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Upcoming Adventure Game ‘Aurora Legend’ to be Released in March on iOS and Android

On February 27th, Rastar Games announced the future release of Aurora Legend, the company’s latest adventure mobile game. The game will be launched on both iOS and Android in March 2019. Pre-registration for Aurora Legend is already underway!

aurora legend

A once beautiful and prosperous fantasy world, Aurora was plunged into destruction and chaos by demons. Despite the fact that various heroes fought back in an attempt to reestablish order, Aurora currently finds itself in ruins. In Aurora Legend, players are challenged to lead hundreds of amazing heroes into memorable battles and bring back the serenity and prosperity in the devastated by war Aurora fantasy world.

Promising to deliver a gaming experience filled with challenging battles and dramatic storylines, Aurora Legend boasts numerous impressive features:

– Famous Voice Talents – Eri Kitamura or Miyuki Sawashiro, just to name a few, will bring to life the characters in Aurora Legend.

– Casual Gameplay – No matter where you are, you will be able to play the game casually. The auto-battle function will allow your heroes to advance on their own.

– Discover Aurora: Learn about the history of Aurora and your heroes as you travel and embark on new challenging adventures.

– Enjoy the Runes system: Craft your weapons, enhance and evolve them and get ready to become a legend!

– Cooperative Experiences: Join forces with other players and venture into cooperative experiences.

Pre-registrations for Aurora Legend end on March 12th at 07:59 am PT. You can pre-register on the game’s official website now and receive 100 diamonds and a Sunny AR card. More rewards will become available if specific pre-registration milestones are met. You will qualify for additional rewards if you manage to convince a friend to pre-register.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

hi do you know why it is not available in the apple store in uk? thx