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Doodle Mafia Answers for All Levels

Doodle Mafia is an Android and iOS title by JoyBits, that’s been described as the biggest Doodle game ever, with more than 190 million players worldwide, and more than 500 puzzles for you to solve. You can play the role of a Mafia boss or a police officer, and play through a series of intriguing storylines and game modes. Regardless of whether you’re playing a crook or a cop, you’ll have your set of goals, and if you’re a crime boss, you’ll have to build your gang, earn tons of money, and fight off gangs controlled by rival players as you strive to become the big boss. And in Campaign mode, you can play a cop and chase after the bad guys, or play a crime boss and earn your fortune through heists.

While the game’s mechanics may suggest a more intensive multiplayer game, it’s a puzzle game in general. To be more specific, it’s one of those alchemy games where you create new items with a mixture of elements, and keep on mixing and matching items/elements until you’ve got a ton of them. And since these games can often be real head-scratchers, we’ve come up with a pretty cool list of Doodle Mafia answers and solutions covering the first six levels of the game. Read on if you’re having any kind of difficulty in any of the early puzzles!

Doodle Mafia Blitz Campaign Episode Combinations Walkthrough

Gas Station Robbery

city + explore = gas station , pawnshop , pub
pawnshop + watch = money , money
explore + pub = bartender Ted , Rocco
bartender Ted + money = bartender Ted , whiskey
Rocco + whiskey = drunk Rocco
drunk Rocco + explore = gun , money
explore + gas station = cash resister , jeep , salesman Manny
gun + salesman Manny = neutralized Manny
explore + neutralized Manny = key to the cash register , money
cash register + key to the cash register = key to the jeep , money, money
jeep + key to the jeep = escape

Field Investigation

police + work = police work
explore + police work = arrest , gun , help , patrol , police car
city + explore = lane , street
patrol + street = incident , patrol
explore + incident = auto theft , robbery
auto theft + explore = stolen car
police car + stolen car = pursuit , stolen car
gun + pursuit = flat tyre
flat tyre + stolen car = crash
crash + explore = robber , wounded biker
gun + robber = wounded robber
arrest + wounded robber = arrested robber

Take Part In The Underground Fight

T-shirt + wounded hand = industrial district
explore + industrial district = abandoned warehouse , fight club
explore + fight club = coach Mickey
coach Mickey + money = 23:00 , block , left hook , right hook , uppercut
23:00 + abandoned warehouse = underground fight
explore + underground fight = bar , fight , Mike , Ronald
fight + Mike = Mike’s attack
Mike’s attack + right hook = beaten Mike , broken rib , knocked tooth
beaten Mike + left hook = Apollo , fight , knockout , money
Apollo + fight = Apollo’s attack
Apollo’s attack + block = Apollo’s defense , split collarbone
Apollo’s defense + right hook = beaten Apollo
beaten Apollo + right hook = fall , finish of Apollo , second round
finish of Apollo + second round = knockout , money