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Webzen’s Smash-Hit MMO ‘MU Origin 2’ Introduces Clan Battle Royale Mode

MU Origin 2, Webzen’s smash-hit fantasy MMO, just keeps on getting bigger and better, with frequent updates improving on the core experience and adding a bunch of fresh modes and missions. The game’s latest, and perhaps largest, update adds something that fans have been requesting for some time – a Battle Royale mode.

mu origin 2 clan battle royale mode

MU Origin 2 is of course the second spinoff from the beloved MMO known as MU Online. It’s a refined take on the classic formula that hones the MU gameplay and story that we know and love while also bringing plenty of its own ideas to the table.

The Clan Battle Royale mode is probably this update’s biggest drawn. It sees clans facing off against one another over 3 distinct phases. The first phase, known as the “Peace phase”, will require each clan to head out in search of hidden life seeds that grant additional resurrection points. The Peace phase only lasts 1 minute, so you’ll need to be smart about where you look.

Then there’s the “Battle phase” where you’ll need to work alongside your clan to take down as many rivals as possible while keeping your own teammates alive. If you messed up during the last phase and didn’t collect enough life seeds, you’re going to get booted over to the observation mode once your clan has used up all its resurrection points.

The last section in every match is called the “Demonic phase”. This final phase will trigger as soon as there are only 4 players left alive. Those who remain will need to scramble to gather the necessary items to unleash the “demonic rage” power which is strong enough to put down almost any enemy.

Another fresh idea is the all-new Clan Chase mode where you’ll have to scour the map for a randomly-placed monster. Whoever kills it will then assume the role of the monster, meaning the opposing team will begin their hunt. The new monster will have to survive for 40 seconds while their clan defends them from any potential attacks.

If you’re looking for your next MMO fix, just head for the App Store or Google Play to download the ever-popular MU Origin 2.

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