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Dodge Blast Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a Super High Score

Watch out, it’s raining projectiles! Get back into the old-school vibe with Tobias Ornberg’s classic 2D vertical shooter game for iOS, Dodge Blast. In this game, your goal is to keep blasting your way through levels while dodging everything the enemies throw at you. There are only two buttons to worry about – the Dodge and the Blast buttons. It may sound simple with such straightforward controls but you may end up getting them mixed up when the enemy projectiles start raining on you. Just make sure you check out our Dodge Blast tips and tricks to help you clear out your enemies!

1. Be As Quick As You Can

The controls are easy to learn. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see two buttons. On the left side is the Dodge button while on the right side is the Blast button. Just tap on the Dodge button if you want your ship to dodge, and tap on the Blast button if you want your ship to attack. You will need to be quick in reacting to situations because the game can be very unforgiving. Stay alert and always be ready to dodge or fire.

2. Don’t Get Restless

Since tapping on the dodge button will automatically make your ship dodge in the right direction, you might be tempted to abuse it. Resist this temptation because mashing on that button will only get you killed. Stay in place and just focus on firing if you are not in any danger. Use the dodge button only when you need to dodge. Unnecessary dodging may put you in a worse position and you might not be able to react accordingly if you had been preoccupied with randomly pressing that button. The same is true for the blast button because you will only be able to fire three consecutive shots before the ship will need to reload.

3. Picking Up New Weapons

As you are flying through the stages, you will sometimes encounter weapon power ups. There are several different power ups and they will randomly appear. You may choose to pick them up in order to have a better weapon for your ship. Keep in mind that these weapons expire when you die and you will start the next run with the basic weapon again. Check out what each of the weapons do and see which one suits you best. Once you have your preferred weapon, you don’t need to pick up the other weapons that randomly spawn.

4. Getting An Extra Life

Aside from the random weapon upgrades, you will also encounter a shield from time to time. Always pick up that shield because it will literally save your life. The shield adds one extra hit before you die in the game and that is convenient because you only have three hits per run. If you come to the point where you would need to choose between picking up the shield or the weapon, it’s wiser to just pick up the shield.

5. Coins And What To Do with Them

Coins will be scattered throughout the stages and you would want to pick them up whenever it is safe for you to do so. These coins are needed in order to unlock more ships. The ships have different attributes and you may find one that works better for your play style. Unlock more ships to help get you farther into the game.

Get dodging and blasting through space! Use the Dodge Blast tips and tricks above to ensure you get that high score!