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Crystal Crusade Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints You Need to Know

The puzzle RPG genre is gaining lots of traction, as it combines the casual setting of traditional puzzle games with the in-depth stories of the average RPG. That said, one of the newer titles we’ve seen in this genre is Crystal Crusade. You’ll be leading the last hero in a land where other heroes are scattered across and armies are “broken,” as you fight the evil Trolls and stop them from laying waste to the Queendom of Roses. You’ll get to do a lot of the things you can do in typical RPGs, such as casting spells, fighting enemies, saving heroes, and bringing peace and order to your land. In short, it’s your objective to “save our Queendom before the Trolls get the last laugh.”

So what’s to do if you’re in need of some help in saving the Queendom of Roses, which would mainly be done by solving puzzles the right way? We suggest you to read our compilation of Crystal Crusade cheats, tips and tricks if you need some help at any point in the game.

1. It’s All About Combos And Match 3 Mechanics

See, this is why puzzle RPGs are so popular – a lot of them incorporate Match 3 mechanics, which are arguably the most familiar and popular in the standalone puzzle game genre. That said, making combos of more than three matching crystals is the key to success in many parts of the game. Matching four crystals would take out an entire line. Matching five eliminates one horizontal and one vertical line. If you include a rainbow crystal in your match with a crystal of a specific color, you can clear all crystals of that color. Lastly, matching two rainbow crystals will take out all of the crystals on the board.

2. Don’t Ignore The RPG Elements – Level Up

Matching three or more crystals may sound like a breeze, but you also need to take the RPG parts of the game into account. (Of course you should – it’s a puzzle RPG!) That means leveling up your troops and your heroes alike, allowing you a better chance of defeating the army with less heroes, or having an improved chance of beating high-level armies, regardless of how many heroes you have on your team. It could also mean defeating armies where you don’t have the right hero match in place.

3. Match Troops With Color Combos

Carefully take into account the troops that are assigned to specific color combinations, as most quests will require you to have a certain mix of heroes (based on color combination), or require you to have so many heroes alive after the battle.

4. How To Earn More Medallions

Medallions are the premium currency of Crystal Crusade. And if you aren’t comfortable buying them with real money, you can go to the in-app store and watch a video; that will allow you to earn medallions for free. The first video you watch gets you five free medallions, with the medallion count increasing by one with each succeeding video you watch. As a bonus tip, your medallions can, together with your gold coins, be used in leveling up heroes.