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Upcoming Sci-Fi Battle Royale Game ‘Cyber Hunter’ Enters Open Beta

It looks like there really is no stopping NetEase from its meteoric rise to the top of the mobile gaming world. Churning out one title after another, the company has announced yet another battle royale title called Cyber Hunter. The game is set in a futuristic 6-by-6 kilometer map where players will have to battle it out until only one remains. The open beta test began last October 19 and is set to run until October 26. As of this writing, the game has only been made available to Android players in Argentina, Brazil, Japan, North America, Southeast Asia, and the majority of Europe.

cyber hunter

Unlike other battle royale games from NetEase, Cyber Hunter will have a building mechanic where players need to destroy existing structures in order to gather Quantum Cube Energy. These can be used for building new structures as well as for upgrading combat abilities. Drones can be manufactured, allowing players to spy on their opponents. Players can also build scalable surfaces that will allow them to reach greater heights, adding to the challenge of the game.

Vehicular combat also exists, setting the game even further apart from its predecessors in the same genre. Aside from the usual car, boat, and plane to help players travel across the map, they can also find unique vehicles with special abilities. For example, the Windrider is a vehicle that transforms into a plane. The Cerberus, on the other hand, transforms into a battle robot, something that players would undoubtedly be vying to get control of.

One of the highlights of the game is the extensive character customization. Players can change their character’s hair, outfit, and makeup. They can also get their weapons and vehicles in different skills. More than the usual options, however, players can also tweak finer details in their characters, including face shape, eye color, and more.

There is no announcement regarding the game’s official release, but players still have a few days to join in on the action by heading over to the Cyber Hunter open beta page.