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Cover Fire Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Cover Fire is a shooter game for Android and iOS that promises chaos, bloodshed, and a whole lot of immersive action right at your fingertips. The game boasts of the ultimate war experience with its intuitive controls, detailed sceneries, and interactive environments.

cover fire guide

Your goal is to lead your little band of rebels against the wicked TetraCorp that has taken control of several parts of the planet. The battles will be fierce and your team will be outnumbered at all times. You will need the help of our Cover Fire tips and tricks if you want to save the planet from the evil megacorporation!

1. Plan Your Battle Tactics

As mentioned above, your team will be outnumbered by the bad guys at every turn. You will need to play smart in order to stay alive. Do not just go in with guns blazing because that will most likely get your team wiped out. As the rebel leader, it is your duty to make sure you prioritize the mission over blood lust so keep your trigger finger in check.

cover fire gameplay

The best way to deal with enemies is to take cover until they run out of ammo. Once you see them pausing the reload their guns, that’s the time to strike fast and hard!

2. Make Your Team Stronger

It cannot be stressed enough that you upgrade your team whenever you can. For one, there are certain stages that will not allow you to play unless you meet the required team level. There are a lot of different upgrades that you can give to your team members depending on your play style.

cover fire team

You can buy different guns, improve the guns they already have, and so on. Just make sure you keep getting better gear because the difficulty level of the game will continue to increase as you play on.

3. Complete All Missions

When you are not duking it out with other players, it is important to spend some time doing solo player missions. These missions will unlock more features as you progress in the story. It is also a good way to get some experience and rewards. There will come a point when the solo mission might be too difficult to complete.

When this happens, you can continue playing multiplayer until you can upgrade enough to take on the next solo mission. Alternating between solo missions and multiplayer also helps keep things from getting too monotonous.

4. Go For The Free Stuff

The game offers several ways to earn rewards in game. Rewards can range from currency to weapon upgrades. The easiest way to earn rewards is to simply login. The daily login bonus can be achieved even without playing the game. All you need is to log in, claim your reward, then log out.

cover fire weapon

Make sure you don’t miss any day because the rewards build up as the week progresses and you will get a nice reward by the end of the week if you logged in every day. These rewards may be random but when it comes to getting stronger, every bit of free help goes a long way.

It’s your team against the nefarious TetraCorp! Save the world by using the Cover Fire tips and tricks above! In case you know additional tips or strategies for the game, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment area!


Saturday 13th of November 2021

Can this be controlled with keyboard, or does this require a controller?

Erik P

Monday 8th of November 2021

Extra tips: each time you play: 1- claim the chest 2- immediately start on pvp. The trick is to see where 1st target is when camera panning at start. Go for head shots. Short bursts of you have automatic rifle. 3- once tokens used go to scenarios. Note that if you want to upgrade a certain skill, go to info on that skill and it will tell you at the bottom which scenes in scenarios will give you those cards! Click on it! 4- ensure you complete 7 daily missions, this will give you 10 gold 5- with the 10 gold go back to pvp. Use up any tokens that have accumulated to purchase 5 more tokens. Reason is that the higher rank you get the more cards for specific characters you'll get.

When there is a special mission, make sure you complete it.. you will get a new character and weapon which usually helps ALOT.

Angela Cheung

Tuesday 15th of December 2020

How can j go pass combat level 1250 and exceed skill level 16? How can I *start play extreme hard*