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Blocky Farm Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Tricks for the Newbie Farmer

Blocky Farm is a new iOS farm management game created by Polish game developer Jet Toast, and though the graphics are reminiscent of Legos in a mobile game setting, that’s exactly why the first half of the game’s title is “Blocky.” As for the “Farm” aspect, this is a deceptively deep management game where you can plant crops, take care of animals and pets, and operate the tractor and other farm equipment. A key aspect of the game is taking care of animals and getting love in return, though on top of that, there are hundreds of quests to complete, a physics-driven system for the tractor, and lots of buildings and decorations to unlock as you keep leveling up and completing quests.

As we mentioned above, the voxel-styled graphics should not deceive you into thinking this is a casual farm management title. That’s exactly the opposite of what this game is, and you may find yourself daunted by the variety of features and mechanics you have to deal with, even in the early goings. But we’d like to help make your transition into the game much easier, which is why we’ve got a beginner’s Blocky Farm strategy guide for you below. We’re sticking to the bare essentials of the game, but if you’re a first-time player, this should help you get off to a flying start when managing your farm.

1. Follow The Quests

This is something that should be obvious from the tutorial portion of the game — follow the quests that may be given to you by Frank, the character who starts you off by giving you your first instructions, or by his friends who may appear in other parts of the game. Not only do these quests set you on the right path and ensure that your farm, all its buildings, and all the animals within it are up to speed, they also help you in leveling up, and earn you coins and gems, meaning the game’s common and premium currencies respectively. Click on the avatar of the person in charge of the quests if you aren’t sure what to do next; you’ll find the quest menus on the left side of your screen

After Frank has given you his quests to start you off, you can then fulfill orders for Jerry, or decorate the farm together with Oscar. The nature of their quests may vary, but aside from completing these simple tasks, it’s also a good idea to pay attention to what they say before giving the quests; usually, this is an introduction to a game mechanic you have yet to explore.

2. Watch Videos To Double The Coins From Your Orders

Fulfilling orders with your Delivery Truck is a nice and easy way to earn some coins without having to exert too much effort. The amount of coins you can expect to earn by fulfilling these orders might not be a lot, but the game will sometimes ask you if you want to watch an ad video to double your earnings. Make sure you grab the opportunity to watch those videos — they may take 30 seconds to sit through, but aside from that, you don’t need to do anything else to add to your earnings from the deliveries.

3. Love Your Animals And Don’t Let Them Go Hungry

When playing Blocky Farm, the first animals you’ll get to unlock are the chickens. The chickens’ job is to lay eggs for you, which you can then sell to add to your currency. Each egg laid by your chickens also adds to the Love meter on the upper left corner of your screen; the more your animals love you, the better quality chests you can unlock once they’re ready. But you can’t expect your chickens to lay eggs if their stomachs are empty, which means it’s important that you have enough farm plots for crops, and are always busy making chicken feed at the Windmill. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s part of the daily grind that comes with being a farm owner.

Later on in the game, you’ll unlock the Cows and the Cowpen, and the same will apply. Cows produce milk, and if they’re hungry, then it goes without saying that they won’t be content enough to make some milk for your farm. The key to filling up that Love meter and getting better rewards through the chests is taking good care of, and feeding your animals!

4. Expand Your Barn

Your Barn serves as the main storage building in your farm, and that’s where you’ll be keeping all the resources your farm produces. As is the case with most other farm management games, you’ll want to expand that barn and upgrade it, but the mechanics in Blocky Farm are a bit different from what you would usually get. Instead of charging you currency to expand the barn, you’ll be charged certain materials or resources. Click on the “Up” button on the barn menu to view the materials required for the upgrade, and work on getting them if you don’t have them in just yet.

5. Keep That Farm Busy

Whether you’re planting new crops, producing chicken feed, baking bread, or sending out the truck to fulfill deliveries, you need to be keeping busy at all times, because a lot of things in your farm can’t function without the other. For example, you can’t perform deliveries unless you’ve got a certain set of products ready to deliver, and you can’t make your chickens lay eggs or your cows produce milk if they don’t have food to eat. For lack of a better term, it’s the circle of your farm’s life, so make sure the farm is as busy as possible, while being mindful that you can only plant so many crops at a time; the crops available to plant refresh after they’re harvested, unless you pay some gems to refresh your supplies ASAP without waiting.

6. Go Easy On The Gems

Gems are the premium currency of Blocky Farm, and you’ll notice that the game always asks if you want to spend them. You can spend them on expediting certain tasks, such as laying eggs, completing a building, etc., you can use them if you’re lacking certain resources and need to have them ready right away, You definitely do not want to spend those gems on speeding up tasks; whether you’ve got eggs to lay or crops to harvest or a building to complete, it’s always better to wait it out than to plunk down some gems so that everything happens right away. But you can use them, albeit only when needed, if you urgently need resources to perform certain tasks, or tools to cut down trees/blow up rock formations to clear out more space on your farm.

7. Be Careful When Laying Out The Field Plots

In order to plant, grow, and harvest crops, you need to have some Field plots laid out, and they should ideally be adjacent to each other, to allow for easy harvesting and collection when the time comes. But we did find it a bit difficult to do this seemingly simple task — somehow, the game’s mechanic for setting up plots and paths is rather unwieldy, and it’s easy to make the mistake of having your plots all over the place. Always set up the plots in such a way that the green space appears next to an existing plot, so you can make sure they end up adjacent to each other.

8. Tap On The Birds To Earn Rewards

This is something that Jerry will explain as one of his quests, but to expand on what he lets gamers know when they reach that part of the game, you can earn rewards by clicking on the flying birds — they may look like an ordinary part of the farm environment, but if you look closely, the blue birds sometimes carry coins with them. Tap on a blue bird when you see them carrying coins, and you can add to your total immediately. Likewise, you’ve also got the purple birds, which, as you may have guessed due to their color, reward you with free gems if you tap on them. Doing so will pull up a 30-second advertisement video, and once you’re done watching, the gems are yours, and immediately added to your premium currency.

9. Trade At The Roadside Store

Once you reach level 7, you’ll be able to unlock the Roadside Store, which will serve as another good way for you to earn currency in the game. That’s where you’ll be able to interact with other farmers, meaning other real, human players who may have some goods they want to buy from you. Likewise, you could also buy from other players and visit their farms, effectively allowing you and your fellow human players to help each other out and speed up each other’s progress in the game.

There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our exclusive Blocky Farm tips, cheats and tricks. If you have something to add, be sure to drop us a line in the comment area!


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

Hello I can't catch fishis. my fishing line always breaks.


Sunday 30th of May 2021

How do u play with the pets? Git the feeding & such figured out. Ty


Tuesday 25th of May 2021

My tractor is stuck. How can I release it?


Sunday 2nd of May 2021

How do I rotate the buildings so I can fit them in easier


Saturday 7th of December 2019

Porque meu jogo diz servidor temporariamente indisponivel