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Flip Dunk (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels with Gold Ratings

Voodoo hardly needs any introduction to players who have played several casual mobile games before as the French company is a dominant force that propels a large chunk of its 60 plus strong portfolio of games into top ten lists of games in several countries. Helix Jump and 2 are just two of the numerous popular games released by Voodoo and while both of these games have been downloaded more than a hundred million times from the Google Play Store alone, its other popular titles don’t lag that far behind. Whenever Voodoo releases a new game, you can expect it to have that usual high impact as far as downloads and general reviews go.

Flip Dunk is a new wacky and fun game from Voodoo that exhibits the usual ease of controls and simplicity of game mechanics players across all ages and game expertise can pick up and play like any of the company’s ultra-casual games. With the plethora of casual games flooding both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, you may come to think that these games are all basically the same. While that may be true, the more than 1 million downloads Flip Dunk earned in just a little over a week from the Google Play Store alone can tell a different story on its own.

If you have ever wondered about how much fun and exciting would be to make one of those stylish exhibition dunks after bouncing off a trampoline would be just like NBA mascots do, then that is basically what Flip Dunk is all about. It won’t be a simple trampoline jump all the way to the ring, though as you can expect a variety of obstacles to come your way as you somersault your way to the ring. Flip Dunk may seem all too simple on the first few levels but with various combinations of trampolines, slides, roofs and other obstacles along with the precision requirement of each flip, you can discover just how a game as simple as this one can offer sufficient challenge even to experienced players.

Like many of Voodoo’s games, Flip Jump doesn’t offer any tutorials as it doesn’t really necessitate having one. A simple tap and hold to jump and flip and releasing the hold to stop spinning is practically everything you need to know to play the game. Considering the super simple controls and mechanics, anyone can make good progress on the game. If you are eager to complete all 80 levels and bank gold ratings on each one, then read our Flip Dunk guide for tips, cheats and tricks and you will advance through each level with flying colors.

1. Stop Flipping A Little Ahead Of Time

As precision matters in Flip Dunk, what you might initially think beforehand is that you have to be at a perfect position before you release your hold on the screen and stop flipping. For starters, you will probably stop flipping once your feet are adjacent to the trampoline but then realize split seconds later that you will continue to rotate and potentially land on a slightly different angle than what you might have predicted.

flip dunk gold rating

The physics-aspect of the game makes it so that you won’t immediately stop spinning after you release screen. As such what you would want to do is set a bit of an allowance and stop spinning before you reach the desired angle to land close to how you wanted it to go. It’s actually a simple concept to understand but with speed, trajectory, and height of flight mixed into the mechanics; it will take some time and practice to always get it right.

Don’t be discouraged about the involvement of physics in the game as playing through levels will surely give you a good “feel” of the entire physics thing and you will be accustomed to it in no time. Additionally, Flip Dunk is actually a little more forgiving than normal as far as precision goes on the landing part of each flipping jump. Although you generally want to land on your feet, keep in mind as well that trampolines will be set on a different angle in some stages and trampolines are not the only obstacles you need to land on in the game. As such, landing completely perpendicular is not always the best way to go.

2. Don’t Overdo It

While the addictive aspect of Flip Dunk may mostly come from the number of flips you can do from the initial jump all the way to the ring, how it entices you to do more than what is required to nab the gold reward can make you careless sometimes. In general, you might expect that you will be asked to do more and more flips as you progress through each level to make it more challenging, but the fact is that is not always the case.

flip dunk tips

Although you will only see the requirements for each medal until you make it through to the end of the level, Flip Dunk is designed in such a way that it won’t ask you to flip more times than what is possible. Of course you can do four flips for a level that requires only three flips, but doing only what you think is safely possible is a great mindset to have if you want to complete all levels a lot faster.

It may happen that you will have a bit of difficulty to calculate each flip and determine if an additional one will put your run at risk. Just to simplify our strategy, you should go for the lower number of flips if you doubt that you can make it through with an additional one. To be honest, it is a better feeling to make just enough flips to land a silver or even a gold reard at the end of any level than to do a couple more flips and suffer some bone-breaking crash at the very end of it.

3. Make No Flip Runs To Scope The Course

If you are having trouble making it past some long and challenging levels, you should make a practice run on it without all the somersault exhibitions just to scope out the entire course. Truthfully enough, doing this later on in the game should be a necessity in addition to playing the level with minimal flips and should not be considered a waste of time as you can’t possibly finish each level with a single attempt anyway.

Simply jump and try to land as perfectly on the next slide or trampoline and try to reach the end of the course. On top of actually scoping the obstacle course out, you will also get a good feel of every air time moments in the course and how many flips you can potentially bank on each jump.

4. Lie Flat On Slides And Roofs

As we mentioned earlier, landing on your feet isn’t always the best way to go in Flip Dunk. If you went down a slide before lying on your back instead of sitting down, then you should know what we mean. As being more streamlined or aerodynamic counts in the game, you will move a lot faster down the slide if you land on it flat on your back or your chest.

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Well, landing on the slide feet first is an acceptable choice in some cases and you can even land while flipping sometimes to go about like Sonic the hedgehog, but in some levels, what comes after a slide is a long gap you need to cross to make it all the way to the ring. For the most part, you won’t make it close if you went down the slide or roof on any other stance. In these cases, the belly flop drop or the equally painful-looking landing flat on your back is the way to go.

5. Know When To Jump Out Early From Slides

If the levels were designed simple enough, you can expect slides that exclusively go downwards. Being the wacky game that it is and to break monotony, Flip Dunk also comes with long slides that won’t end your run at the the bottom of it. Some slides will curve upwards towards the end to hurl you far and high up towards the ring or your next landing destination. As it is, you will slowly begin to lose speed as you start moving upwards on the far end of the slide.

It may not be easily realizable or perhaps it is not what physics would approve, but you can jump out of the slide at any time and you should do so before you lose speed. You will probably encounter some levels were you constantly fall short as far as distance is concerned, and not make it close at all to the ring. Keep this strategy in mind and practice with it early on for a smashing slam dunk that can even make you shoot yourself through the net along with the ball.

6. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

Although we almost always talk about the necessity of video ads in free games to keep it up, running, and available for everyone to download and play completely free of charge, we equally understand how some people easily lose their momentum in the game whenever ads pop up in-between runs.

Flip Dunk, like any of Voodoo’s games has a host of these ads as well and if you want to just play continuously without any interruption of any sort, then simply turn of your Wi-Fi or mobile data before you launch the game. For now, there are no extra benefits to be gained from watching ads, save for skipping levels, so feel free to do so if you feel that you must.

And this completes our guide for Voodoo’s latest game Flip Dunk. We hope you enjoyed our compilation of tips and strategies. If you have discovered other tips or tricks in Flip Dunk and would be eager to share them, don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment section below!