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Blocky Baseball Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Should Know

Batter up! Another creative twist to endless runner games comes to iOS and Android. Blocky Baseball lets you play as an energetic batter who will need to hit a whole bunch of things to keep the game going. The pitcher will throw everything from baseballs to ugly blobs at you. Things can get hectic as you have a split second to decide whether or not you should hit what’s coming at you. As with classic baseball, three strikes will end your game so make sure you check out our Blocky Baseball strategy guide to keep hitting!

1. Watch Out For Blobs

There are a lot of things that will be thrown at you in this game, and for the most part, you should hit them all. What you should be careful of, though, are the blobs that will sometimes be thrown at you. While hitting a blob will not immediately mean a strike, it could easily end your game. That is because your vision will be obstructed by the blob for a period of time if you hit it. Don’t worry about ignoring the blob because missing it will not result in a strike.

2. Hitting Home Runs

It cannot be a baseball games if home runs did not have value in it. Try to hit home runs as much as you can for better scores. Mastering the home run hit will take a bit of practice but it will be easy to execute once you have the timing down. Things will get more hectic as the game progresses so just make sure you stay calm and focus on your timing. You can hit anything except the blobs. Baseballs, coins, and stars can be turned into home runs.

3. Look At The Clues

As mentioned above, timing will help a lot in this game. One way you can master timing is to watch out for the next throw. Timing your taps with the normal throws is easy. If you see a fast ball coming up, you can adjust by tapping faster than you normally would. If you see a curve ball coming, on the other hand, then you should adjust by tapping slower. Keeping an eye on what the next pitch will be will be vital in ensuring more home runs.

4. Hitting The Stars

You are probably wondering what the stars are for and why you should hit them. Hitting stars in the game will increase the matching meter gauge. Hitting home runs will increase this gauge as well. Once the matching meter gauge is full, you will gain access to a matching game. If you are able to match three in the mini game, you will be able to unlock the character you matched. Failing has no penalties but you will need to fill up the gauge again for another shot.

5. Customizing Your Game

There are several things you can unlock in the game. You can unlock new characters that you can use as batter. These new characters are purely cosmetic so you don’t need to unlock them all unless you feel like collecting. You can also unlock additional stadiums and weather effects to be able to change up how the game looks.

It’s time to hit those baseballs out of the park! Just follow our Blocky Baseball strategy guide to get you through.