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Drive Ahead! Sports Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Win More Games

Looking for a sports game for Android and iOS that doesn’t try to overwhelm you with features, statistics, and tons of realism? Yes, it’s a casual sports game you may be after, and Dodreams has released such a game in the form of Drive Ahead! Sports. It isn’t your typical sports game, though, as it promises “sports with cars” – essentially, it’s soccer with a car, where you can hone your skills in single player mode, drive motocross bikes, monster trucks, and a variety of other vehicles, and upgrade your characters to improve their power. You can also take on your friends in local multiplayer mode, share your own replays, and become a Drive Ahead! Sports celebrity. One thing it doesn’t seem to have, though, is “real players” from all over the world – it appears to be strictly local multiplayer as far as PvP is concerned.

The game’s premise is simple; score more goals than the opposition, collect more coins, and unlock more courses and drivers. This is a simple sports gaming experience that portrays a sport that doesn’t even exist, and if you want to excel at it and unlock all those goodies, we recommend you to read our Drive Ahead! Sports tips and tricks below.

1. How To Earn Upgrade Points

In order to survive the world of Drive Ahead! Sports, you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle. This can be made possible by completing goals, as well as buying gift packages. These actions will allow you to add to your upgrade points, which can in turn be used to improve your car’s speed, handling, and mass. The first is self-explanatory, handling refers to how smoothly your vehicle turns, and mass (more like your vehicle’s size) allows you to flex some muscle on the “field” and push the opposing driver around easier.

2. Watch Ad Videos To Earn Coins Faster

You can earn coins while playing the game, but you can earn them faster by watching ad videos at the in-app store. Each video is worth 40 coins, and since the ad button is always available at the in-app store, you can go back there anytime to watch more and more videos and add to your stockpile of coins. Aside from watching ad videos, you can also connect your game to Facebook, as the game will reward you for your willingness to go social. There are packages at the store that let you buy coins for real-world currency, though we’d only recommend this if you’ve got lots of money to burn.

3. Introducing The Jump Button

In the previous Drive Ahead! game, the jump button was not part of the available controls. Fortunately, the fine folks at Dodreams rectified that with the new title, adding a jump button, which you can use to make your vehicle leap over a rival player, or over the ball so that you can avoid the humiliating experience of scoring an own-goal. Conversely, you can take advantage of AI opponents’ infrequent jumping by hitting the ball with the right timing and the right balance; that oftentimes fools the opposition into scoring an own-goal.

4. Drive With Precision And Avoid Flipping

It’s very important that you drive your car carefully, because odds are great you may be at risk of flipping over. Once that happens, you’ll have no choice but to remain stuck at your current position until you’re able to flip yourself back in place. This could take a while to pull off once you’re just starting out, but once you get used to the game’s controls, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Start out by hitting the jump button, then tap on a direction arrow so you can flip yourself back to the proper position. Do this while making sure you’re balanced while in mid-air so you can control your car and avoid flipping your vehicle once again.

5. What’s In It For You With The New Goodies?

As you earn more coins, you’ll have more chances to buy new stuff in the game – specifically, you’ll want to buy packages for more cars and more levels, while earning upgrade points. And while this is a casual game, the cars you’ll unlock have their own characteristics; some are faster or slower than others, some have more mass and some have less, and so on. The tracks, of course, change the path you have to go through in order to win the battle against your computer or human opponent, as well as the strategy you have to employ.

Cam Cobb🎮🥅

Saturday 1st of December 2018

How do you change the skins on your cars?!?