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Volley Beans (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Every Opponent

Voodoo continues to storm both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store with hyper-casual games that instantaneously grow and become successful hits in several countries. If you are one to enjoy games you can play quickly and are fond of simple gameplay mechanics, then chances are that there is something you can be hooked to among Voodoo’s more than 60 games. Helix Jump and 2 are just two of Voodoo’s most popular games breaking the 100 million downloads barrier and still continues to be a fan-favorite till today. The company’s other hit titles don’t lag that far behind and new releases are equally promising to be at least as successful as any of its predecessors.

Volley Beans is among the latest titles released by the French company, and as always, is quick to reach over 100 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store alone. As the title loosely suggests, you play as a bean-shaped character in a one versus one volleyball match and the end goal is beat all opponents from rank 100 down to 1. In addition to the host of characters and balls you can unlock, various customization options for headband and sunglasses are available for the default character as well.

There are no tutorials included in the game as it practically guarantees to be easily learned by anyone in a matter of seconds. A simple tap and hold of your device’s screen makes your bean character jump and hit the ball, holding it down a little further before the release activates a smash. To make it easier, your character automatically follows where the ball is so there won’t be any need to worry about running back and forth on your side of the court. Truthfully enough, even the youngest and inexperienced players can manage to score wins in the game easily enough, but if you are struggling with a particular opponent or would want to speed up your winning streaks, then check out our Volley Beans tips, cheats and tricks below!

1. Play Defensively

Although the goal in volleyball is to score against the opponent by driving the ball to hit the ground on the opponent’s side of the court, you also need to ensure that the ball won’t touch the ground on your side. It seems easy enough considering that your bean character automatically follows where the ball is above you but there bounces here and there that gives everything a bit of a twisting challenge.

volley beans tips

You will realize soon enough as you dive into a match that opponents seem to just randomly jump and try to hit the ball. Although this is mostly the case, it can still happen that an opponent, through sheer luck, will hit the ball strongly enough to make it difficult for you to catch it. For starters, what you ought to concentrate on, is ensuring that no “lucky shots” ever get through to you and prevent your opponent from going beyond having a score of zero.

It sure is a lot of fun to toss or smash that ball down the other side of the net, but if you really want to bank wins one after another, playing defensively should be your initial strategy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will no longer attempt to make preps and smashes, but rather always be ready for quick retaliations as well even before you begin to go on offense with the ball on your side of the court.

2. Time Your Smashes Right

It actually is as easy as it looks to successfully launch a powerful smash that can shatter the ground (or your opponent). As you continue to hold down your finger on the screen, there is a huge timeframe within which you can release your hold to activate a smash. Considering the random postions you and your opponent will be at the time of your smash, there won’t be any guarantees of scoring each time you choose to do so.

volley beans cheats

Considering that, what you need to constantly work on is timing to do the smash when there is a clear chance of earning a score. Doing so randomly may not work as equally well considering if your opponent saves the ball or it bounces back to your side of the court and have your opponent score a free point against you. Relative to playing defensively, the idea here is to ensure that you won’t, in any way, help your opponent score with a misplaced smash that causes you harm instead of help.

3. Prepping Is Important

Just like in real volleyball, it’s never entirely about spiking and rushing to get the ball back to the other side of the net. As you might enjoy smashing too much to use it as you receive the ball, you will rarely land a successful one. To raise the chances of scoring easily against any opponent, what you should do is to focus on receiving exclusively, then prepping or setting up the spike, then finally unleashing your finisher smash.

volley beans tricks

These three steps should be done as constantly as you can as a beginner to get a good grasp of bounces and timing. As you play more and more sporting against one opponent to the next one, you will soon become an expert and be able to combine receiving and prepping in one go. Just the same, it is always a good idea to practice with the basic setting up phase first. It adds a little bit more effort for starters but it pays off well in latter matches.

4. A Little Geometry Helps

Given the diminutive size of the court in Volley Beans combined with walls on both sides where the ball typically bounces off, you should learn to predict where the ball will go to have better control of the entire court. As such, predicting how and where the ball will bounce off to requires a fair application of knowledge about angles and trajectory.

volley beans strategy

From an offensive standpoint, you can use this fairly to your advantage as you target to smash the wall behind your opponent if there are no clear paths to the ground. It can help as well determine how safe it will be for you if the ball bounces back to your side of the court and you should be able to prepare for your next move.

Being able to somewhat predict the trajectory of the ball on your side of the court will not only strengthen your defense but will also give you better opportunities for a prep and counter. It may just sound complex with geometry involved but it is actually very simple once you try it as you play the game.

5. You Can Aim The Ball At Your Opponent

Although it actually doesn’t make you look a like a good sport in real life, actually aiming those ultra-powerful smashed down towards the enemy works well in Volley Beans. As there are typically little space on the ground for you to target, you can always go for the enemy himself and stun them with a fully charged smash attack.

volley beans hints

For one, being hit with it while not tapping or releasing won’t initiate any receiving or countering actions, the result can be a devastating stun. Combine that with an angle that would almost always bounce down towards the ground results in an instant victory. Considering the power of the smash in Volley Beans, it clearly is your ultimate weapon as far as earning points and claiming victory is concerned. In reference to our earlier tip on playing defensively, however, don’t attempt to just smash whenever you want to. Using this ability carefully and strategically is your key to quick points and victory.

6. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

If you have played several free games before, especially casual ones, then you are probably well aware of the existence of video ads that appear every once in a while as you play the game. Likewise, if you have read some of our earlier articles as well, then you would know how we consider it as a necessary aspect of these types of games.
Although video ads do become boring or even annoying at some points in time, you should understand that the game itself may not exist at all without these ads. Just the same in as much as these ads may seem to appear forced on you as you intend to play and enjoy the game without interruption, it’s almost always you get a reward out of watching it or you can choose not to watch any of it at all.

In Volley Beans, you can simply turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off to enjoy playing the game without any interruption whatsoever. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to unlock the other characters in the game, you will have to invest some time playing some ads on a daily basis. As some of the extra characters you need to unlock can be accomplished by being online in the game after several days, you may want to have an online session each day to unlock something and then close and reopen the game again in offline mode to start playing without interruptions.

And that is all we have for you s far as our Volley Beans guide is concerned. We hope that tips and tricks we provided above will help you race through wins one match after another quickly and a lot easier. If there are some useful tips you are aware of and are eager to share them with us, then don’t hesitate to let us know through the comment section!