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Valkyrie Rush Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Battles

What does it take to bring order to the world?

The forces of chaos are gathering in the skies across the world and you’ve been called to summon an army of Fairies to combat legions of demons, monsters, and evil robots that routinely try to destroy everything in sight. But upon amplifying the powers of Fairies by bringing them together (literally), you call upon the mightiest protectors to ever exist: the Valkyries.

valkyrie rush guide

Welcome to Valkyrie Rush! Published by Com2uS, the company behind Summoners War, Summoners War: Lost Centuria, and Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, Valkyrie Rush is an idle merge shooter RPG that offers plenty of challenge, progression, and action. With every level, you will face hordes of ravenous monsters, fiends that want nothing but your pain and suffering, and mysterious, massive constructs brought to life by unholy energies.

Are you ready to purge them from the world and bring purity to all once again? If you’ve just picked this one up and you’re looking to find ways to become the best, read our Valykrie Rush beginner’s guide below for some tips, tricks and strategies!

1. Always Merge Your Fairies

Fairies! They’re small, cute, and cuddly. Many of them start out this way and then slowly become more shapely and alluring as you bring them together. Given that Valkyrie Rush is a merge-type game, you are bound to merge your Fairies as you play the game.

Whenever you tap the crystal on the lower-right portion of the screen, you release Fairies into the battlefield. Your taps are limited since you can only have so many Fairies on screen and since you can only summon so many at a time. Once you have enough, it’s time to start merging.

valkyrie rush tier 3 fairy
So eager, but not quite ready!

This continuous action could be used as a means to pass the time in-game. You can do this while you’re busy repeating a level as you farm for more currency and Family Shards. In doing so, you should have a couple of Tier 10 Fairies that have been fused to make Valkyries. The problem here is that your crystal has limited summons and limited production times. What we mean here is that you can only summon a set amount of Fairies in a day. Attempting to summon more of them when you reach the limit will require you to wait for the daily server reset. Of course, these can be upgraded.

While fusing your Fairies, it’s ideal to keep a system of order on your screen. Arrange these Fairies in a manner that makes your merging a much easier task. Not to mention, these Fairies, while completely fragile, are actually very good damage dampeners. If a lot of them are blocking the way, they can act as a “shield” for your Valkyries, especially if they’ve been upgraded. While this might sound cruel, this is a war you’re fighting. Your warriors are willing to die for you.

Speaking of upgrades, let’s talk about those next…

2. Improve What You Can

Any idle merger game wouldn’t be complete without an upgrade feature.

Upgrades are present to ensure the player’s progress goes smoothly. Without them or if there is a lack of them, players would lose interest in progressing at all. Most of the time, these may cost a variety of currencies be they basic, the ones found in dungeons, or even premium currencies.

In Valkyrie Rush, there are a plethora of ways you can improve your progression through the number of upgrades available to the player. While there really is quite a lot of them, we have decided to narrow them down to easier, more digestible categories:


valkyrie rush solane
Solane the Lonely Warrior. She prefers to work alone, but that isn’t her choice anymore.

They are the main stars of the game.

These ladies range from adorable to edgy, or from intimidating to flirtatious. Regardless of their appearance, their strengths vary and you can upgrade these strengths through using gold, their Family Shards, or duplicates of themselves. Here are a few things you can increase with them:

  • Rarity and Rank: A Valkyrie’s rank is the best indicator of their power. These are represented by stars. Likewise, the color of these stars also denote the rarity of the Valkyrie. Rare Valkyries have golden stars, Epic Valkyries have red stars, and Legendary Valkyries have purple stars. The higher the rarity, the stronger the Valkyrie. However, lower-rarity Valkyries are easier to obtain and thus evolving them through the use of duplicates is just as easy. A Valkyrie’s rank directly affects her sisters in her family, but let’s talk about that later.
  • Level: Increasing a Valkyrie’s level is the simplest way you can strengthen her. You use gold to increase their level, the price of which increases as their level goes up. While it isn’t as powerful as a Valkyrie’s rank, this is her bread and butter when it comes to overall strength.
  • Upgrade: A Valkyrie belongs to a specific family. This family bears a crest that they proudly wear. To boot, what strengthens these wondrous, winged (some of them, anyway), warrior women are Family Shards.

    These mystical stones grant Valkyries belonging to a specific family improvements in terms of various stats. A few examples of these are Attack, HP, Defense, and Critical Damage.
  • Halidoms: Halidoms are sacred artifacts that belong solely to a specific Valkyrie. Ergo, once a Valkyrie earns her Halidom, this is hers and hers alone.

    These Halidoms grant immense power and are difficult to obtain from the Hyper Gate. In addition, Valkyries who have reached an Upgrade rating of 1600 and up may wield these mighty relics.
  • Support: Lastly, there is the support. When a Valkyrie gains her 6th star, she may bring with her a slightly diminished version of her sister-in-arms. We mean this literally! Equipping a support entails shrinking another Valkyrie to fight by the side of your Valkyrie of choice.

In sacrificing some of their power, they instead grant the Valkyrie they are supporting powerful passive buffs. Each Valkyrie may have two supports once they gain their 7th star.

Dark Matter Research

valkyrie rush dark matter research
If you want to improve things other than your Valkyries…

Dark Matter is a rare material. In gaining this, you’ll be able to power up things other than your Valkyries.

To keep it short, Dark Matter can be used to improve your crystal’s capacity, its summoning speed, auto-fusion, tiered-up fusion, offline rewards and more. In place of Dark Matter, if you’re short of this, you may also use Rubies.

While that sounds like a good idea, we will suggest to you what might be better in the items to come in this article.


valkyrie rush essences
What do they taste like? … Or smell like?

Essences are powerful, bottled energies that, when purchased, make your Valkyries automatically. We will talk about these baubles shortly.


valkyrie rush dodo
Not quite the Dodo you’d think of.

When you login to the game for the very first time, you’ll notice a strange, talking dog that bears the power of levitation. While Dodo’s ability to speak and float around seems impressive, their true powers are a lot more latent than they seem.

Dodo is your Guide as are a few others such as Drago and Raku. These intrepid, sapient creatures bear powerful buffs that affect all of your Valkyries and Fairies. Having these buffs doesn’t stop there for a Guide, however.

These buffs may also be upgraded given that you have enough Blessing Stones on you. Investing in their power whenever possible is key to having a strong Valkyrie team.


valkyrie rush fairy upgrade
Precious little meatshields.

Did you know that the Fairies themselves can be upgraded, too?

While it may seem counterintuitive and resource-consuming at first since Fairies normally have the lifespan of a glass of milk, upgrading your Fairies is actually a decent investment. As it goes in chess, your pawns should always go first. Said pawns, in this case, are your Fairies and they’ll all be out to dampen the enemy’s damage toward your team.

As we have discussed earlier, they should be able to block bullets using their bodies. We suggest leveling each of them up to at least half of your Valkyrie’s levels. For example, if your Valkyries are at Lv200, your Fairies should be at Lv 100. Again, it may seem expensive at first, but it’s all worth it in the long run.

There are still a lot more upgrades within the game, but investing in these will allow you to get a massive head start. They’re quite easy to do and quite inexpensive early on.

Upgrades are certainly important, but there is also a slight tactical angle to this game…

3. Position Your Valkyries

Observe birds or squadrons of military aircraft in real life.

They seem to almost always fly in a pattern, in a formation. There is a purpose behind this where the leader would be the ones flying in front. All those who fly behind the leader also observe what is between them and their comrades. You may choose to position your Valkyries like this, but it isn’t recommended. Instead, focus on how you can maximize the firepower of each Valkyrie.

For this item, we will take Cocori from the Flower Family, Delphin from the Star Family, and Herren from the Moon Family. Cocori uses her broomstick to unleash puffs of a mystic blue fire in a short fan-like pattern. Delfin unleashes a salvo of chakram-like projectiles that spin and shred the enemy to pieces whilst losing momentum and distance over time. Lastly, Herren uses her dragon to spew its breath at the enemy in a straight line albeit with a limited range. Putting these girls at the back will only limit their capabilities.

valkyrie rush formation
Rarabell has become the sniper of the team.

Instead, having them a little bit up front should help them deal better damage to the enemy. Granted that their range is short, using Family Shards to Upgrade their Defense or HP should definitely follow. Behind them should be longer-ranged Valkyries like Dasteal, Rabyss, or Gadesa. Their tracking bullets should be enough to cover their close-ranged sisters in battle.

Likewise, spreading out your Valkyries if you have a less-varied team may be either beneficial or detrimental depending on the player and their lineup. For instance, the boss can more easily wipe out your team by focusing down each Valkyrie individually. Once your strongest one is taken out, you will lose a massive amount of your DPS.

When you have decided on a formation, tap the Fix Position button on the upper right portion of the screen so that you don’t accidentally move them while you’re trying to merge your Fairies.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to try the Repeat Rush.

4. Use The Repeat Rush When Available

The boss raises his mighty hand and calls upon the energies of darkness. Missiles born from shadowy energy fly at your team and your girls are instantly eviscerated. Your last and most powerful one tries to put up a fight, but even she is no match for the titan’s strength. What happens then?

Facing defeat from a boss doesn’t warrant a Game Over. What it does, instead, is offer you a chance to redeem yourself; a chance to get stronger and then try again. While repeating the stage once more will take time (your last stage is as good as your Valkyrie team), you can actually fast forward this and gain instant rewards. This is called the Repeat Rush.

valkyrie rush repeat rush
You’ll wanna make supersonic women out of them. Don’t stop them now!

With the Repeat Rush, your Valkyries will blitz through the enemy ranks a few times depending on its Dark Matter Research Level. This nets you a hefty amount of loot given in a very short amount of time, perfect for quick upgrades before attempting the boss again. Do remember that you will have to face a boss’ minions before facing the boss itself, so strength through the upgrades is really important.

After using the number of Repeat Rushes allotted, you may do an extra one at the cost of watching an ad. And after that, you will need to wait for the daily server reset. If the Repeat Rush doesn’t seem to give you the amount you need, you may want to upgrade it using Dark Matter or rubies.

Repeat Rush getting a little too tiring? Are your fingers tired from fairy merging? Try Exploration.

5. Explore For Essences And Fairies

Exploration is to seek Essences and Fairies you might not currently have.

Imagine a potion. Now, imagine that potion holding a certain kind of power. Then imagine this kind of power radiating toward you and everyone whom you are related to. That’s how Essences work.

valkyrie rush essence search
Hmm… No Valkyries here…

While’s it’s unclear whether or not the Valkyries consume these, Essences are bottles of seemingly infinite power. Collecting them and duplicates of them make the Essences stronger and usually only strengthen a single stat for all Valkyries within a single family. Each Essence bears the name of each Valkyrie family, making it easy to know which group you are strengthening.

These Essences can be earned through the Essence Search. While you can purchase the second one with gold and receive the first one for free, the others are worth rubies, many of which are great purchases. With enough Essences collected, you should be able to discern which family might be your strongest and which Valkyries you would most likely want to focus on.

valkyrie rush valkyrie search
We were expecting someone else, but eh… welcome to the team!

Aside from Essences are Fairies that you can gain from searching. You have two choices: either you attempt to convince them for free or you pay them rubies so they join you instantly. If the Fairy’s level is low, don’t bother trying to get them. Get instead those of higher tiers like 7-10.

This search allows you to easily fuse these new Fairies with the ones you probably already have floating there without a partner. Not to mention, this Valkyrie Search also allows you to sometimes encounter Valkyries. Naturally, the higher the Valkyrie’s rarity, the more expensive they are. You can still get duplicate Valkyries using another method, but we’ll talk about that soon.

Do you think you’re sufficiently powered up? Give Battle Mode a try.

6. Take On Battle Mode

Battle Mode is the place to be if you’re looking to test your war-hardened Valkyries.

Each mode in Battle Mode offers a variety of rewards that are important to improving your Valkyries. For instance, Resource Battle allows you to fight for basic resources such as gold whereas fighting in the Daily Dungeons grants you the Family Shards of a specific family.

valkyrie rush battle mode
Only for those wanting to test their mettle!

If these modes aren’t enough, you may try entering the PvP arena where you can challenge other Valkyrie teams of similar power levels. Here, you will group your Valkyries in two teams of three. We recommend that you put your weaker Valkyries in the first team while your most powerful, the top 3, are placed in the second team. You may also try changing the pattern of their formations.

With them all aligned, this is the Balanced Formation. With the middle Valkyrie moved forward, this is the Aggressive Formation. Lastly, with the middle Valkyrie moved backward, this is the Defensive Formation. Choose which formation works best for your team.

There are many other modes to try out here, but we’ll leave it to you to explore the rest. Meanwhile, let’s talk about rubies and how you should be spending them.

7. Spend Your Rubies On Important Things

valkyrie rush ruby shop
In case of an emergency…

Rubies — the premium currency of the game.

These bright-red stones are used in a variety of things; from recruting Fairies, to improving your crystal’s production, the use of rubies is almost ubiquitous here in Valkyrie Rush. With so many ways to spend them, there are only a select few things that you should be spending these on.

valkyrie rush valkyrie reset
“This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see-you-later.”

One of them is the Valkyrie reset. Eventually, you will encounter that one Valkyrie (or a couple) that will slow you down. You may want to use your rubies to reset them and regain the resources you spent on them. Be warned that the price to do this is quite steep. Only do this if you’ve found a more powerful Valkyrie from the same family that can take their place.

If this one Valkyrie you have doesn’t seem to have any duplicates, try spending feathers in the Feather Shop.

8. Save Feathers For Duplicate Valkyries

You’ve been fusing and fusing your Shiny Tier 10 Fairies, but you can’t seem to get that one Valkyrie you want. What do you do?

There’s always trying again, but better yet, you may pay the Feather Shop a visit. The Feather Shop allows you to purchase Epic and Legendary Valkyries by using the Feathers you collect. Feathers come from Tier 10 Fairies whereas Shiny Feathers come from Shiny Tier 10 Fairies. These Fairies leave these Feathers every time they are fused. This is why merging your Fairies at all times, especially if they’re Tier 10 is a very important mechanic.

valkyrie rush tier 10 fusion
How Valkyries are made… and how Feathers are earned.

To proceed to the Feather Shop, simply tap on the Shop Tab below and then pick the General category which is between the Package category and the Specials category. You will first be seeing the Legendary Valkyries but if you scroll down, you will find your Epics if you need them. Think they’re a bit high up? Get merging!

If you’re exhausted and want to do something else, you might want to engage in Autoplay.

9. Use Autoplay While You Do Something Else

Given that Valkyrie Rush is an idle merge shooter, there is a way you can get the game to play itself.

The Autoplay feature is on the upper right portion of the screen, right below the Fix Position button. While this is active your Fairies will fuse themselves together and the crystal will continuously produce Fairies without you having to press it. To augment this consider also paying 120 rubies for the Production Speed (if you don’t have Production Speed Tickets).

valkyrie rush autoplay active
Sit back and relax.

Leave this on while you do your chores, cook, read a book, babysit your sibling’s kid, or even sleep, and you’ll be greeted by a screen filled with a ton of Fairies. If you’re lucky, they’ll all be Tier 10. More Tier 10 Fairies, more duplicates, more Feathers. This is an easy way to get powerful.

Having all of the things we covered so far is great, but you should have this one, ultimate goal…

10. Aim For A Single-Family Team

While having a diverse team of Valkyries is something nice to look at, it’s best to have a homogenous team. What dictates your path towards this is what you see in the Essence Effect screen. You’ll notice that your luck favors one family. For this guide, it’s the Flower Family.

If all your bonuses point to one family, try evolving the Valkyries of that same family to boost their effectiveness even more. Blood is thicker than water, and Valkyrie Rush intends to play on that saying.

valkyrie rush essence effect
Let’s see who you should focus on…

While each Valkyrie has her own unique set of attacks, they’re all just a set of stats. The patterns of their bullets are what make them unique. What should matter to you is how you can use these girls together with their own sisters.

Just to keep things interesting, here are some descriptions we made about each family in terms of character lore.

DISCLAIMER: This lore is unofficial. These are merely observations made from what we read from the descriptions of each Valkyrie.

Sun Family

valkyrie rush sun family
“Winged and wonderful.”

One of the eldest families. These sisters band together to assure order and protection of all mortals with the exception of Rionepin and Bledi. This family has talented wielders of the arcane arts as they mostly wield enchanted staves which they use to call forth their magic. They bear a winged motif and are dressed elegantly.

Moon Family

valkyrie rush moon family
“Dauntlessly devilish.”

The other eldest family. These sisters live to fulfill mortals’ desires for revenge and to fuel their anger. Some of them, like Herren, are takers of souls. Rabyss and Seiraz are among their leaders. The Moon Family all have dragons they ride to battle and present themselves in a more outlandish fashion.

Star Family

valkyrie rush star family
Scarily sophisticated.

The most technologically advanced family. These girls are presumed to have been human prior to receiving their “wings”. While they are the innovators of new methods of warfare, they are divided between two camps led by Dasteal who believes feelings hinder progress and Blatter who believes that feelings are what propel progress. They are militaristic in image and bear robotic jetpacks and weapons.

Flower Family

valkyrie rush flower family
Playful yet powerful.

The most playful and mischievous family. The Flower Family prefers not to fight, even if they can, but they only seek peace with the other families and their own.

They don’t have a leader and are divided among themselves since prominent members like Lunana and Nonoe don’t seem interested in their intended goal. Lunana is seemingly whimsical and carefree, while Nonoe is greedy and wily. It may take a while for them to unite, much like the Star Family.

Regardless of you who you have, make this your end goal. As it would seem, the family that fights together, wins together.

And that’s all for this guide on Valkyrie Rush! Be prepared to fuse your Fairies a lot and lose to bosses multiple times, but it’s only through your diligent upgrading that you’ll be able to win. Your hard work should eventually pay off!

If you have any suggestions to fellow players or if you just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to leave a message in the comment area!