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Cookie Cats Pop Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Cute, cuddly, and colorful kitties greet you in this fun puzzle game for Android and iOS. Cookie Cats Pop is a color matching puzzle wherein you will need to launch colored balls towards a board. Hitting colored balls of the same kind will remove those balls from the board. You also get to rescue some kittens stuck inside colored balls along the way. What could be more fun than saving kittens, right? Well, as cute as it all may be, things can easily get tough as you go through the levels. Make sure you depend on our Cookie Cats Pop tips and tricks to help you get that top score!

1. No Need To Rush

Launching the colored balls onto the board can be a bit tricky because it requires precision and a bit of luck. The good news is that there is no time limit. Do not feel pressured to finish the stage right away as there is no bonus for speed, either. Just focus on aiming properly and mentally calculating where the balls would go after they are catapulted from your cat. Trying to rush in this game can just result in costly mistakes. The colored balls could end up in the wrong place, making it more difficult to maneuver additional balls properly.

2. Avoid Wasting Moves

While there is no time limit, there is a limit to the number of balls you can launch. Keep an eye on this number as you play because you will need to rescue all the kittens before you run out of balls to launch. Always have a plan as to where to launch the colored balls. Keep in mind that you cannot choose the color of the ball you will be launching so you should factor that into your plan as well.

3. Switching Balls

Even though you cannot choose the color of the ball you want to launch, you do have a small wiggle room in this game. There will be a box containing one colored ball that you can switch with. If the ball in that box works better for the puzzle then you can switch. There is no limit to how many times you can switch. It is only a matter of whether or not you can actually use the ball you switch with.

4. Bouncing Over Obstacles

If you find that the path to clearing the next set of colored balls is blocked by an obstacle, you can try to find a way around it by aiming at the wall. The ball will bounce off the wall at an angle. If you are able to compute the correct angle, you should be able to make the ball bounce where you want it to. This skill take a bit of practice to master but is a good thing to invest your time in. It will definitely come in handy as you get to the higher stages of the game.

5. Connecting For Competition

Once you are confident in your skills, you may connect to your friends in the game through its Facebook linking feature. Linking your Facebook account to the game will allow you to challenge them. You and your friend will be given the same puzzle to solve and you will need to clear the board with better scores if you want to win.

Rescue those cute little kittens in Cookie Cat Pop! Make sure you follow the tips and tricks above to easily clear those boards!

Maggie Batson

Thursday 12th of October 2023

Does anyone know how to get a high score in the tournament? In the fourth game I get dismal scores no matter how many times I play it.


Saturday 13th of November 2021

What are the bronze .and gold colored “H” bars redeemed for


Saturday 1st of January 2022

@Debbie, I have often wondered this too. I have so many but can't find a way to use them.

Tracy mccomber

Monday 8th of March 2021

im stuck on level 1589 untill i get to the top i run out of bubbles and cant get past the circle of the connecting clouds, thank you tracy this is an awsome game .


Saturday 1st of August 2020

Why is the endless game gone?

Pat Pavetto

Sunday 15th of March 2020

If I delete I loose progress!