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One More Brick Cheats, Tips & Hints: 5 Tricks to Get a High Score

Rifter Games’ new mobile title called One More Brick is designed for anyone who’s tired of the usual intense, overwhelming RPG or adventure game and looking for something simpler and more relaxing, so simple that even a non-gamer can enjoy it. While the game appears to be another Breakout clone at first, the game’s description on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store notes that this is a “unique mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter,” meaning a mix of what you may know from Breakout, and the trick-shooting that is a staple of the latter casual gaming genre. You can take your time while aiming your shot and coming up with a strategic approach, and once you shoot, what you want to see is the ball bouncing onto a brick and onto another, destroying them with your chain of balls. This is also an endless game, where the ultimate goal, really, is to beat your own high score, or that of your friends.

Although some may say that games this easy don’t need any strategy guide, we beg to disagree. Of course, you want to outdo yourself or outdo your friends, and you may also need some help when the going starts to get tough. Fear not, as our One More Brick tips and hints will come in handy, as you seek to outdo yourself, or anyone else you know who plays this game, and climb up the leaderboards by lasting as long as possible.

1. The Easiest Trick Shot To Pull Off

Anyone who’s played Breakout or its derivatives should be familiar with this trick. Not surprisingly, it’s also the most basic in this game, and it would simply require you to launch the balls in such a way that they bounce off the sides of the titles, allowing them to carom into the other tiles and take them out. It’s also important that you try to hit as many tiles as possible while the balls are still capable of full force, as that’s going to improve your odds of eliminating more tiles and getting further into your run.

2. What Happens When You Eliminate All Blocks?

In games such as the aforementioned Breakout, knocking off all the blocks/bricks/tiles means you’ve completed one level and are all ready to move on to the next. In One More Brick, what happens is that you set up a checkpoint that will continue for the rest of your run — take note that this is part of the casual endless framework of the game, where save games are not an option. What this means for you is that if you die at a higher level, the game will ask you if you want to resume from the last point where you had left off, effectively allowing you to watch an ad video to continue, instead of starting right back from the top.

3. Try This Simple Trick To Take Out A Ton Of Blocks

Want to take out more blocks effortlessly, and without having to get too fancy with your trick shots? Try sending a row of balls through the row-clearing buttons. If the blocks are in the way of the row, you could end up taking all of them out and then some, and this is especially true if you’re using the special ball that transforms line-clearing buttons into dual line-clearing buttons. Yes, that’s right — the game has special balls and power-ups apart from the standard balls you start with, and we’ll be getting to that in a little bit.

4. Use All The Power-Ups

One More Brick makes sure that you won’t be all alone when going through your runs, and that’s because you will be able to use the power-ups that appear throughout the runs. If you see a power-up, go ahead and take advantage of it; for example, you’ve got the green button, which adds an extra bounce to any ball that touches it. Then you’ve got the purple button, which transforms one ball into two if it comes in contact with it. Lastly, the blue button will randomly send the balls in different directions; this could be a double-edged sword, as it could theoretically allow the balls to reach higher rows of blocks, but it could also make the balls miss wildly.

5. Earn Stars To Purchase New Balls

For each checkpoint you reach, and each run you complete, you’ll earn stars, which are the only form of currency in One More Brick. You can then use these stars to buy more balls, and unlike other casual games, the difference goes beyond cosmetic. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the cheaper balls, which only differ from the stock ball in terms of appearance, but there are more expensive ones that come with a special skill, such as an extra bounce. Furthermore, you’ve also got balls that have a larger radius than the stock ball, making it easier for you to take out tiles, especially when the balls are rebounding off them.

Thanks for checking out our list of tips and tricks for One More Brick. If you know other hints for Rifter Games’ new mobile title, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment area!