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Decisive Battle Pacific Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks to Crush Your Enemies

Decisive Battle Pacific is a tactics and strategy game developed by Yoto Infinite Technology Co for iOS and Android. In the game you are placed in control of a fleet of ships and a home base from which you can launch attacks. The game has two main modes of gameplay based on this format: base management, and battles with other players or AI opponents. This will require you to balance the resources you need to harvest from your base with attacking other bases and completing the campaign.

So prepare yourself, and read on for the best tips and tricks to become the top admiral in the fleet!

1. Don’t Be Too Eager To Fight, Build Strong Foundation First

Battles with enemy admirals in Decisive Battle Pacific is split into two types: campaign mode and free battles on the world map. In campaign mode you follow a pre-determined route and battle with AI controlled ships. In free battle mode you need to attack other players on the world map (which will look different depending on what server you are playing on). On the world map you start the game in “peace mode”, what this means is that you are protected from attack since you are a newbie player. This is for the best as most other opponents (including resource islands) will crush you without mercy.

The best way to get around this is to build a strong foundation in your base first. Make sure your buildings and resource collection are well upgraded so that you can repair and restock your fleet or beef it up in case extra opponents come knocking. Once your HQ reaches level 10 and your dock around level 5 or 6 is a good time to start attacking other players. It is also good practice to spy on them before you do, it does cost 40 methane, but once you upgrade your factory this is practically nothing. If you are lucky then the players around you will have followed the tutorial’s advice and attacked a resource island at level 2. This will leave them wide open for you to pillage without any interference.

2. Upgrade Your Docks Fast

The main thing you are going to do after you upgrade your base and resource collection is battle with your fleet. At the beginning of the game you are lucky enough to be given a free Dragon CVA, but the rest of the ships you have to produce by yourself. In order to do that you will need to level up your docks. But don’t forget that you can’t level up your docks without levelling up your HQ first, so these should be your first two priorities when you start the game. Once your dock gets to level 10 you can start producing your own CVAs which means you will be able to produce all different types that the game has available, which can round off the variety in your fleet.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to upgrade both of your docks together. Sometimes it can be faster to focus on making one higher level than the other so that you can split your priorities between other buildings. This game is determined to make you spend money so if you choose not to, you will be rewarded by only being able to build two things at once.

3. Skip Battles Quickly

Although battles are the main part of the game, they are not all that exciting and are not that well rendered either. Not only that, watching the battle has no effect on the performance of your ships. This means that watching the battles is actually pointless unless you want to waste time (but the game has you do enough of that already). So if you want to complete the campaign mode quickly just skip every battle and it will take you right to the results page. That way you can complete each campaign in under 10 minutes. Which leaves you a lot more time to upgrade your base and fight real players out there on the world map.

4. Rush Methane Production To Repair Without Paying Money

As mentioned earlier, this game is hell-bent on making you part with your hard-earned cash. So like any money-grubbing mobile game, it has implemented a completely arbitrary pseudo-currency system called diamonds. These diamonds can be used to improve more or less every aspect of the gameplay experience and with them the game becomes quite pleasant, which is why they cost real money. But the main point is that they are also used to repair your ships.

This is a real problem if you are rushing campaign mode or are trying to establish your dominance on the world map, because the fifty free diamonds graciously given to you at the start of the game will evaporate quickly if you use them to repair your ship. Luckily there is a solution, methane. A methane factory will be unlocked when you upgrade your HQ to level 3, and methane can be used to repair your ships. That is why you should upgrade this factory as soon as you build it. If you keep it up, once your methane factory hits level 5 you won’t have to worry about ship repair anymore as you will easily have over 500k methane stored up. The developers were lax enough to not completely hamstring methane production so you will be able to repair your ships without having to worry about shelling out some money for diamonds.

5. Upgrade Resource Outlets And Warehouse For More Storage

For some reason Decisive Battles Pacific is incredibly generous with its daily rewards. Generally mobile games only give enough rewards to get you hooked, then they bring out the pay to play, but this is not the case in Decisive Battles Pacific. If you spend levels 1 to 10 upgrading you will find that you actually have too much resources and bonuses from all the various activities and quests you have completed by upgrading your base.

This creates a new problem of where to put it all. The buildings that create the resources you use will also store them, but they do not store all that much. Once your HQ hits level 6 you will unlock your first warehouse. This will be the solution to all of your storage needs. Keep upgrading it as your resource production increases and you should be able to keep pace with production. You will also gain a second warehouse once your HQ reaches level 11, so those two together, once upgraded to level 6 or 7 will be enough to meet your needs. Steel, oil and uranium production will generally be full to capacity but coal is quite difficult to produce adequately. Plan accordingly and make sure you leave enough space for coal production in your base.

6. Plan Your Fleet Formation Well

The last thing you need to consider before you go into battle is what sort of formation you will organize your fleet in. There are four main types of ships that you can take into battle: CVA, SS, FABG, and BB. SS, which is submarines, has the highest attack values of all of them so it is good to have one or two with you. At the front is good if the opponent is weak, but don’t put them too far forward if the opponent is evenly matched, submarine health is about half that of a battleship which means they can be picked off easily if your opponent is smart. BB, which are battleships, are good tanks for your fleet as they have the highest health pool, at around 240 for the lowest level battleship. Make sure to have two or three with you if you are expecting a long fight because these guys can pack a punch as well as take a punch, so they are useful for any admiral to take with him, not only that they have a 125% attack bonus against CVA so keep that in mind too. But if the opponent is packing submarines be careful because submarines have a 125% attack bonus against battleships.

The last two classes that need to be mentioned are the FABG and the CVA. CVAs are aircraft carriers which have less health that battleships but about the same attack damage. The good thing about them is that they have bonus damage against FABG boats and their aura decreases the attack damage of enemy carriers by 5%. It is always nice to have one at the back of your force, but they are not essential if you are planning for a quick battle with a submarine wolf pack. Finally there is the FABG or fast attack boat gun, these are great submarine killers as they have a 125% attack bonus against them, but as mentioned earlier they are weak against carriers. They have more attack damage than the battleship but less than the submarine, although they do have the second highest health pool out of the four classes. This makes them good well-rounded units and can be taken into more or less any fleet combination.

There it is! The tips and tricks you need to become the most feared admiral on the high seas!


Sunday 9th of July 2017

In what server?


Saturday 8th of July 2017

Hey guys I seen a hack in my server about equipments some peoples done it and made red equipments from orange. Do it possible for everyone? But yes it's true one guy had 5b power and with in 15minutes he went up to 12b due to all six slots red equipments.


Tuesday 25th of July 2017

yeah , i also heard the same, do you get the way how to do this