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What’s Up Snoopy? – Peanuts Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

What’s Up, Snoopy? – Peanuts is a collection of arcade mini-games that features everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy. This game for iOS and Android devices allows you to earn coins by playing the different mini-games available. There are 10 games for you to unlock and enjoy. Interact with familiar characters from the popular comic strip such as Lucy, Linus, Woodstock, Sally, Schroeder, and of course, Charlie Brown. Follow their adventures in Story Mode or challenge yourself in Arcade Mode. Do you have what it takes to maintain a winning streak? If you need help, you can always depend on our list of What’s Up Snoopy? – Peanuts tips, tricks and cheats!

1. Master Story Mode

Story mode makes up the bulk of the game. This is the first mode you will be playing and you will make most of your money here. There are several challenges to take on in this mode. Your goal is to get the highest possible score in order to earn the most cash. You will earn 1 cent for every 10 points you score. That means you need 1,000 points if you want to get 100 cents.

2. Make Money With Linus

There are several different mini-games that you can play. You can just pick one mini-game that you are good at and play that repeatedly to earn more cents. Feel free to choose one that fits your interest the most but we recommend the Linus game if you want to make the most cash. You will need to fling Linus as far as possible then tap on him to make him bounce further. The game is easy so you can earn coins quickly. If you want to practice the Linus game some more, you can unlock it in Arcade mode for 80 cents.

3. Dive With Snoopy

The most expensive mini-game to unlock in Arcade mode is Snoopy’s diving game. It costs 250 cents to unlock but you don’t really need to practice it so much since it’s pretty easy to beat in Story mode. All you have to do is tap Snoopy as far right as possible while he is on the board. If you manage to get a perfect leap, you will be rewarded with 360 points. You can play it over and over since it doesn’t take that long to complete one dive, making it easy to rake in some serious cash.

4. How To Win In Baseball And Tennis Mini-Games

There are two more games that can be quite challenging to conquer. The Baseball and Tennis mini-games seem similar so a lot of players get confused on how to beat each one. For Baseball, make sure you focus on Snoopy. You can get double points if you can hit the ball perfectly. The perfect shot is when the ball is almost overlapping Snoopy’s collar. As for Tennis, you just need to focus on the ball and tap it when it is within range.

5. Practice In Arcade Mode

As mentioned above, you really need to play the Story mode if you want to earn cash. The Arcade mode still has a purpose, though. Use the Arcade mode to practice any game that you are having difficulty with. The more practice you have, the easier it will be to earn more points in Story mode.

Aim for the top scores for every mini-game in What’s Up Snoopy? – Peanuts! Be sure to follow our tips and tricks above in order to succeed!