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Weed Boss 2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Earn More Money

Not too long ago, we offered some tips for a game called Weed Firm. Now, we’ve got another ganja-themed game in store for you, and it’s Weed Boss 2, an iOS-only (for now) game from Holy Cow Studio. This is a weed dealing game where you start from growing weed in your basement weed firm to making billions, and one where you’ll encounter all the problems successful weed dealers go through. You can recruit gangs to help distribute your weed, buy labs in order to grow different strains, and watch your tiny little business grow into a multi-billion dollar empire.

Want to get high? Of course, we’re not referring to actually getting high on pot – we’re talking about getting high up on the leaderboards as you earn more and more money and strive to become a true Weed Boss. That may sound like a daunting task, but these Weed Boss 2 tips and tricks could put you on the fast track to making billions of dollars from the herb.

1. What Happens When You Level Up?

Once you gain an experience level in this game, you will unlock a new strain of weed, which won’t make you any bonus cash, but rather change the color of your buds. In other words, they just look different but don’t do anything special. But if it interests you, you can go to the weed icon on the left side of your screen, tap on it, and choose a strain, or see what strain can be unlocked the next time you level up.

2. Buy Reputation Upgrades

Now, that we’ve established that new strains of weed don’t translate to faster profits, we’ll show you just how you could make more money flow in. Buy a reputation upgrade – it’s as easy as that. The higher your reputation upgrade is, the faster you’ll earn money by tapping. Of all the available upgrades, this is certainly the most important of them all, as it could cause your dollars-per-tap to increase exponentially.

3. Buy New Locations To Earn Without Tapping

Let’s admit it – it could get tiring to keep tapping in order to earn money. So what should you do if you want to make things easier on your tapping fingers? Just hit the small globe-like icon to buy new locations or upgrade pre-existing locations you had already purchased in the past. Both would allow you to step away from the game as the money rolls in. But since you’ll have to be online for that to happen, you should also save up for the offline production upgrade, which will actually allow you to earn while doing nothing, and your phone also doing nothing but sitting there with the Wi-Fi off.

4. Buy Stuff Through The House Icon

Lastly, hit on the house icon if you want to buy a new farm or upgrade anything in it. That will also allow you to get some work done while offline or away from the game, as this could collect and harvest weed on its own.