific unit types may get added boosts in attack, defense, or health depending on the wolf hero chosen as the leader and assistants of a pack (more on this later). Do well to invest in research and upgrades for your unit types to get them battle-ready.

Tree of Knowledge

wolf the wild kingdom tree of knowledge
If animals can talk to trees, one can only wonder what kinds of conversations they have.

The Tree of Knowledge is another crucial building in your base. This is where all the necessary research happens. You will get to access the Tree of Knowledge when you reach Chapter 8 of the story since unlocking it is one of the Main Quests you have to accomplish.

There are 2 types of research attributes that can be done in the Tree Knowledge. These are for:

wolf the wild kingdom tree of knowledge development
  • Development: Research in this area focuses on base development, resource-gathering and production speed, building speed, research speed, and pack load increase.
wolf the wild kingdom tree of knowledge battle
  • Battle: Research in this area focuses on battle prowess, mainly attack and defense bonuses, unlocking higher tiers for unit types, resource gathering and identification for scouts, marching speed, and health upgrades.

Choosing which attributes you want to research on first will depend on your priorities for both base development and battle prowess. For base development, we recommend giving particular focus to building speed and research speed since these processes can eventually take an extremely long time to finish.

On the other hand, we recommend focusing on trying to unlock higher tiers for unit types when researching battle attributes.

Similar to the other buildings mentioned previously, make an effort to constantly upgrade the Tree of Knowledge’s level. Specific attributes may be accessed after unlocking certain paths in the research trees but many will also require you to bring the Tree of Knowledge building to a particular level before you can access other research branches.

Summon from Valhalla

wolf the wild kingdom valhalla
How do we know that Loki isn’t really just the Norse god Loki making some wolves miserable?

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the hall of warriors slain in battle. It’s basically the heaven reserved specifically for courageous heroes. In Wolf Game, Valhalla is a building where you can attempt to summon wolf heroes in exchange for Common Fangs or Advanced Fangs.

wolf the wild kingdom summon

You will be granted 3 free daily summons, but this is equivalent to summoning using Common Fangs. This means you have the chance to summon common and elite wolf heroes, as well as a variety of hero shards (used for evolving heroes), berries (used to upgrade hero skills), and other items such as speedups and resources.

On the other hand, you may summon legendary, epic, and elite heroes in exchange for the Advanced Fang. You may also get hero shards for these respective hero levels, as well as legendary and epic berries. Resource and speedup items may also be gained through this method.

While using the Advanced Fang gives you a chance to summon higher-level heroes and items, it will take several hours to a few days before you are granted free summons using the Advanced Fang.

Both Fang types can be obtained as rewards for completing quests and tasks. You may also purchase them from the Mandrill Grocery in the “Others” tab. Purchasing Fangs from the Mandrill Grocery will require you to pay with gems. Naturally, Common Fangs are less expensive than Advanced Fangs.

Now, why is it important to summon at the Valhalla building? Though you might not always get heroes, you still have a chance to obtain hero shards and berries, which are essential in evolving heroes and upgrading their skills, respectively.

We’ll go into detail about heroes in a later section. But for now, suffice it that using Fangs to gain these items are a small sacrifice in strengthening the leaders of your pack. If anything, you won’t be short-changed if you summon in Valhalla since you’ll at least get resources and speedups.

Speed Saves Time

wolf the wild kingdom speedups
Time for a fast forward!

Speaking of speedups, don’t hesitate to use them whenever you can! Surprisingly enough, the game can be quite generous when it comes to giving you speedups. Aside from water and meat, speedups are also a common reward that you may even end up having a surplus of them. This will help greatly in reducing the time to upgrade buildings, conduct research, and train troops.

Speedups come in different time ranges, as well as different forms. You may get 1-minute speedups to 60-minute speedups for buildings, research, training, or universal processes. You may choose to click the “Quick Speedup” option to instantly finish a particular process, wherein the game will automatically choose which available speedups to use. However, we recommend taking a more manual route wherein you mix and match speedups to finish the current process.

This way, you have control of specifically which speedups to spend so you don’t immediately run out of longer speedups and use only multiples of shorter ones. With a more controlled mixing and matching, you will also be able to use the speedups that you have more of and reserve others for longer or more important processes.

Not using the “Quick Speedup” option also gives you the choice to wait for a short while and not spend a speedup unnecessarily. For instance, you’re 40 seconds away from completing a process. Since the lowest speedup time range is 1 minute, you can just choose to wait out those 40 seconds and save on 1 speedup ticket.

If you happen to be running low on speedups (you’re likely to experience this when processes start to take hours to complete) and don’t want to use any for the time being, consider multitasking instead. Upgrade, research, and train all at once to make use of the waiting times productively.

Simultaneously, you may check out other quests that need finishing which won’t require lengthy waiting times. Some examples are exploring the map of the wild, scouting, doing Home Quests, or going on the Adventure Campaign (more on these later). Joining an Alliance will also help you speedup processes with the help of other members.

Join an Alliance for Exclusive Bonuses

wolf the wild kingdom alliance center
Bring packs together.

Further to what we’ve mentioned about Alliances, it’s to your advantage to join one. Just as Alpha’s pack stuck together and found more kin by embracing the friendship of other wolf heroes like Momo, Princess Moon, George, and King Conan, you as the player will also benefit from the aid and assistance offered by an active Alliance.

Working together with a community of players will let you gain various boosts in different aspects. Here are just a few things that you can enjoy from allying with other wolf packs:

  • Speed boosts for research, upgrades, training, etc. You can get added boosts when you teleport your base within Alliance territory.
  • Rallying troops to attack other territories. You can access this in the War Center, which is a supplementary building to the Alliance Center. You can still join a Rally even without this building. 
  • Further to having an Alliance Center, your allies may send packs to reinforce your troops and vice versa.
  • Transport resources to allies through the Resource Aid option in the Alliance Market.
  • Expand territories by constructing Alliance Divisions and Alliance Strongholds with allies. Alliance Personal Points can be gained from this endeavor.
  • Access to the Alliance Store, where you can get other items that are otherwise inaccessible to those who aren’t in an Alliance. Alliance Personal Points can be exchanged for store items.
  • Free Alliance gifts. For instance, if an ally defeats a wandering Elephant, you can receive and claim an Alliance gift.

The higher the level of your Alliance Center, the more perks you can unlock. Donating resources to your Alliance will also help both the war and research efforts, which will benefit everyone. Don’t forget to also help out other Alliance members who are requesting for speedups in their processes. You can accomplish this easily when you click on the icon that looks like a handshake at the right side of your screen. Take care of your Alliance so it will take care of you!

Upgrade Your Heroes When Able

Wolf Game, like other MMORTS, also have heroes, which are individual characters that have their own unique stats and skills. As mentioned, you may summon heroes from Valhalla. By default, your starter wolf hero is Alpha, the protagonist of the story.

Other wolf heroes you will encounter in the story as a beginner are Momo, Princess Moon, King Conan, and George, though you won’t get access to all of them unless you successfully summon them in Valhalla, perhaps with the exception of Momo. All other heroes not mentioned can be playable when summoned.

Since all heroes have their own stats, this means their overall power, skills, pack leadership capabilities, Appointment attributes, hero attributes, and rarity will all differ from each other. Let’s take Alpha for example:

wolf the wild kingdom hero stats

The above image is a general summary of Alpha’s overall stats. Here’s a breakdown of what these stats mean:

wolf the wild kingdom hero stats breakdown
  • Appointment: As mentioned in an earlier section of this guide, the Appointment attribute affects base development and overall wartime capabilities. You may choose a wolf hero in the Wolf Throne’s Appointment tab to gain boosts for either aspect.

    Appointment levels can be increased by upgrading a wolf hero’s evolution level. For Alpha, his Appointment effect is to increase the speed for gathering resources. The max percentage for this is 10%.
  • Leadership: The Leadership attribute tells you how good a wolf hero is in leading specific unit types. This has 5 effect levels: S (120%), A (100%), B (80%), C (60%), and D (50%). For Alpha, he is good at leading Gray Wolves and Coyotes, and average at leading Jackals.
  • EXP Level: A wolf hero’s EXP Level directly contributes to their Power and Hero Attributes. EXP Levels can be increased by using Experience Stele.
  • Evolution: An increase in Evolution levels also adds bonuses to Hero Attributes and the Skill level cap. A wolf hero can be evolved by using Hero Shards. Hero Shards can either be purchased or won as rewards primarily from Valhalla.
  • Hero Attributes: Hero Attributes add bonuses for Strength (attack), Endurance (defense), and Constitution (health) for wolf packs going into battle. Hero Attributes also increase a wolf hero’s pack capacity, or the total number of units they can take to battle or resource-gathering.

    For every 10 points of a Hero Attribute, the attack, defense, and health of the pack will gain a 0.5% bonus. This number is halved when the wolf hero is placed as the Assistant Hero instead of the pack leader.
  • Skills: Each wolf hero has a different set of Skills. By default, they begin with 1 active Skill, which they can use in battle when their Rage meter is filled. Two other passive skills can be unlocked when a wolf hero’s Evolution reaches Level 10 and Level 20, respectively.

Reviewing, understanding, and upgrading these stats can help you select the best wolf heroes for the best scenario, therefore increasing your chances of being victorious in battle or being able to quickly gather resources in the wild map.

You can choose to prioritize only a few wolf heroes with the best stats or higher rarities, or you can try to equally level up heroes for a well-rounded team that will be ready for any kind of situation.

Fight Smart!

wolf the wild kingdom fight
Lone wolves die young.

Now that you know how wolf hero stats work, it’s time to dive into some battle strategies that can help you secure victory. At the beginning of this guide, we have illustrated how basic battles work.

However, there are a few more details that weren’t shown in the introductory tutorial, which we will outline below in conjunction with several tactics you might want to consider using to your advantage. Battle scenarios operate in the same manner, whether the encounter happens in the wild map or when you follow the main storyline.

It goes without saying that selecting the right wolf heroes to act as the leader and assistant leader of the pack will greatly increase your chances of winning.

creating pack in wolf the wild kingdom

As a beginner, you may be able to unlock two packs to sortie in battle where you can choose a leader and assistants for each pack (provided that you have at least 4 wolf heroes). Our general recommendation is to review individual hero stats, specifically Leadership and Hero Attributes, so you can maximize boosts and perks when specific wolf heroes are selected for the leader and assistant position. Take into account unit types as well and pick wolf heroes that either rank an A or S in leading those unit types.

Below are some other battle strategies that will help you outsmart your enemies:

wolf the wild kingdom battlefield preview
  • Check the preview: Before a fight ensues, you will have the chance to click on the preview button at the top right corner of the screen. Checking the preview will allow you to survey the battlefield and see where your enemies are positioned.

    This is a vital first step before entering into a skirmish as identifying enemy locations will figure into other battle strategies we will discuss below. Checking the preview will also let you determine if you can collect power-ups like Runes or go to places where you can move stealthily around the terrain.
stop at distance in wolf the wild kingdom
  • Stop at a distance: When you’ve entered into battle, your units will be placed at a considerable distance away from the enemy contingent. Difficulty levels will vary per fight and you may even find yourself outnumbered in many cases. Regardless of the enemy force you face, a strategy you can do is to lure the enemy to attack you one at a time.

    You can do this by spotting which enemy is the closest to you and positioning your troops just a little bit near them, enough to trick the AI into moving toward you without alerting other nearby enemy units. Sometimes, other enemy units will patrol a small area of the map and you can take advantage of them moving away to lure another enemy unit. Don’t get too close, though, or else you risk alerting multiple enemy units to your position.

    Keep in mind that multiple units engaged in an attack will result in higher damage. The same principle applies to your forces so if you have multiple packs under your command, draw one enemy pack toward your position to make short work of them before proceeding to lure other packs one by one.
wolf the wild kingdom surprise attack
  • Take enemies by surprise: To make the previous strategy more effective, use the available terrain to your advantage to take enemies by surprise. Though the battle map has a rather limited area for movement (you can’t move through places that are obscured by fog), you can still use trees as places to hide in to lure the enemy and attack from the side.

    This can work wonders if you have more than 1 pack, wherein 1 acts as the lure and another can attack from the side, dealing increased damage. Again, don’t get too close to an enemy pack, just enough to lure the AI into drawing near you.
wolf the wild kingdom earth soul
  • Collect Runes: In some cases, you may come across Runes on the map. Collect these Runes before engaging enemies to get boosts. This may help even out the odds if you find yourself outnumbered. While Runes may vary per battle, it’s a good idea to collect them first, though be careful of where they’re located as it may unwittingly draw the enemy’s attention.
activating hero skill in wolf the wild kingdom
  • Activate hero Skill: As mentioned previously, wolf heroes have 1 active Skill that can be used in battle when their Rage meter is filled. You will know that their Rage meter is maxed out when the circle at the bottom center of the screen glows and can be clicked.

    Don’t hesitate to activate the hero’s Skill whenever it’s ready as this simple act can turn the tide of battle to your favor, especially when faced with stronger or larger enemy units or packs. Again, it will be to your best interest to choose wolf heroes that have active Skills that can directly affect offensive capabilities to deal ample damage in a fight.
healing in wolf the wild kingdom
  • Heal when able: Healing is typically done after battles have concluded. Access the Healing Herb buildings in your base so you can restore the health of wounded units. Otherwise, you may also find Healing Herbs within the battle map itself, especially if you’re going to fight enemy packs positioned in different locations.

    When you spot a Healing Herb, march to its location to bring your health levels back up to green. You can see how much damage you’ve sustained by checking the picture that represents your pack, which is found at the right side of the screen in an active battle map. The health bar can be seen under the picture.

Defend Your Home

wolf the wild kingdom home defense
Always be on guard!

Aside from fighting, you should also secure your home from attacks. This can be done primarily by upgrading the Valley Gate building in your base. The status and integrity of your Valley Gate will remain intact until such time you encounter potential invaders.

Aside from upgrading your Valley Gate, you may also garrison wolf heroes to bolster your home defense.

wolf the wild kingdom valley gate

These wolf heroes will use their skills to defend the Valley Gate when your base is attacked. In case your garrisoned wolves are unable to stave off an invasion, the Valley Gate will start burning and continue to lose durability over time. Once the durability drops to 0, your base will be teleported to a random location on the wild map.

We recommend having a mix of wolf heroes that have good offense and defense in their Hero Attributes. Heroes at high levels will also strengthen their overall Power levels for defense. While attacks might not happen as frequently, it certainly pays to be ready for anything.

Explore the Wild Map

exploration in wolf the wild kingdom
There’s a whole new world out there for you to explore.

Just as you won’t be boxed in the main storyline, you also won’t be solely confined to your base. In Wolf Game, you have the chance to explore the wild map, which will provide you with more tasks and missions, therefore more chances to gain rewards!

The wild map is huge, but you have Elena, your eagle scout, on your side. Clearing up the fog can take some time but exploring the wild map will be worth it since there’s a lot to gain by doing so. Here are just some things you can do on the wild map:

Dispatch Eagle Scouts

wolf the wild kingdom eagle scout
Freedom is calling!

Your eagle scout Elena can help you explore the wild map and clear out foggy areas to find Holy Sites, caves, resource sites, etc. Elena can be accessed through the Eagle’s Nest building. Upgrading this building will give you more eagles to dispatch simultaneously.

Every time you dispatch an eagle for exploration, you will receive a report in the mail. This report will give you a list of coordinates that you can click, which your eagles can specifically fly to.

wolf the wild kingdom report

Review these coordinates, which are accompanied by a list of rewards you can claim from visiting that site. Dispatch eagles as much as you can to add to your items and resources. You might just find a rare item in one of these spots!

Attack Wandering Animals

wolf the wild kingdom wild horse

Within the vastness of the wild map are various animals with different levels wandering nearby. You can choose to attack these animals as a successful ambush can lead to tons of rewards. We do recommend attacking animals that are of equal or lower level than your pack to secure victory. Otherwise, you might be biting off more than you can chew and find yourself defeated by stronger, larger creatures.

When you have the battle capacity for it, we recommend attacking elephants as successfully defeating them can give Alliance members free gifts.

Aside from gaining rewards, you may also be required to attack animals of a specific level to increase your Power Level when exploring the wild.

wolf the wild kingdom power up

An increase in Power Level will allow you to gain better rewards when you explore and fight. Work your way up to defeating higher level animals by attacking creatures at the lowest levels first.

Gather from Resource Sites

wolf the wild kingdom resource site
If wolves had opposable thumbs, maybe they’d be a further step ahead in the food chain.

From time to time, you will chance upon resource sites on the wild map, like Springs, Hunting Grounds, Quarries, Crystal Clusters, etc. Send packs to gather resources from these locations, which you may find through eagle scouts, or simply by browsing through the wild map near where your base is situated.

Just as it’s a good idea to pick hero leaders and assistants with offensive boosts for a fight, you should also choose pack leaders and assistants that have perks in gathering speed when collecting resources. This can help reduce the time they need to amass water, meat, rocks, crystals, and other resources to strengthen your base and troops.

Finish Home Quests

wolf the wild kingdom home quests

Aside from simply exploring the wild map, you may also finish Home Quests, which will give you specific missions to complete so you can increase your Security Level, as well as unlock better-quality quests and rewards in the future.

There are different types of missions provided by the Home Quests tab. Some of these are Jungle Tracking, Jungle, Wolfpack Showdown, Hunting, and the like. Depending on the mission you choose, you might find yourself playing what can be considered “mini games.” For instance, in Jungle Tracking, you will be asked to play a match-2 memory game to complete the mission.

wolf the wild kingdom jungle tracking

On the other hand, doing a Wolfpack Showdown mission will require you to occupy buildings with your troops until you’ve completely subdued the enemy building.

launching an attack in wolf the wild kingdom

Playing these mini games can be fun and can give you a break from some of the more routinary tasks you’re required to accomplish for level progression. The rewards for completing Home Quests are also pretty solid so when the missions have reset after a few hours, don’t hesitate to complete more!

Try Out the Adventure Campaign

wolf the wild kingdom adventure campaign
Track Loki down and reclaim what’s yours!

When you manage to finally unlock Campaign mode, consider going on an Adventure. There are other Campaign modes, like Hero Trial and Winter War Beta, but we recommend trying out Adventure first as it seems to be the least intense mode for a beginner.

Adventure mode works like the regular battle mode, though the terrain is not as straightforward as a face-to-face skirmish since you may be asked to follow a certain path. You also have a few other objectives aside from defeating all the animals on the map, such as collecting Runes or using Healing Herbs.

Although, usually, the endgame is that you have to defeat all animals on the map. Think of it as a short survival mode-type battle where your packs and their strength are put to the test.

Fair warning though: the Adventure campaign may be the least intensive but it’s no walk in the park. Getting defeated is normal. You may increase your chances of winning by investing in research and upgrades for your wolf heroes and units.

Summoning stronger heroes from Valhalla will also help. But while it can seem like an insurmountable challenge at first, we encourage you to try the Adventure campaign anyway so you have more reasons to get your troops and heroes to higher levels. 

Rear a Pup!

wolf the wild kingdom pup
Who’s the cute widdle wolfie-poo?

If you want a bit of a break from all the fighting, exploration, and resource-gathering, you can give yourself a more laid-back gaming experience by rearing a pup. Yes, you read that right: you can feed, play with, and pat a cute little doggo of your own!

Upon following the main storyline, Moon will tell you that many pups have lost their parents because of the attacks conducted by invaders. That said, you can take care of these pups and increase your Friendship Levels with them by making sure they’re fed, happy, and getting the exercise they need!

pup activity in wolf the wild kingdom

Depending on the activities you make them do, pups can increase their speed, spirit, strength, intelligence, and endurance. Based on the image above, you also have to check on their vigor levels (green bar with a lightning icon), their hunger levels (yellow bar with a meat icon), and their happiness levels (small puppy icon).

As you can see, there are 3 activities that you can do to take care of your pup. These are:

  • Feeding: You can feed your pup meat, fruit, or let them chew on a bone. Feeding fills up their hunger meter and adds a minimum of 4 Friendship points.
  • Playing: You can play fetch with your pup by tossing a branch, dart, or pebble, which they will happily run after. Playing with your pup may decrease their vigor level (don’t worry, this regenerates). But if they happen to find something in the grass while playing, their endurance and intelligence stats will go up. Playing will add a minimum of 1 Friendship point.
  • Patting: Giving your furbaby a little pat on the head doesn’t add any bonuses but you can see them smile and look cute, which is a reward in itself!

Increasing the Friendship points of your pup will also make their happiness levels go up. When you’ve filled up the Friendship meter, you can gain rewards for being a loving caretaker.

wolf the wild kingdom friendship reward

The higher the Friendship level, the better the rewards so make sure to visit your adorable furball whenever you can!

With your pup healthy and happy, this packs up (pun intended) our beginner’s guide for Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom! If you have more tips and tricks to share, don’t hesitate to let us know in our comment section below. Hopefully, our guide has helped you navigate the start of Alpha’s journey so you can emerge as the strongest wolves in this wild world. Awooo!