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Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Maximize Your Gains and Defeat Your Enemies

WonderPlanet Inc., makers of the hugely popular Crash Fever, is now offering up their latest game release known as Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin. This is an immersive RPG where you collect heroes and weapons for your use. The real trick is that the skills available to the heroes you have are based on the weapons you’ve gained and equipped to them. The heroes you can collect in various content of the game are based on their types (swordsman, Valkyrie, sorcerer, and etc.). They don’t have skills other than “normal attack” skills. You need to equip something for a weapon according to their type. What this does is that it makes for a hugely varying set of tactics and strategies you can use at any time. It’s a matter of having the weapons for each of your heroes.

So in this Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin beginner’s guide, we’ll provide you with lots of tips, cheats, strategies and tactics, and also show you how you gain very effectively using that info.

1. Gaining The Most From Battles

In Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, you can simply run through the dungeons and win. Seems like a great idea, right?! Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that and it can get a bit tricky. Thankfully, it’s not as simple as that or the game wouldn’t be nearly as fun! The downside is that you are limited by a type of energy/stamina (AP in this case). When that AP runs out, you won’t be able to do much until it regenerates or you refill it with an item. You will have to take this into consideration while playing.

valkyrie anatomia the origin tips

In the above screen shot, you’ll see a round of “Lies and Truths” being played. You’ll quickly notice that the AP cost to move from place to place is 4. Some content has a higher AP cost and some has a lower AP cost. In order to fully gain from any content, you’ll have to use the Search button. This uses AP to perform a “search”. Sometimes you’ll find another battle, sometimes you’ll find another reward box, and sometimes you’ll find another path. In any case, searching is a good idea. In the Story Mode dungeons, it’s a requirement to 100% complete the dungeon and gain the 100% Completion Reward gems. However, you will need to check your current AP before doing so. If you run out of AP during a dungeon round, you can continue that round. The bad news is that it will take a lot longer for that negative amount of AP to regen back to full. So pay attention to your AP. You also won’t be able to use the Search or Rest functions (if available) if you don’t have enough AP.

The next part of gaining the most during battles in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is during the battles. How you attack makes all the difference. Then it’s a matter of how many waves are included in each battle of the dungeon. That’s the main problem. You won’t know how many waves are in each battle of a dungeon until after the first battle is completed. But once you know, you can adjust accordingly.

valkyrie anatomia the origin battle tips

For the most part, you want to use all of the normal attacks of all of your characters for each battle of the dungeon you’re in at the minimum. You can arrange your team members accordingly to help you do that. You will have to take into account how their normal attacks work first. That’s the start of maximizing your gains during a battle. Some of their attacks will knock the target(s) down, some will knock the target(s) into the air, and some will just hit. The main point is to not miss an attack. If you miss, you’ll lose the damage and any associated bonuses. That’s the tricky part to Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin! You need to time your attack uses in hopes of not missing attacks at the minimum. Once the target(s) start returning to their normal stance, the bonuses for knockdowns and knock ups won’t apply. The more hits you successfully land while the target(s) is/are in the air or on the ground, the more bonuses you’ll gain. When you hit the target(s) while they’re on the ground, you’ll gain a gold bonus. While they’re in the air, you’ll gain an EXP bonus.

valkyrie anatomia the origin cheats

You can use your heroes’ normal attacks as you see fit. Just don’t leave out their skills while you’re at it. The hard part is remembering what those skills do. The fun part is that remembering them really isn’t that hard! The tricky part is that some skills won’t work like they do in other RPGs. For example, ice based skills gained from the equipped weapons won’t freeze/slow the target(s). Fire based skills won’t have a type of burn damage or Damage over Time (DoT) effect. The good news is that you can boost the damage done in a couple of ways. The bad news is that you have to work everything in while it’s still your turn (this is turn based!).

Take a look at the main weapon in question (long press it to see the details). Then check the skill(s) it has (long press the skill). Some secondary skills are passive boosts to the main attack skill and others are passives for a damage type boost your hero might have. The rest are healing and/or shielding type skills. The main aim is to attempt to get weapons that have skills which work well together or will provide nice boosts just the same. No matter the skill(s) of the weapon in question, always check their details. Their damage, shielding, and/or healing capabilities are mentioned as small, medium, and large. Naturally, you should aim for large as much as possible!

The fun part to Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is that you can attack quite heavily in combinations despite how many waves of enemies are in the round in the dungeon you’re in. Checking at the bottom part of 2 screen shots above, you’ll see the numbers“3, 4, 3, and 2”. This is how many times each character can do something during each turn. Then the enemy takes its turn to attack you or debuff you or both. Also notice the pink colored arrows to the left of the heroes’ portraits at the bottom of the screen. That’s how many times you can use their skills for the entire dungeon. Your best bet is to save the skills for the boss at the end of the dungeon. However, you can combo the skills and normal attacks of the heroes pretty much all you want while it’s your turn.

Again, refer to 2 screen shots above. Notice how there’s 2 pink arrows missing on heroes 3 and 4 (going left to right)? This means that the skills were used in combination with heroes 1 and 2 (going left to right). So it was still 4 attacks in total sometime during the previous turn. That’s why you still see the full moves amount still there but the arrows are missing (it’s the next turn). What’s not showing 2 screen shots above is the use of healing skills on heroes 1 and 2. Since the healing skills were not needed at the time, the pink colored arrows are still full.

2. How To Gain Using Companions

The devs of Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin didn’t want you to play alone. Before the battle begins, you’ll want to select another player to join you. This is called a Companion. It doesn’t matter if that other player is helpful to you or not for that dungeon. You should always take a Companion with you. The aim here is to gain Support Points.

valkyrie anatomia the origin tricks

It doesn’t matter which sticker you send to your Companion (“friend”). Pick any of them and showing in the above screen shot is previously sent stickers. You can send previously sent stickers over and over just fine (there is a limit). Whenever you send a sticker, you’ll gain 1 Support Point. You’ll gain 1 Support Point if someone (doesn’t matter who) selects your “Favorite Character” to use during their adventures. So be sure to set your “Favorite Character” to something you’re convinced that will be selected often! To change your “Favorite Character”, click the arrow icon found on the left middle of the main game screen.

3. There’s An Exchange And You Should Use It

During your adventures in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, you’ll be gaining weapons, orbs, and Support Points. Thankfully, you can put many of them to good use. The rest of your weapons and orbs can be sold for some gold to free up your inventory space. But for 3 star (and higher) weapons and Support Points, you have an Exchange Booth for each. Do note that this is not an exchange with other players.

valkyrie anatomia the origin strategies

The Exchange Booths are found in the Equipment section showing in the bottom row of the above screen shot. The idea here is to use one or the other at a time. In the Exchange Your Support Points section, you have a small variety of trades you can make. This includes XP beads, Tempered Crystals, a 4 star orb, and various Memory books. Be sure to choose carefully and double check things before you buy something. There’s always the chance you didn’t need the selected item or you’re buying the wrong item! You won’t be getting a refund if you make a mistake here.

The Let’s Exchange Items section has the main aim of gaining Divine Mirror Fragments. In turn, you can use those Divine Mirror Fragments to purchase Ambers and/or Pearls for Limit Breaks, weapon specific 7 star Platinum Hammers for synthesizing, and/or Gold Divining tickets (you need 5 to use them). To add to your options, the devs of Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin also included an item trade for gold. So if you manage to run out of gold somehow, you can gain more from the items you bought in the Support Points Exchange Booth. As mentioned, be sure to double check your selections before buying. You won’t get a refund at all. Asking for a refund caused by your mistakes will only get you laughed at or ignored.

4. The Upgrading Marathon

You’ll find a very wide variety of upgrading options in all kinds of games. Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is no different. The difference is that in those other games, you should hold back while you’re at the start of the game. Here, you should go all out even at the start! The problem is getting the requirements and it’s not that big of a problem unless you were not upgrading to maximize your Might (power rating). The bad news is that you will need as high a Might as you can get right from the start. The good news is that you can still defeat content with a higher Might recommendation (“Recom Might”). That recommendation is always showing at the start of any content in the game. That recommendation really should be paid attention to. The good news is that you can gain very strong Companions to help you. The bad news is that their use during battles is limited (the limit will show) and the owner might not have equipped that character with such great items despite the levels shown during Companion selections. So it’s still a bit of a gamble.

In order to upgrade things, you need places to gain the required materials. The Story mode breaks down into 2 sections which are the Main Story and Side Story sections. The Main Story section is where you’ll gain most of your heroes, orbs, and some other items. The Side Story section is where you’ll gain Memory books. You’ll need the Memory books to Limit Break your heroes so they can get to higher levels. In turn, once you level them, your Might increases too. It’s in the Limited Adventures section that you can gain synthesis (upgrading) materials. The trick is to remember which day each weapon type shows up on. The other trick is that Friday is the day for gold gains. In either case, you should run those dungeons as much as possible to upgrade your weapons like crazy! Of course, you’ll need the gold for those upgrades so don’t skimp out on Fridays!

Upgrading orbs works the same way as upgrading your weapons. However, there’s no Limit Break or Evolve function for the orbs. The good news is that those orbs can really compliment your heroes’ main weapon. Orbs also provide passives to boost specific stats. Ultimately, even an orb without skills of any kind can still offer up some stat boosts. The recommendation is to equip as many orbs as you can first. You can get choosy about it after you have lots of them. Place the orbs that work best with your heroes’ main weapon first. Any remaining orbs should be used for upgrading the equipped orbs.

When synthesizing your weapons in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, don’t forget to use Tempered Crystals. You can gain Tempered Crystals in several ways including rewards and buying them in the Support Points Exchange Booth. Here’s the part where you shouldn’t be shy about using them. Load them as heavily onto a weapon upgrade as you can! Using them during your weapon upgrades will get costly. The fun part is that when you use them, your weapons will gain a hefty damage boost. To not be “one way about it”, Tempered Crystals will boost both magic and physical damages together.

When it comes to upgrading your heroes in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, there really isn’t much of anything to upgrade! Then again, one less thing to deal with is a good thing! Beyond your heroes gaining levels (Limit Breaks included), there’s nothing else you can do with them other than swapping weapons for different skills and/or effects. You can go all out with your heroes’ leveling using XP beads. The bad news is that beyond small XP beads, they’re not so easy to gain.

5. The Premiums And The Trial Premium Gains

Some of the content in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is listed under the Premium Quest section. The only way to get into it is to buy a Premium.

valkyrie anatomia the origin premium trial

The fun part is that one of the rewards you can gain from the Challenges section is Trial Premium. This allows you to gain access to the Premium Quests for 3 days. Unfortunately, you can only run 1 dungeon per day in there with a Premium. Thankfully, you can gain pretty heavily even with 1 shot per day! If you lose during that dungeon run, you can simply restart it as long as you have the AP to run it. If you’re only going to use the Trial Premium, then you should pick the dungeon which gives you the stuff you need the most. You have specific weapon sections, EXP, and Memory book areas to choose from. The highest recommendation is to pick one of each area during your Trial Premium duration. Beyond that, you can opt to buy gems that come with a Premium and that Premium will last much longer.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin. We hope you liked this guide and in case you have additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment area below!


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