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Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Super Chef

Be the best chef you can be in Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever, a time management game by MobiGreen where you can prepare and cook different kinds of dishes and encounter hundreds of customers through various levels of cooking fun. As you progress, you get to unlock all sorts of recipes, tools, and other items to help you become the best restaurant in town. The game is very simple where you wait for a customer to arrive with their order. You prepare and cook the food, and once it’s ready, you serve it to them. Controls are also easy and can be done with one finger. Depending on what the customer orders, you just need to drag that item towards the customer.

It starts off easy with only a few people you need to serve at a time. But as you progress further in the game, a lot of customers come at once which makes it more difficult. It gets even more challenging when there are lots of customers with multiple orders. It might even cause you to panic and get orders wrong. We’re here to avoid that and make sure you serve the right orders, keep your customers happy, and make a lot of money. Keep on reading to find out how to do all of this in Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever. So let’s not waste any more of your time and instead let’s move on to our Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Prepare Food Ahead Of Time

cooking talent restaurant fever tips

Don’t wait until the customer arrives before you cook. Immediately cook the patties and place burger buns on the dish as soon as the level starts. When the patties are done cooking, drag them to the buns. Always make sure the dishes have burgers in them and don’t leave them empty. Also follow this for different kinds of food. The next restaurant you unlock serves ice cream. You can prepare these ahead of time and place cones on the ice cream machine and make all three flavors even before the customers come. Doing this will save time and avoid customers from getting upset.

On higher levels, fillings such as lettuce or cheese are unlocked. Some customers choose only one of the fillings, both, or even none. Once you unlock these items, just prepare the food without add ons ahead of time. When the customers come with their orders, only then should you place the additional items in order to not waste any food. For example, if a customer comes and orders a cheeseburger, drag the cheese on the burger and then serve it. Don’t prepare burgers with fillings in advance because not all customers want fillings in them.

2. Avoid Wasting Your Food

As you cook food or prepare them, they can burn and be overcooked. This is where food preserving tools such as food warmers or coolers come into play. Food warmers are tools where you can place the patties after they’re cooked to avoid them from burning and wasting them. If you end up burning your food, you need to throw them away in the garbage bin so that you can cook another one. This is also the same for other restaurants. For example, with ice cream, you tap on the machine to make ice cream. You have to tap on it once again to make the machine stop in order to prevent it from overflowing, otherwise you will be unable to serve it to the customer.

cooking talent restaurant fever customer

To know when a food item is about to burn or turn to something that cannot be served, there is a bar right on top of the food item that appears while it is cooking. This bar slowly fills up in the color green as it gets ready. Once it’s filled, it means the food is ready to serve. If you fail to serve the food during this time, the green bar disappears and that bar slowly fills up with the red color. If the red bar is filled, your food will burn or overflow. When this happens, you cannot serve the food anymore and you have to throw it in the trash. Always keep an eye out for the bar and make sure to serve it immediately.

3. Upgrade Your Tools First

There are different types of upgrades that you can do in this game. There are upgrades to make the price of food higher, upgrades to add an additional appliance or speed up the cooking process, and upgrades to make customers more patient and increase their wait time. Upgrading items will cost you gems and coins. With each upgrade done, the cost increases as well. To make things easier for you, you should always upgrade appliances first so that you’ll have more food ready and also to serve customers faster. Upgrading these tools will either add one more or increase their speed.

cooking talent restaurant fever slot machine

Each restaurant has different tools and appliances that help in making you serve food more efficiently. These tools should be your priority as producing more things to serve will enable you to get food out faster. However, you should upgrade ones that will let you preserve your food like what was mentioned in the previous tip, or upgrade an item that enables you to prepare food in advance.

For example, in the burger shop, you can upgrade food warmers first so that you can set aside extra patties without burning them. Then you can upgrade dishes so you can put out more buns and place the patties in them. After that, you can upgrade the pan so you can cook more patties. Doing this will guarantee that you will have extra food. All you have to do now is wait for the customer to order and serve their food.

4. Always Make Sure There’s Extra Food

In relation to the previous tip, you should always have extra food prepared. Immediately after you serve food to your customers, prepare and cook that same food item to make sure you have a replacement for it. Doing this makes you ready if ever the same food item is ordered once again. For example, if a customer orders strawberry ice cream, after giving that order, immediately make another strawberry ice cream just in case another customer asks for it. This makes you more efficient and also saves time. Doing this also avoids angry and upset customers.

5. Serve Your Customers As Fast As You Can

Customers have a meter beside them that determines their wait time. You can actually see their displeasure from waiting too long on their faces. A customer that just arrived has a big bright smile on their face, but as soon as the meter beside them goes down, their smiling face fades away. The longer you make the customer wait, the more upset they will look. It’s not just their looks that will be affected. How much you earn also depends on how fast you serve a customer. The quicker you serve, the more money you’ll get.

cooking talent restaurant fever cheats

You can make a customer’s waiting time longer by upgrading items for a specific restaurant. Each restaurant has different items you need to upgrade in order to make waiting time, tips, and tip time increase. Just like other upgrades, doing this also costs you coins and gems. You can access this by tapping on the restaurant and selecting the lowest icon on the right that looks like a restaurant with a green arrow.

6. Save Your Gems For Upgrades

Gems are rewarded when you level up and when you unlock some achievements. You level up when you earn enough experience points. Experience points are given to you whenever you upgrade an item and are also given as rewards when you unlock achievements. Achievements can be seen at the home menu right at the top of the screen with the trophy icon. These include milestones such as earning a certain amount of money or selling this amount of a food item. A badge will appear on the trophy icon if you have unlocked achievements and there are rewards to collect. The list of achievements is long and rewards vary depending on the difficulty of the requirements.

cooking talent restaurant fever upgrades

Another way to get gems other than the obvious way of purchasing them with real money is by watching ads and playing the slot machine. When you’re on the home screen, there are icons on the left side of the screen. The first icon shows the rewards you’ll get if you top up in the game. Tapping on this will prompt you to purchase gems with real money. The icon right below it is the slot machine. This is where you can use 1000 coins for each spin.

Depending on the combinations that come up, you will either be rewarded with gems or coins. To see the combinations, you can tap on the question mark icon right above the slot machine.

7. Replay Levels

cooking talent restaurant fever achievements

All levels require you to earn a certain amount of money in order to pass. This increases as you progress further into the game. There will be times when you can’t seem to get three stars on a level or you just can’t seem to pass. When this happens, you need to upgrade items in order for you to raise the cost of food and gain more profit. However, upgrading your items can also be delayed due to not having enough gems. Don’t worry because you can always replay a level and still get the coins you earn for replaying that level. You can do this over and over again until you get your required amount for an upgrade or until you unlock an achievement that will reward you with diamonds.

If you have so much coins but lack gems for upgrades, you can use the coins you’ve earned from replaying levels on the slot machine. Just hope that you’re lucky enough to get the required combination and win gems. If not, you can always get more coins from replaying and do the same thing all over again until you get the required number of gems you need.

8. Unlock Restaurants In Advance

As you level up and progress further, you’ll be able to unlock new locations. You can start playing these new locations even if you are not done with all levels of the previous restaurant. Swipe left to see if you’ve unlocked these restaurants. If a restaurant is locked with a chain, it means you haven’t reached the required level for it to be unlocked. Once you reach the required level, you can now open the restaurant. Opening another restaurant will cost you gems, so make sure you don’t need to do any upgrades before doing anything. But if you really want to check out the new location, feel free to open a new one as soon as you can because opening another restaurant has its benefits as well.

9. Don’t Forget To Collect Restaurant Profits

cooking talent restaurant fever profits

Every restaurant you unlock and open has profits that can be collected after some time. Make sure you check and collect your restaurant profits whenever you can. This additional income can be a big help to you especially when purchasing upgrades and other items. To access and collect your profits, go to the home menu, tap on a restaurant and look at the top left of the pop-up screen. If you have profits to collect, it will be shown at the top left.

10. Play Every Day For Rewards

cooking talent restaurant fever daily reward

If you play every day, there are rewards you can collect. These daily rewards automatically pop up whenever you come back from a day of playing. These rewards can either be coins or gems. Daily rewards get better as time passes by, so make sure you open the game every single day to claim them. You don’t necessarily have to play for a long time. You just have to open the game and claim your rewards. More coins and gems enable you to upgrade items and make the game much easier for you.

That is our final tip for Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever. We hope you learned something from our guide and that you’re on your way to become the best chef in town. If we missed any tips or tricks, please let us know in the comment section!


Thursday 30th of April 2020


Sandra Wolf

Thursday 21st of November 2019

I can 't het 3 stars on the last level from the burger shop. And the coffee shop is stil not opening. What can i do? When will the coffee shop open?

Liezl Largo

Tuesday 5th of November 2019

I did as what the guide, and steps said. My Request is to open my coffee shop in these game.