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War Games: Last Empire Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

War Games: Last Empire is a new base management game for iOS devices. There’s the city-building aspect of the game, which includes building farms, mines, and other structures, particularly those that could help you earn resources. That’s the “grunt work” of the game, the less fun aspect of this all-new title. But since this is an RTS/base management game, you also get to face real-life opponents from all over the world, trying to rule the in-game world before thousands of other players do. Once again, this game doesn’t stray too far from the ideals of Clash of Clans, and if you’ve played these games before, you probably know what to expect.

But if you haven’t played base management/RTS titles yet, you might be wondering what you need to do to get your base up to speed and become a formidable force against your human opponents. And even if you have, this game has its share of unique features that make it a completely different experience from what you may know from CoC and other related titles. But we won’t really delve into anything complicated just yet – for now, we hope you read on and check out our War Games: Last Empire tips and tricks for beginner players.

1. Upgrade Your Buildings Constantly

We won’t tell you to follow the quests like we always do – that’s probably the most obvious tip in the RTS genre. But we can at least orient you on what to expect from those quests, starting with the main quests, which may include having to upgrade specific buildings to a given level. You can complete these quests any time you wish, and you won’t even need to refer to your quest log to be sure of things. But you may actually finish those quests in the natural course of things – frequently upgrade your buildings, and once you’ve done that, you can go for a slew of quests, all in one go. Now that’s certainly better than the quest/open quest log to check for quests process.

2. Why Are The Daily Quests Important?

Now we said above that we don’t need to remind you about following the quests. But let’s talk in specifics once again, and explore the reasons why daily quests are quite important. For one, you have to accept them manually, and you also have to deal with the fact that they aren’t retroactive. What does this mean? It means you would need to have a daily quest active regardless. But does that also mean you can take on more than one of those dailies? Unfortunately, it doesn’t – you’re only allowed to work on one daily quest at a time, and you’ll have to complete that in order to accept a new one.

The game limits you to five daily quests per day, though if you want to do more and get further into the game, you can spend gems to reset the quest counter and take on a couple more. Like you would in the regular quests, completing the dailies will earn you more resources, as well as experience points. Spending gems, we’d say, is purely optional, and probably not recommended as there are better things for you to spend your gems on.

3. Troops Need To Be Positioned Correctly

You can’t assign your troops willy-nilly in War Games. We’ll talk more in a bit about the importance of choosing the right ones for any given occasion, but before that, let’s talk about positioning and formations. Militia troops, for instance, can only attack the group immediately in front. There are other examples depending on the troop type, and troops can also be set up in formations that utilize the troops’ strongest areas at any given point.

Scouting is very important in War Games, so make use of this and check who’s on your opponent’s side, and where their troops are placed.

4. Choose Your Troops Wisely

When choosing the troops you’re going to be bringing with you to battle, it’s imperative that you take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the different troop types. For starters, you’ll want some archers in there to take down militia and other melee troops. Basic militia troops, despite their name, can be quite effective against light catapults and siege troops. It’s not really an elemental system in the truest sense, but it’s one that can be figured out with some common sense.

5. Scout Enemies Whenever Possible

Always scout your opponents. It doesn’t matter what kind of opponents they are, but if you’re able to scout them ahead of the battle, you can choose the right troops for your team. Scouting doesn’t come free in some cases, though, as you’ll have to pay some gold to scope out the target at any given resource point. Pay that gold, as you may only end up worse for the wear if you blindly attack the enemy without any thought or consideration of who’s in their lineup.

This would be our list of tips and tricks for War Games: Last Empire. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide with more hints, as we discover them!