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Wire #Sorrybro Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Have you ever tried navigating a piece of wire through different obstacles? Well the guys at Ketchapp have and they had a fun time with it so they turned it into a game. Wire #Sorrybro is a different type of endless runner game for Android and iOS. In this game, your job is to navigate a wire through stage after stage of obstacles. You can only guide the wire up and down since it is already moving steadily towards the right. The mechanics are pretty easy to understand but the game can get complicated quickly if you don’t follow our Wire #Sorrybro strategy guide.

1. Black Is Death

It sounds ominous but it is true. The graphics of the game are simple and will have minimal distractions if you know what to avoid. Even though the stages may change colors from time to time, the only color you need to mind is black. Hitting any part of the stage that is black will end your run. Make sure to keep this in mind as you navigate the endless stages of obstacles. Hitting any other color in any stage will not harm you so feel free to pass those colors even if they look like obstacles to you.

2. Travelling In Straight Lines

The wire will be weaving and waving throughout the run so it can get a bit out of hand if you just leave it alone. Guiding taps going up and down are often enough but there will be obstacles that will required you to carefully travel in a straight line. In order to make the wire go straight, you just need to tap and hold down on the screen, and the wire will travel straight.

3. Play It Safe

The stages are colorful but the game can make you a bit restless if you have been playing it for a while, especially when the run has gone on for a while. Do not go around the stage to try and do tricks just for the fun of it. Always play safe and try to stay in the same spot on the screen until you need to move because of an obstacle. Randomly moving up and down the map can land you in trouble. You might accidentally move to an area that has an obstacle coming up and you will end up with very little time to correct your mistake.

4. Keep It Steady

Particularly long runs can give you shaky fingers. Try to switch between fingers once in a while so your fingers from shaking from fatigue. You might accidentally send your wire in the wrong direction if you have jittery fingers. Keep it as steady as you can to minimize errors. Rest for a while if you find that your fingers have become too tired to stay steady during a run.

5. Collecting Diamonds

Diamonds will be scattered throughout the stages as you play. You would want to collect those whenever you can because they are used to unlock more features of the game. What you do not want to do, however, is to jeopardize your run for the sake of getting a diamond. The diamonds can be farmed at any time so only get them when you are not in danger of losing the game.

Weave in and out of obstacles with ease by following our Wire #Sorrybro strategy guide!