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Bitgram Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Bitgram is an iOS-exclusive game with a unique take on puzzle-solving. A nod to the classic game of Tetris, you will see the classic puzzle shapes and minimalist graphics. Your goal is to place as many shapes as possible on the board, each with its corresponding score. What sets this apart from other games from the same genre, however, is that you can only place a shape on the board if it will be on top of another shape of the opposite color. This can be very limiting if you don’t place your shapes correctly. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Bitgram tips and tricks to help you get those high scores!

1. Visualize In Your Head

Bitgram is generous enough to give you four clues and an unlimited amount of time to figure things out. There is no excuse for hurriedly placing pieces on the board because time does not have any impact on your scores. Think about your board and thing about the four clue pieces you are shown. Anticipate the possible combinations of shapes so that you can figure out what the best layout is. Look at each shape and see if you could possibly combine them to create more solid figures on the board. Always thing about how you can best fit the four shapes together so that you can keep placing more shapes on the board.

2. Alternate The Colors

There are only two colors Bitgram. That can make things easier or tougher depending on how you play the game. Resist temptation to fill up a certain space with the same color. Remember, you can only place a shape on top of a different-colored shape. If you have too many of the same color on one side, you won’t be able to maximize the space as more shapes come in.

3. Prioritize Large Pieces

The shapes that are given to you vary in size. Some of them can take up quite a bit of space. Prioritize placing these larger shapes on the board because you will have a harder time finding a place for them when you already have a few small ones down. If you are working with a bunch of small pieces, make sure you still place them in such a way that there will be space for incoming large shapes.

4. Use The Single-Block Pieces Wisely

Once in a while, you will be picking up single-block pieces. Hold on to these because they will be useful for filling in gaps once you have the rest of your shapes in. You can place them practically anywhere once all other shapes have been placed on the board. Using these strategically can help you maximize your score.

5. Watch Out For Jiggling Clues

Bitgram offers one more hint to help you complete a puzzle. When you only have one available move left, that last piece will jiggle. This will tell you that you are about to hit a dead end if you place that piece incorrectly. When you see it, make sure you try to find a way to open up new space for your puzzle shapes or your game will end.

Fill up those boards with as many shapes as you can with the help of the Bitgram tips and tricks listed above and you’ll be hitting high scores in no time! Also, if you know additional hints, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comments!