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Monster Fishing 2019 Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Level Up Faster and Unlock All Fishing Areas

After two years since Nexelon inc. joined the mobile gaming industry, they have been known to provide fun, casual games that many people enjoy playing. With games like Dancing Queen: Club Puzzle, Space Rider 2019, and Bowling Club: Realistic 3D, they have proven to offer unique game mechanics considering the plethora of loosely similar games in the mobile gaming market. Monster Fishing 2019, which is an updated version of the game launched almost two years ago, has amassed over 5 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and has reached spots in top 10 charts in several countries.

While there may be an overabundance of fishing games available on both Android and iOS platforms, a fishing game you can play entirely offline and progress with fairly well without spending real money is as good as it gets. If you are looking to pass the time with a game that doesn’t put any sort of pressure to play, even if you don’t actually enjoy fishing, then be sure to check the game out.

Monster Fishing 2019 mixes in a bit of realism with its well-rendered 3D graphics and a fun arcade play style as you can dive into the challenge of reeling in a wide variety of aquatic creatures that can take some skills to catch. There’s an option to choose auto fishing as well if you just want to sit back and watch the game catch one fish after another.

On top of the gacha-like method of catching fishes and other items from the sea, the customization and enhancement of your fishing gear adds to the fun and excitement that the game offers. As you keep on fishing and gain more experience points, you level up and unlock more fishing areas to explore and conquer. Every fish you catch will mature overtime and earn you more gold or even diamonds when sold.

monster fishing 2019 strategies

Monster Fishing provides a quick and easy tutorial to follow as you will start the game learning how to catch fish immediately. If you really enjoy challenging yourself to catch fishes without the help of auto mode in fishing, it may take a while to master the controls but you can fully grasp it soon enough. Every aspect of the game can easily be understood if you have played some games before but for people who are relatively new to mobile gaming, there is a tip icon on the right side pull-out menu of the main screen which can bring you to the developers’ quick Youtube tutorial.

In any case, you will always continue to progress in the game regardless of how much time you can actually spend on it and even if you are entirely playing for free. If you are looking for the most efficient ways of levelling up and unlocking more fishing areas, then our Monster Fishing 2019 guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, can definitely give you a good head start if you are new or relatively at the beginning stages of the game.

1. Consume Your Fish Hooks Fast

It’s definitely okay to want to try catching fish manually as it is indeed enjoyable to battle with the struggling marine creatures as you do your best to reel them in. Setting things on auto mode may seem so easy but as you will have a plethora of fish hooks, which serves as in-game stamina, at the early part of your game, you should want to settle for auto mode and catch some fish at a faster rate.

For starters, take note of how much damage your current fishing gear does to the fishes in the area in general to determine if you need to already grab better gears or enhance what you are currently using. Don’t pay much attention yet to the quality of fish you capture and don’t be disheartened as well if some fishes like the bosses are too strong for you. Initially, any fish you catch should suffice and you should only seek to fill your aquarium with any type of fish.

monster fishing 2019 guide

Catching fish will be your exclusive source of experience points for now and each level you gain earns you gold, more fish hooks, and even diamonds. On top of all these rewards, levels are the basis for unlocking new fishing areas that offer greater rewards as well as fishing gear and other items that you can purchase from the store. To ensure that you can utilize auto fishing to its maximum capacity and not be interrupted more often, you can click on the auto setting icon at the left side of the screen and set repurchase and repair to on. As your fishing gears wear down with every use and baits need to be replenished from time to time, this option will enable the instant repair of your equipment and purchase of baits which costs a little gold.

2. Purchase Additional Tanks To Hold More Fish In Storage

You will start the game with only 1 fish tank which can initially hold a maximum of 10 fishes. As this will easily be filled up with just a few minutes of auto catching fishes, you should invest to purchase additional tanks for convenience. The first few tanks available for purchase will only cost gold and though it’s not that easy to earn a lot of gold, consider it as a good long-term investment as you would want to catch and grow as many fishes as you can right from the start and not be forced to sell them before maturity.

monster fishing 2019 tips

Having a total of 4 tanks should be enough for a long while if you will only be spending gold as the next extra tanks will already cost diamonds. If you reach the point where holding a total of 40 fishes across all 4 fish tanks isn’t enough for you, you may opt to spend 5 diamonds to have one tank gain 5 additional spaces. Be sure to always check if there are fully grown fish that you can readily sell to clear up some space before you begin spending diamonds for extra space.

3. Enhance And Upgrade Your Fishing Gear Whenever You Can

On top of peculiarly strong boss fishes that you can encounter as early as the starting area, every new area you unlock holds a variety of tougher fishes. As such, your starting gear may soon find its usefulness wanting, as more fish may escape you or it may take way too long for you to catch even a common fish. This doesn’t necessarily lead you to need buying a more expensive gear from the shop and rather, try to improve on your current equipment through upgrade and evolution.

monster fishing 2019 fishing gear

Your fishing rod and fishing reel can each be upgraded up to +10 and each upgrade will increase its damage and durability. Take note that each succeeding upgrade will cost more gold and the success probability will become lower. Just the same, you will have to spend some of your hard-earned gold to have each gear reach +10 upgrade status for it to be evolved into a higher class equipment.

Once your fishing rod or fishing reel has been upgraded to +10, check the evolve tab if you have the necessary materials to evolve it. If you are missing an item or two, you can click on that particular item to check where you can farm it from. Some materials, like tickets, need to be bought at the store as it will be very difficult to obtain them from other sources. Evolution is a guaranteed success, so there won’t be any risk losing all those precious materials for a failure of any sort. Once you have your newly-evolved equipment, you can begin upgrading it once more and the cycle continues.

4. Invest In Better Fishing Lines And Bait Whenever You Can

Fishing rods and fishing reels offer guaranteed results once you invest money and time into them with upgrades and evolutions. You will instantly notice the increased damage you can inflict on every fish you attempt to catch and this directly affects how fast you can catch more fish and ultimately leads to earning profits faster off of selling them when they are at max level. This very much works the same way for fishing lines, except that fishing lines are consumable items and you need to continuously purchase these items to sustain the additional damage they can deal.

If you feel the need to deal more damage to the fishes in a fishing area you are struggling with, then feel free to try a more expensive fishing line. When you decide to do so, however, be sure to keep watch of your gold earnings and avoid spending more than what you are making on a per session-basis. If you deal a little more damage at the cost of losing a bit of gold at the end of your playing session, then you might as well revert back to your previous fishing line.

On a little more complex note, baits don’t outright increase your damage while engaging a fish when you are trying to catch it. Baits simply raise the probability of luring higher grade fishes, and in some instances, will hardly have noticeable impact on your game. As baits are also consumables and will stream additional costs for you, subscribe to using more expensive ones if you are overflowing with excessive gold and currently not saving for equipment upgrades and the like.

5. Watch Video Ads For Great Rewards And Boosts

Video Ads have long since been a part of numerous free-to-play mobile games. Although at this point in time, there may still be some people annoyed by their existence, it’s fairly easy to understand that these ads need to be around for us to play all these games entirely for free. It’s actually not a bad trade-off and people should understand that when you are playing a game that offers video ads, then you should be confident that the game will be around for a long time and you can play it for free while it’s up and running.

While some games are a little more aggressive in flashing ads that leaves you no control over it, Monster Fishing actually gives you total freedom as to when you wish to watch or play an ad. More importantly, the perks you can get out of watching these ads can tremendously boost your progress in the game.

monster fishing 2019 rewards

One of the most common sources of extra diamonds in the game is clicking on the hovering drone that floats around the lobby before you go on fishing. Clicking on it opens up a 10 to 15-second video ad and you receive a few diamonds immediately after. There is also a wheel of fortune you can spin on once every 3 minutes that plays an ad and can earn you up to 20 diamonds instantly. Once you head to any fishing area and before you cast your fishing line, you can play a video ad to boost the amount of experience points you gain for 5 minutes. You can also play an ad to boost gold earnings from every successful catch for the next 5 minutes. Both these buffs can be triggered by clicking on the respective ad icons at the upper right side of the screen.

Additionally, after successfully catching any fish, you can play another short ad to double your experience points and triple your gold rewards. Each new level you reach gives you an opportunity to earn extra diamonds by watching an ad as well. Lastly, but probably the most important when you are just starting with the game, you can acquire free gold once every 3 minutes by playing an ad when you visit the store or when you run out of gold.

Again, keep in mind that none of these ads will be forced upon you through the normal course of playing the game and likewise, you can play the game however you want and still guarantee progress over time. If you want to push fast towards levelling up and unlocking all fishing areas though, you may want to grab all these opportunities as they become available.

6. Visit The Fish Catalog And Claim Some Rewards

monster fishing 2019 cheats

You can access the fish catalog by clicking on the icon at the lower right of your lobby screen and this contains a record of all the aquatic fauna that you have successfully caught within the course of your game. The catalog is divided into each fishing area and you can view the Cyclopedia through the button at the right side and claim gold and diamonds for every set of the enumerated fishes grouped accordingly.

Remember that this offers rewards continuously in the sense that completing each set per rank and claiming the appropriate rewards lead to another reward provided that you catch more of the same fishes of a higher grade. As there won’t be any more specific indicators as to which areas you can claim rewards from, be sure to occasionally browse through each unlocked area to check for claimable rewards.

7. Check Your Bag For Consumable Items

monster fishing 2019 tricks

On top of your fishing equipment and items, the last tab of your inventory holds some items that you may want to use sooner than later. To check on your inventory, you can click on the bag icon at the bottom center of the lobby screen or by tapping the “Go to My Bag” button while at the shop. BE sureto check what’s in store at the rightmost tab (ticket icon) of your inventory as you may have obtained experience tickets and such other consumables that you ought to use sooner than later. For lucky treasure chest keys though, saving 9 of them for a 9x lucky box opening, gives you one additional reward for free so you may want to save all those keys for that.

8. Take Note Of Weekly Fishes For Extra Diamonds

On top of the immediate rewards you receive from catching all sorts of fishes, there are weekly fishes at the upper right corner of the area selection screen that provides a list of fishes you can earn diamonds from once you catch them. Be sure to take a look at each type of fish listed as well as take note of where you can catch them. Naturally though, some of these fishes will be in areas you may not have unlocked yet so focus exclusively on the ones you can capture from areas you have already unlocked.

monster fishing 2019 weekly fishes

With 30 fishing areas and reaching at least level 96 to play in each one of them, Monster Fishing 2019 is bound to become one of those games you may want to play for a long time. As such, there may still be plenty of things to discover as you continuously progress and become a more formidable fisherman. For now, this ends our Monster Fishing 2019 tips, cheats and strategies and we hope you learned some new things from the tips and strategies we shared as well as enjoyed reading through each sub-topic. If there are some items or details that you found lacking from our Monster Fishing 2019 guide or if you want to simply share your thoughts on the game, do not hesitate to share what’s on your mind with us through the comment section below!


Friday 17th of September 2021

How do I open my chests?? I have keys and multiple colored chests but cant figure out how to open them :( can someone please help me?

help me

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

How do I open purple, nlue, silver, gold, and the other materials chest???? I cant figure out how i open them . I have some of those chest unable to figure out how they open.


Wednesday 17th of February 2021

How many times you cam evolve the rod and the reel?

Dae Jeon

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

I am currently at lv 107 and in the process of upgrading my gears VVIP gears completely (2020 version). When you are upgrading VVIP gears, it costs around 500 diamonds per evolution (purchasing evolution tickets) and 300k ~ 700k gold per upgrade. Another tip the O.P. did not include here for mining golds and diamonds is that you have to go to a map (Newvia island for example) where boss fish gives you an expensive reward item to sell (reward is Blackbond Fishing Rod for Newvia island which you can sell for 65k gold). Another tip is to put your game into an auto mode so it stores fishes into aquarium automatically and sell any fish which does not give you diamonds after maturity (so that it does not take up tank spaces and plus waiting 12 hours or so just to get 500 more golds isn't very practical). Most high-end fishes take 12~14 hours to mature and give you 2 ~ 16 diamonds after maturity so assuming you fill up all your tanks (up to 210 fishes can be stored to grow) you will earn 1~2k diamonds every day (and 1 mil gold every hour easily)

Raymond Bolen

Thursday 9th of April 2020

What are the tickets for relice and candel sticks all that stuff

Dae Jeon

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

You need evolution tickets to evolve gears and Luxury upgrade tickets or Fancy Upgrade tickets (optional) to upgrade gears instead of using gold. They have a higher chance or success rate as well. Exp tickets, of course, are for gaining experience. I am yet to find out how I can use Awakening tickets