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Upcoming Action Title ‘Dungeon Break’ Now Available for Pre-Registration

Nobody really enjoys being cannon fodder, and Auer Media thought it’s time for the story to focus on those poor minions who are forced to do every villain’s bidding. Dungeon Break is a unique action game where players get to help a disgruntled minion break ties with its evil master and escape the dungeon life once and for all.

dungeon break pre-registration

Auer Media is best known for its Dawn Break series and the award-winning Billion Lords. Despite the name similarity, however, Dungeon Break is a sequel to Billion Lords, not Dawn Break. Billion Lords was about a Lord of Evil who had to fortify and build dungeons in order to ward off the forces of the God of Light. The protagonist of Dungeon Break is one of the minions in those dungeons, and he is determined to rebel against the Lord of Evil.

There are several types of minions to choose from in Dungeon Break. Players can equip various weapons on their minions, including lasers, shotguns, and cannons. Minions also have stats that can be cultivated to make them stronger. Attack, Speed, and Defense must be leveled up for minions to have a shot at defeating the Lord of Evil’s generals.

Dungeon Break is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS platforms. Those who want to be notified as soon as the game goes live can sign up through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.