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Alchademy Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Alchademy is an alchemy puzzle game from Apps-O-Rama, and you can download it for your Android or iOS device and solve a ton of different puzzles. But unlike other games in its genre/classification, the elements, or ingredients, you need to mix and match are totally out there – let’s just say that they’re fantasy world ingredients, as opposed to real-world ones. In any case, the main gist of the games is there, meaning that you have to come up with the right match and watch out for those situations where you won’t be able to come up with a match.

There are several puzzle packs in this game, or books as they’re called. In this list of Alchademy answers and solutions, we shall be tackling the first book, Origin, and solving all 46 puzzles contained within that pack. Take note that this is the first and easiest of the books, but if you’ve just started playing this game and are encountering some early challenges, then check out this answer key and we’ll point you toward the right answers. But do not in any case read the answers from start to finish, as you’ll be killing the challenge by spoon feeding yourself with everything on the guide!

Alchademy Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Origins – Ingredients

#1: Fire Blood
#2: Weed Lips
#3: Orc Berries
#4: Fairy Water – Fire Blood + Weed Lips
#5: Bloody Fang – Fire Blood + Orc Berries

#6: Poison Eyes – Weed Lips + Orc Berries
#7: Crystal Dust – Fire Blood + Fairy Water
#8: Floaty eye – Fire Blood + Poison Eyes
#9: Biteyshroom – Weed Lips + Bloody Fang
#10: Clay Mortar – Orc Berries + Fairy Water

#11: Eye Fly – Orc Berries + Poison Eyes
#12: Blood Leech – Fairy Water + Bloody Fang
#13: Gilly Salad – Fairy Water + Poison Eyes
#14: Fossileye – Bloody Fang + Poison Eyes

Origins – Creations

#1: Crystalized Apple – Fire Blood + Crystal Dust
#2: Tiny Demon – Fire Blood + Floaty Eye
#3: Fire Larva – Fire Blood + Blood Leech
#4: Unicorn Eggs – Fire Blood + Gilly Salad
#5: Flame-eater – Fire Blood + Fossileye