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Pocket Snap (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Game developer Ketchapp seems to have captured the quirky game market as it comes out with yet another hit that’s sure to keep players hooked. Pocket Snap is a fun and frustrating arcade game for Android and iOS devices. Your goal is to launch a bunch of balls into boxes. It sounds way simpler than it actually is. You will need to master power-control or you will end up missing half the time. There are several different levels to play. Conquer each one and aim for the high score! If you need help, just check out our Pocket Snap tips and tricks and you’ll be filling those boxes with ease!

1. Ignore The Launcher

Most players get distracted by the launcher and think that they need to do something with it in order to get the ball into the boxes. If you look closely, the launcher doesn’t really move. It stays in place no matter what. That means you can just ignore it and focus solely on getting the power level right for launching the balls.

2. Watch The Spring Movement

Tapping and holding will make the spring compress and this compression will launch the ball into the air as soon as you let go. Think of how this works in real life. The longer you compress a spring, the further it will launch the ball. Observe this animation when you hold and tap so you can get a feel for how long you should really be holding the spring back.

One good trick is to use the ball sockets as visual markers. The first socket is for when you just need a little power for boxes that are closest to the launcher. The second socket is for medium power. The third one is for heavy power which is what you will need to use for boxes that are at the other end of the screen.

3. Don’t Go Past Heavy Power

Even though you can still go past the third socket when compressing the spring, it is not advisable. It will result in shooting the ball past all of the boxes and right into the wall. The ball won’t bounce back and will instead fall straight down. You won’t ever need that much power because boxes won’t appear that close to the right side of the screen. Limit yourself to the third socket and let go as soon as your spring hits the middle point if you are not confident. It’s usually safer to let the spring go earlier than too late.

4. Pick Up Rainbow Items

As you play the game, you will sometimes encounter rainbow stars and balls. Rainbow stars add 5 points to your score so it’s definitely worth picking up. Rainbow balls, on the other hand, are absolute game changers. Picking up a rainbow ball will return a ball into your launcher. This gives you another chance to aim for a box. If you are smart enough not to waste that extra ball, you stand to earn a lot more than the rainbow star’s five points.

5. Practice Is Key

The game is definitely challenging. Like most arcade games, however, it can be mastered through repetition. You just need to play the game over and over until you get used to estimating the strength needed for the distance you want. Don’t give up and keep trying. You will find the perfect timing for each launch eventually.

Getting high scores in Pocket Snap isn’t easy but it is definitely possible with the help of the tips and tricks we listed above! As always, if you’ve come across additional tips or tricks, feel free to share them with us below in the comment area!