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Helix (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Hints to Get a Super High Score

It’s been a while indeed since we’ve featured something from Ketchapp, those prolific makers of casual arcade games for Android and iOS devices. Helix is the latest such title from the developer, and once again, you can download it for your Android device or iPhone/iPad, and possibly pick up the game’s basic mechanics after just a handful of play-throughs. As stated in the game description, you’ll have to “infinitely slide down the helix,” but take good care while at it, as you’re no longer a kid. That means having to leap over the pits and obstacles, and dodge the objects that may be fired in your direction. You can also earn in-game currency and buy some new stuff with it, as we oftentimes see from Ketchapp’s titles.

As the folks from Ketchapp add in the game description, you can pick things up easily with the one-tap controls, and not feel so stressed out with the “relaxing” graphics and music. But that doesn’t mean the game can’t get frustrating at some points, which is why we’ve compiled some Helix cheats, tips and hints that are designed to assist you in lasting longer in this game. It’s an endless slide down the helix-shaped ramp, so how far can you go?

1. Different Obstacles, Different Timing

There are different obstacles in Helix, and each of them works in a different way, meaning you need to vary your timing in order to jump over them successfully. Also bear in mind that some of the obstacles may be high-stakes in nature, meaning one mistake and you’re dead, while others may give you a lot of leeway for error. The yellow lines, for instance, come with springboards and serve as an example of the latter. But the spikes are a definite example of the former; it’s much harder to time your jump, so you need to act quickly, and make sure your timing is impeccable as you try to clear this obstacle. Also watch out for those balls speeding in the opposite direction; they appear to be trolling, and that might as well be the case. They’re designed to throw you off, especially when they appear in conjunction with another obstacle.

2. How To Farm For Coins

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when paling Ketchapp games, and you better believe it also works in Helix. What we’re referring to is the trick where you get yourself killed as quickly as possible, then wait until you see a video icon appear on the menu screen. You won’t always be getting this screen — we think Ketchapp might have smartened up to how players frequently farm for coins using this method. But in any case, you’ll see the video icon about 25 percent of the time after you die, and always when you’ve got your internet turned on. (Of course, you can’t watch any videos while offline!) Watch the video and get 20 coins easily — it isn’t much, but it’ll add up as you keep on watching.

3. Close Some Apps If The Game Lags

Although Helix is rather low on resources, the game does lag a bit at times, and lag can be a pain in the butt to deal with, especially in a game like this where timing is everything. You don’t want a solid run to be ruined just because of the “lag monster,” so eliminate it by closing any apps that you aren’t using, or don’t really need. After closing those apps, you can return to Helix and hope for a faster, smoother experience. You can also restart your phone if it still doesn’t work and the game keeps on lagging — more often than not, that should do the trick.

4. Compare Yourself Against The Realistic Scores

If you want to see how well you do against the rest of the world, you can check the leaderboards on Google Play and Apple’s Game Center. Be warned, though, as there are several high scores that may not look very doable. This isn’t unusual in the world of mobile games, especially the simpler, more casual titles that are easy to hack. But just as you would usually do, we advise you to ignore those super-high scores, and scroll down to view realistic, actual scores you can compare yourself against.

5. All Characters Play The Same Way

It’s another hallmark of Ketchapp games, although they’ve tried to mix things up a bit in recent months. But in most cases, including in Helix, you’ll pay the same amount of currency for each of the new characters, meaning 100 coins each. Don’t expect anything to differentiate each character from the other in terms of gameplay — the only difference is aesthetic, meaning their appearance, and their only purpose, as many say, is collection. (We beg to differ, though, as these new characters can also be useful for anyone who needs to spice things up after being bored with the current character.) You can also click on the social media buttons (Facebook and Twitter) to get free characters unlocked.

That’s all for now folks! If you know other tips or tricks for Helix, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!