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Among Gods Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Earn Your Place among Legendary Heroes

From the mists of history and myth, legendary figures arise once more to stake their claim on the world. Whether it’s to fulfill an old promise, to satisfy a grudge, or simply to see what this new world has to offer, all walls are down in Among Gods.

among gods guide

Among Gods is a hero collector title from Century Games, that challenges players to assemble and empower a team of mythical figures, who will then do battle on many fronts: in the Arena for glory, in the campaign for justice, and in raids against terrible beasts and formidable foes. Among Gods is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

Players who are old hands at hero collector games – Magnum Quest, League of Pantheons, and so on will no doubt quickly and easily navigate their way through Among Gods. For players who are new to the hero collector genre, or just want a peek at what Among Gods offers, as well as some tips and tricks to get you started, then this guide is for you!

It’s All About Heroes

As with any hero collector game, heroes are the stars of Among Gods. From mythical figures to alternate versions of real-life historical figures, you’ll need to amass an army of champions if you want to climb the road to glory.

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Getting More Heroes

Before we start, let’s talk about how to get more heroes.

among gods cards
Feeling lucky?

The most straightforward way to get heroes is by rolling in the gacha, of course. You can use either summon scrolls or diamonds (premium currency) to roll. Rerollers, take note: the first time you do a 10x roll in the premium gacha (diamonds), you’re guaranteed one S-rarity hero.

among gods gacha
Burn your riches on the altar of the gods. Maybe they’ll be merciful.

You can also do faction rolls by tapping the panel on the right side. These will give you heroes only from that faction. This is more expensive than other rolls, however, as you’ll need faction recruitment vouchers that can only be acquired by buying them from the store.

among gods 3-star elite fragment
I have Gilles de Rais’ left pinky (front part). Now to collect the other 119 pieces of him!

Heroes can come either wholesale or in fragments in the gacha, and you get no prizes for guessing which gacha gives more of which. Assemble 60 fragments of a hero, and you can summon them for free. You can also get rarity fragments by playing the game, which gives you a random hero of that rarity.

among gods soul store
Bits and pieces of legends.

Fragments can also be bought directly from the Soul Store, accessible through the shop menu on the lower right side of the main menu. Unfortunately, this store only accepts Soul Coins as payment, which you get by dismissing heroes. To dismiss heroes, tap on the Miracle Statue in the main menu, then go to dismiss on the right hand side.

dismissing heroes in among gods
Remove yourself from my sight.

Dismissing heroes is permanent. You’ll essentially be deleting that hero from your account forever in exchange for Soul Coins. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of crappy 2* heroes to dismiss for coins. In fact, you can even toggle auto-dismiss for 2* heroes in the dismiss menu so you’ll never have to endure their mediocrity and eventually be able to get better heroes.


All heroes, no matter where they’re from, have stats.

among gods la hire
And you can see their main stats just by glancing to the right of the hero’s profile.

Among Gods has four main stats, which are as follows:

  • HP is health. Heroes that hit 0  health are incapacitated and can no longer participate in the current battle.
  • ATK is a measure of a hero’s attack power. Attacks can be either physical or magical, but both of these types still use the ATK stat for damage calculation.
  • P. DEF is physical defense. The more of this you have, the less physical damage you take.
  • M. DEF is magical defense. The more of this you have, the less magical damage you take.

However, for those who really like to crunch number or are masochists, you can tap the info button beside a hero’s attributes to get a readout on a lot more stats. I’m not kidding. There are a ton of them. If you want a breakdown of those too, here you go:

  • Accuracy increases hit rate, and is mitigated by Dodge.
  • Crit Rating influences the chance to land a critical hit, and Crit Block Rate defends against crits.
  • Block Rate increases the chance of blocking attacks, and Block Power affects incoming damage reduction on a successful block.
  • Break Rate increases the chance that a hero’s attacks will not be blocked by their foe.
  • Leech Rate shows how much damage dealt is restored as health.
  • Counter Rate shows how much damage is returned as counter damage.
among gods la hire details
Let me fulfill your desire for numbers, gamer!
  • Insight affects the accuracy of effects, while Tenacity decreases the enemy’s chance to land effects.
  • Damage Amplification raises outgoing damage by a certain amount.
  • Damage Resist decreases incoming damage by a certain amount.
  • Physical Pierce and Magic Pierce increase their damage types, respectively.
  • Physical Resist and Magic Resist reduce incoming damage of those types.
  • Health Regeneration and Received Healing both increase healing, though the game seems to treat them as one and the same, going by the description.
  • Attack Speed affects how often a hero can use its normal attack.
  • Haste affects how often a hero uses its non-rage skills and how quickly its skill animations play.
  • Final Damage Increase is an add-on that’s applied to direct damage.
  • Final Damage Mitigation decreases enemy bonuses to direct damage.
  • Ignore Defense is the percentage of P.DEF or M.DEF a hero’s attacks bypass.
  • Move Speed is how fast a hero moves, with 0 being that hero’s base speed.

See, there are a lot of them. In general, just focus on the four main stats, and maybe crit rate and damage.


Heroes can also be boosted via equipment. Each hero has four slots for equipment, and all heroes can use any equipment. Just tap on the empty slots if you’d like to outfit a hero.


All heroes also come with skills, which are their defining factors.

among gods ultimate skills
No cut-ins, either, though that won’t shut your heroes up.

The first and perhaps most important skill that all heroes start with is their rage skill, which serves as their ultimate. Rage builds up over time, and can be boosted by various effects such as passives, or more commonly landing a kill. Once a hero’s rage bar is full, they can unleash their rage skill, which can be a huge game-changer considering the tense, close-quarters combat.

among gods totomi bowman
Even the generic guys get skills.

Apart from their rage skill, heroes also come with 3 other skills, which can be either active or passive. You have zero control over these skills – active skills have an internal cooldown, and the hero will simply use it whenever it’s ready. While a hero’s other skills aren’t as important as its rage skill, don’t neglect them as they often serve a complementary role to the hero’s rage skill, and in some cases can be central to getting a hero to fight at their full potential.

If you were expecting to need to farm scrolls or books or talent tickets or some other junk, you’ll be glad to know that a hero’s skills level up as that hero does. Certain levels, such as level 21, will require you to use extra items for that level, namely Hero Powder, which can be farmed quite easily over the course of regular play.

Ascension and Talent Skills

All heroes also have access to talent skills, which ties in with the Ascension system.

among gods talent skill
A little something to help you get by.

Talent Skills are passive skills that improve a hero’s abilities. It’s important to note that these aren’t exclusive – a hero will always benefit from every talent skill they possess.

Unlocking talent skills requires you to ascend a hero. This is done by collecting enough materials, then tapping Ascend in that hero’s profile. After you’ve paid in both scrolls and gold, the hero’s ascension level increases, which in turn raises their base stats substantially and might unlock a new talent skill, based on how high the hero’s current ascension is.

There are multiple ascension levels, even within the same tier. The first ascension is Rare, and there are multiple number levels (+1, +2, and so on) you’ll need to clear before you can get to the next ascension level. For reference, the final talent skill bonuses arrive at Immortal +5, which is a very long way from the bottom!

among gods ascension level
Yes, the color of the paper is very important.

A neat feature in Among Gods is auto-farming for the materials you need. If you find that you don’t have enough scrolls of a certain color, you can tap on them to automatically acquire them (and yes, it’s guaranteed) at the cost of some energy. Do note that you’ll need to have reached certain levels in the main campaign to farm certain colors of scrolls.


No self-respecting hero collector is bereft of a rarity system. Among Gods uses letter grades: SS for the rarest heroes, S for pretty good rares, A for uncommon heroes, and B for the rabble.

among gods ss grade heroes
Gotta catch ‘em all!

As a general rule of thumb in games like these, it’s not worth raising heroes of the lowest rarity. The rarer a hero, the higher its base stats and thus its combat performance – and that’s not counting the hilariously broken skills that the rarest heroes tend to have.

Factions and Formation Buffs

There are also five hero factions in Among Gods. The 3 main ones are Justice – for “good” characters, Neutral, and Evil. There are also two on the extreme ends of the spectrum, Holy for the goodest of good characters, and Corrupt for the most foul and vile villains. The Holy and Corrupt factions are pretty much reserved for the highest-rarity heroes.

among gods morgan le fay
This ain’t FGO, and they’re not misunderstood. They’re just EVIL.

Each of these factions is important as there is (you probably guessed it) a formation bonus based on how many heroes of the three basic factions there are in your party. This system is expounded on when you reach level 30, where you’ll also gain a separate bonus if there are any heroes in your party that have a synergy with each other.

among gods formation buff
Stronger together.

You gain a basic buff for using 3, 4, or 5 heroes of the same faction. By doing so, you can gain a passive 10%, 12%, and 14% buff for both HP and ATK for all heroes, not just the ones of that faction. As you’ll often be hard-pressed to raise combat power early in the game when you haven’t unlocked all the game’s featuers yet, take advantage of this buff whenever you can!

among gods advanced formation buff
Better buffs for more discerning customers.

Once you hit player level 30, advanced formation buffs will become available to you. These buffs vary greatly, and depends on the presence of certain heroes in your party. These advanced buffs are more specialized, and can help you tailor your party to meet certain specifications. On the flipside, these buffs tend to be more exclusive, and only affect the heroes that trigger the buff in the first place.

Do note that you can have multiple formation buffs active at once. While this only becomes possible with the advanced formation buff system (as the basic buffs require at least 3 heroes of the same faction), advanced buffs will overlap with basic buffs and each other. Note that some advanced buffs also only require two heroes, so you can theoretically create a team that benefits from a basic buff and two advanced buffs.

Actual Combat

Combat in Among Gods is simple.

among gods fight
Blood, honor, and glory awaits us!

Both players have a maximum of 5 heroes in their formation, arranged in a 3×3 formation. Units run at each other, engaging enemies that get into their range. The last team standing wins, unless you get timed out. And as mentioned, you can use rage skills whenever ready, and heroes will automatically use their other active skills whenever they can.

As you progress in the campaign, you’ll also unlock auto combat, which uses rage skills whenever ready, and double speed.


To get a quick glance of what a hero’s role in battle is, Among Gods has classes.

among gods gareth
Smarty pants.

While there isn’t a hard and fast rule for what a class can do, these roles can help you in identifying what a hero can do for you in battle:

  • Tanks are durable melee fighters that excel in soaking up damage. These warriors thrive on the frontlines, where their high HP and defenses shield their stronger but less sturdy comrades.
  • Warriors excel in the thick of battle, duking it out with their enemies in glorious melee combat. While warriors are less durable than tanks, they make up for it with increased offensive prowess – their basic attacks, in particular, do more damage.
  • Assassins are sneaky combatants that are unmatched when it comes to picking off enemies. These heroes are on the opposite end of the tank spectrum: their offensive prowess is second to none, but they’re frail and won’t last long against a focused assault.
  • Sages are primarily support heroes. These fighters have loadouts that can help their team in a fight, but that doesn’t mean that sages can’t deal damage on their own!
  • Rangers are powerful offensive heroes that can pelt foes from a distance. These fighters excel in dealing consistent damage from a distance while keeping safe.
  • Mages use the arcane arts to destroy their foes from the backlines. Mages are purely focused on offense, and gain rage faster than other classes, but their defenses are horrendous.

A hero isn’t defined solely by their class. If you’ll notice, there’s a second icon beside a hero’s class, which summarizes what they can do.

among gods tank
Step aside, off tanks!

As there’s no official terminology for it, I’ll refer to this as a specialization. The specializations in Among Gods are as follows:

  • Tank is also a specialization. Heroes with this specialization means that the hero has ways to mitigate damage, whether that’s through increased health, blocking, or reducing incoming damage.
  • Control heroes excel at manipulating the battlefield and frustrating their foes through various status ailments.
  • AoE specced heroes have skills that allow them to deal damage in an area.
  • Reap specced heroes have skills that allow them to focus down a particular target.
  • Buff is a specialization that means a hero is capable of strengthening their allies through buffs. This specialization is most commonly seen on Sages.
  • Debuff heroes make life easier for your team by weakening their foes through the use of various debuffs.
  • Heal specced heroes are (you guessed it) medics that can keep their allies alive and healthy. You’ll almost always want a healer.

Star Rating

To increase a hero’s star rating, you’ll need to feed them copies of themselves. Remember kids, autocannibalism is cool!

among gods fuse
As much as I wish I could get a single three-headed Joan of Arc, that ain’t happening.

To get more of a hero, either get lucky and pull them wholesale from the gacha, or amass enough fragments to assemble a new sacrifice for your current hero.


Apart from formation buffs, certain heroes have a special bond with each other. Mechanics-wise, this means that just having those heroes gives them powerful buffs!

among gods bond
Self-styled masters, or awarded?

To activate bonds, go the army button on the main menu, then select bonds. This will bring up a list of all the available bonds in the game, as well as the heroes involved in each bond. This is also the screen where you need to place heroes in to trigger a bond buff.

The higher the star rating of each hero involved in a bond, the stronger the potential bonuses. Each bond buff has three potential levels: one at base 4 stars (which is the rarity of S-class heroes when you pull them), another one at one shiny star (yes, they go past 5), and the last level at 3 shiny stars (which requires major investment).

among gods bond list

One important thing to note about bonds is that you don’t actually need to have all the heroes involved to trigger a bond buff. You can rent heroes from your friends and guildmates who have logged in at least once in the past 7 days!


The Knights system is a good way to temporarily promote heroes to see if they’re worth raising. Alternately, you can use it to give heroes temporary boosts if you don’t have the materials to raise a hero at the moment. Admittedly, the Knights system isn’t explained very well in-game, but here’s how it works.

among gods knights
Of the non-existent table.

The five highest-level heroes you have are automatically drafted as knights. These heroes enjoy a stat boost that can be increased via guard medals, which you get by rolling for more heroes.

Apart from this, you also gain guarding slots where you can assign other heroes that haven’t been knighted. Heroes that are being guarded gain several advantages: their star rating and level is raised to the lowest among the Knights (if lower than the Knights), and they gain powerful temporary equipment. This isn’t without drawbacks, however: a guarded hero cannot be improved in any way until they become unguarded, and if you remove a hero from a guarding slot, that slot goes on cooldown for 24 hours.

The higher the total levels of your Knights, the more slots become open for guarding heroes.

Hero Reset

One last, very important thing about heroes is that you can reset their progress.

among gods hero reset
Let’s do the time warp again!

This process will cause a hero to drop to level one, fully refunding you each and every material that you invested in that hero in the process. Of course, this isn’t free. You’ll need to pay 20 diamonds to reset a hero. To reset a hero, either go to the Miracle statue in the main menu, or tap on the refresh arrow on a hero’s info screen – it’s to the left of their stats.

Seek Resources and Treasures

Each hero in Among Gods represents a huge investment in both time and resources. Even if you elect to raise only a few heroes, you’ll often find yourself hard-pressed for resources. Luckily, the game offers a lot of ways to get these prized items, either through combat or simple participation.

Always Spend Your Energy

Your actions in Among Gods are limited by energy, and you should make a point of spending all your energy whenever you have some lying around.

among gods energy
Better to have it and not need it. Just kidding, you always need it.

While only the campaign mode requires energy (so far), you may run into a wall where you’re not strong enough to clear the next campaign stage but don’t have the resources to strengthen your heroes. The answer to this? Spend your energy grinding for ascension materials, which you can do by going to a hero’s info panel, then tapping on the ascension materials (the scrolls on the right side).

This is about the only other thing you can spend energy on, but as you will always need ascension materials, it’s always prudent to burn out all your energy before logging out.

The Request Hall

Spending energy yields an important byproduct: intelligence points. These intelligence points are used at the Request Hall to take on missions that yield valuable resources.

among gods request hall
Can’t they get regular people to do these? I guess not.

Each bounty requires not only time and intelligence points, but also heroes that match the deployment requirements. It’s important to note that heroes you deploy actually vanish, ie, you can’t send the same hero on multiple quests at once. However, these heroes will still be available for use in battle.

Once the timer runs down, be sure to pop back in and collect your rewards!

The Interior

The Interior is Among Gods’ AFK mode.

among gods interior
Freebies are always welcome.

The further along you are in the main campaign, the more stuff you can get from the Interior – experience points, hero powder, money, and energy are up for grabs if you can get far enough. Each of these items can hold up to 2 charges, which refresh every 4 hours. With that in mind, try to keep track of when your Interior completely fills up as it’ll stop stockpiling resources, thus wasting valuable time.

Elite Dungeons

The Elite Dungeon is a rehash of the campaign, but discards its linear nature in favor of an exploration minigame.

among gods elite dungeons
Which way next?

When booting up an elite dungeon, you’ll be given a board with crystals and structures. Tap on a crystal to destroy it and its neighbors to unveil what’s on the tiles beneath them. These tiles will contain various things: structures to help you in the dungeon (but cost energy), treasure, or enemies.

among gods battle requirements
Just what I wanted!

The end goal of an elite dungeon is to find the statue of the goddess and purify it, thus completing the dungeon. But a better way to complete an elite dungeon is to wipe out all enemies, which will give you access to the special chest you see on the board, as well as netting you valuable resources.

If you’ve left an elite dungeon unfinished, worry not: you can always return to an elite dungeon any time, as long as you haven’t completed it 100%.

Heroic Crusade

The Heroic Crusade is a dungeon with scaling difficulty that gives you the opportunity to not only gather coins and experience, but also craft new equipment for your heroes.

among gods heroic crusade
And so they heroically crusaded on those serfs.

Each floor of the Heroic Crusade pits your party against a fixed assortment of foes, and every fifth level will hold a much more difficult battle led by a boss.  Your prize for completing these challenges is experience and coins, but most importantly, Magic Steel Ore.

among gods craft
Match 2? In my hero game? Unbelievable!

To make stuff with your ore, tap the Smithy button on the lower left. This will bring you up to the crafting screen. To craft stuff, you’ll need to combine similar items on the grid together until they create a fully usable equipment. The ore is used to generate new items at random by tapping on the anvil.

To switch crafting grids (and therefore crafting output), tap on the different ranks of crafting on the left of the screen, such as Junior and Intermediate. Note that you’ll need to reach certain floors before this option becomes open to you.

among gods afk rewards
Getting paid for doing nothing is my favorite kind of pay.

Note that completing floors in the Heroic Crusade is permanent; you can’t go back and farm ore on a previously completed floor. However, this mode gathers AFK rewards based on how far you’ve gotten. To redeem your AFK rewards, tap the chest at the bottom of the screen. Just like the Interior, this chest will only hold up to 8 hours’ worth of AFK gains, so be sure to empty it every so often!

You can also accelerate your rewards by tapping the Quick Collect button on the lower left of the screen which will give you three hours’ worth of rewards, and can be used thrice per day – though only the first use per day is free.


Nightmares are Among Gods’ raids. Nightmare enemies come with specialized loadouts that you need to adapt to if you want to succeed.

among gods nightmare campaign
If I have to move 20 tons of Sphinxstone again…

It’s important to note that you can’t technically kill a raid boss. Instead, it comes with multiple health bars, each larger than the last. The more health bars you deplete, the bigger the prize you get at the end. It doesn’t matter if you get wiped out either, as losing is the only way to clear the boss raid.

Each nightmare boss drops a specific resource. Amit yields gold, Hollands gives experience points, and Laufey gives hero powder. As you only have two nightmare fights per day, aim for the resource you need the most!

The Arena

The Arena is where you go if you want to pick fights with other players.

among gods arena
Start fights with random strangers, get prizes.

When you arrive at the Arena, you can tap Challenge to start a fight with one of four randomly-selected players or bots, if your rank is low enough. In this screen, you’ll be able to see what your opponent’s formation strength is, and if you decide you don’t like your odds, you can refresh your rivals by tapping the button on the right side of the screen. Remember: combat strength isn’t everything, and strategy can help you win fights!

Depending on your results, you’ll gain or lose arena points. The more points you have, the higher your arena rank will be, and the tougher the enemies you’ll be facing. On the flipside, you’ll also gain better daily rewards based on how many points you had at server rollover. Upon reaching certain point thresholds, your tier can also increase: the lowest tier is bronze, while the highest is Master III at 1200 points. Each season lasts 2 weeks, and once a season ends, you’ll gain rewards based on your final placement.

among gods arena records
Wait, what did I ever do t-oh right.

Note that Arena fights are asynchronous. Other people can and will attack you while you’re offline, just as you do to them. Make sure that you’ve got the correct team set up in your Lineup (it’s in the main menu) to protect your precious rank!

You can have as many Arena fights per day as you want, as long as you’re willing to pay for them. The first three fights of the day are free, whether you win or lose. After that, you’ll need a Challenge Ticket for each fight.

among gods arena challenge
Started from the bottom, now we’re still at the bottom.

The Arena also contains a separate Arena Challenge, which is a PVE fight. Clearing these challenges nets you some diamonds and Hero Coins, so be sure to clear them. The higher your PVP rank, the more challenges become available to you.

And while you’re at the arena, be sure to redeem the prizes for any challenges you complete – look for a telltale red dot at the lower right of the screen.

Quests, Logins, Events

There’s a lot of free stuff up for grabs outside of these game modes.

among gods daily rewards
Par for the course.

As a general rule of thumb, any icon that has a red dot means that there’s something for you to grab. If you’d like a heads-up though, here’s a quick list of stuff you can check for free rewards:

  • As with almost all games, there’s a login bonus. You have up to 5 days of catchup, if you miss any day. The further you go, the better the rewards.
  • Each new hero you get also has a story in their info panel. Read it or skip it if you want, but be sure to collect the free diamonds there.
  • There are main, daily, and weekly quests you can access by tapping Quest on the main menu – it’s in the lower right of the screen. Daily quests also come with an activity bar which you should strive to fill up each day as it gives 5 4-star fragments, 300 diamonds, and a Recruitment Voucher!
  • The best sellers button in the main menu brings you to the cash shop. Here, you can avail of free daily, weekly, and monthly packages, as well as free energy for 7 days.
among gods battle pass
Of course.
  • Naturally, there’s also a battle pass that you can access via the same menu. You get prizes even if you don’t subscribe to the pass.
  • Player milestones also give rewards to all players, based on the progress of all players on your server. Tap the podium on the uppermost right of the screen to access this menu.
among gods newbie gift
Stay awhile, friend.
  • New players have 7 days worth of rewards for free, which you can access by tapping the Events button on the main menu if you missed your daily login.
  • In the same menu are the new player quests – 7 days’ worth of activities that will net you a large lump sum of resources to help you jumpstart your progress.
  • Finally, you can tap Newbie Gift in the main menu to redeem rewards based on your progress in the main campaign.

Build A Network

Working together with other players helps you get a lot further than you could reach on your own. Call it friendship, call it mutual need; in the end, cooperating with each other will help you more than going lone wolf.


Friends in Among Gods isn’t just a social feature. As I mentioned much earlier, you can use heroes that either your friends or guildmates have to complete hero bonds!

among gods friends list
No, I haven’t randomly added people yet. But you should.

Apart from this, friends can also send and receive free energy daily. You can send and receive free energy up to 20 times per day, which also means you need at least 20 people on your friend list to make it worth your while. Go ahead and befriend random strangers – both you and they will benefit from the free energy, and there’s nothing at all to lose.


Guilds are virtually a necessity to get ahead in Among Gods. Without a guild, you’ll be depriving yourself of a lot of resources and ways to get stronger. You get free diamonds and other resources when you join a guild, so be brave and take the plunge!

among gods guild
Very important even if no one talks.

Supporting your guild is easy, too. Tap on the development button to the right to be taken to a screen where you can donate either gold or diamonds to improve your guild. Each person that donates adds to the guild’s activity points, and fills up the activity bar at the top of this screen – and each time a reward threshold is reached, you can go to this menu to claim the prize. Note that you can only donate once per day!

Guild Benefits

Guilds offer three main benefits.

among gods donation
Alms for the poor.

The first is donation. In this menu, you can request for fragments of 4-star heroes that you have. This allows you to both give fragments of heroes you don’t care for and receive fragments of heroes that you actually do need. Note that there’s no enforced system here, and you’re relying on the kindness of strangers. However, if you do donate fragments, you’ll gain Guild Coins.

among gods claude coin
Where’s the money, Lebowski?!

Guild trials allow you to take on tough bosses in a manner similar to Nightmare raids. Just like those bosses, defeat via timeout or knockout is inevitable, but the more health bars you manage to deplete, the better your prizes.

By default, guilds have access to the Claude Coin trial, which gives a lot of coins based on how much crap you can beat out of him before he sends your heroes packing or the time runs out. Depending on the guild’s total activity, you can also gain access to limited raids, which give out even more rewards.

among gods guild tech
Technology to the rescue!

Last but not least is guild tech. Here, you can spend the Guild Coins you’ve been getting to unlock potent passive skills that will boost all of your heroes. Note that the tech tree is exclusive to each member – you’ll need to fill up your own tech tree and can’t just copy someone else’s.

Godhood Awaits

There are many paths to greatness in Among Gods, but it’s up to you to determine which one fits you the most. Glory in the Arena? Taking down nightmare bosses with the highest score? Or blitzing through the campaign and elite dungeons? All daunting challenges to be sure, but armed with knowledge, bravery, and maybe just a little luck, you’ll surely be able to overcome any obstacles in your way and earn your place Among Gods.

among gods victory
One victory among many.

That concludes our beginner’s guide to Among Gods, and I hope you were able to learn something new from it. If you have any comments, or tips and tricks of your own, feel free to share them below!