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War Commander: Rogue Assault Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

War Commander: Rogue Assault is an immersive mobile game from Kixeye that puts you in charge of an army, controlling infantry, tanks, helicopters, and other units as you battle it out with players from all over the world and their armies, and level up in order to get more powerful units and a more powerful army in general. Yes indeed, we have been covering a lot of MMORTS/base management titles as of late, and it really shouldn’t be any surprise why they’re so popular. As we’ve said numerous times, these games are all about real battles against real enemies, instead of predictable AI opponents whom you can eventually figure out and defeat with little to no trouble. But unlike many other games in this genre, you’ve got both individual and player-vs-player combat options featured in here, which should be good news for those who do prefer computer opponents.

Can you survive the game that has been described as the “most realistic military game on mobile to date”? Can you handle the responsibility of directly controlling individual units and coming up with the best tactical strategy to polish off your enemies? We thought it would be better to start you out before anything else, so read on as we present to you our War Commander: Rogue Assault tips, tricks and strategies.

1. Your Squad Must Stay Alive

The game, for some reason, does not come with any limit on resources, meaning you can order your troops and have them do specific tasks without having to worry too much about running out of resources. But that also means micromanagement is more important, and that’s what you will need to get used to if you want to minimize the chances of incurring a lot of losses. Do not, and we repeat, do not use the “Select All” command, unless you want a dose of typically boneheaded AI behavior!
Here’s an example to illustrate what we’re talking about. If you choose Select All and deploy everybody in your army against several machine gun turrets, that could mean your infantry or your faster military vehicles will get there first. Of course, they’re going to get blasted straight away, with nary a prayer against those turrets. What you want to do instead is to send your tank(s) off so that they can soak up damage from the turrets. Once your tanks are there, you’re free to send the rest of your troops off into action.

2. Take Part In PvP Battles

Although there are computer-controlled opponents in this game, you also have human opponents here – lots of them, in fact. And you can’t expect to get anywhere in this game unless you get social and fight those PvP battles. There are no downsides to attacking human-controlled bases, and it all starts with the metal and oil you can get when you successfully raid a human opponent. You will also get supply boxes as rewards for raiding, and these boxes come with materials – crafting material equivalents if you’re more of an RPG/fantasy game player. The materials can be used to equip units or promote them, and you just can’t get those in campaign mode.

3. The Classic Flank Attack

We’ve mentioned multiple times how effective it could be to flank the enemy in order to improve your chances of defeating them. And while you might need a different kind of strategy, a more nuanced one, so to say, against human opponents, you could try this against AI opponents and come up with some good results. Always look for hidden passages that may allow you to sneak up with a flank attack, and take advantage of the opportunities you spot. And don’t make the mistake of heading straight away at the enemy base, as that’s almost always a recipe for disaster, regardless whether it’s a human or AI base you’re attacking.

4. Scout Your Opposition

As is the case with other MMORTS titles, regardless of the setting, you’ve got to scout your human opponents before attacking them. AI opponents should also be scouted, though it’s more important that you do this when up against the real people. Make sure you check the units they currently have, and plan your attack around what you’ve found out. And follow the tip below, as you will need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each unit type.

5. All Units Have Their Own Strengths And Weaknesses

Even if this is a military game, you will observe that there are some mechanics that originate from the RPG genre. Consider the elemental system, for instance. You will notice this when you enter the War Factory, which will allow you to check each unit type and see which type is strong or weak against the other. And it’s all color-coded for convenience and easy recall – green would mean strong against, yellow neutral, and red weak against. Take PK recon trucks, for instance. They’re strong against infantry units, but extremely weak against tanks or other vehicles with heavy armor.

6. Be Prudent With Your Resources

You will be rewarded each time you conduct a successful raid on an enemy base, may it belong to a real player or an AI opponent in campaign mode. The basic rewards are oil and metal, and these are your key resources. Always keep an eye out for your limits, because if you go beyond the cap or limit, you’ll be wasting resources. If you defeat a level in campaign or a human opponent, any oil or metal you win will effectively be nullified.

It won’t always be that way, though. Early on in the game, you will have much more oil than what your storage is capable of, and your oil generators will therefore be useless for the most part. But since you’ll be spending oil for each fight, going over the cap shouldn’t be much of an issue. The best thing to do to avoid exceeding your cap is to spend some resources before heading out into battle.

There you have it! These would be our tips and tricks for War Commander: Rogue Assault. Do you know additional hints for the game? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!


Saturday 3rd of April 2021

I’m not sure how to defeat the hind any hints


Wednesday 29th of March 2023

@Mitch, Flak Turrets For defense, and Sniper Infatry units for defense. FOr defeating them In offensive, use maxed strykers, or Merkava with RED EYE.