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Universal Fighter: Super Guide, Tips & Cheats to Defeat Evil Frieza

There is no doubt that the Dragon Ball manga series, written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, carved its well-deserved place between the ever-expanding shelves of the world pop-culture. A fascinating, epic story of Goku, a main protagonist of the manga, who belongs to the ancient, extraterrestrial race of martial fighters called Saiyans, inspired and keeps inspiring every year numerous films, television series and video games.

Goku travels across the universe with his friends in the search for the seven wish-granting magical orbs called Dragon Balls. As Goku grows up, he increases his power potential and soon becomes the Earth’s mightiest warrior who protects the planet from those who seek to destroy it. One of his sworn enemies is Frieza – a main antagonist and a galactic tyrant who is feared and considered to be the most powerful being in the entire universe. In Universal Fighter: Super, a new Android game, you have a chance to be a part of the epic struggle between Goku and Frieza. The fate of Earth lies in your very hands.

In Universal Fighter: Super you won’t participate in the journey on your own, since there will be a number of other heroes from the manga and the TV series standing side by side of Goku. You will meet one of the most iconic characters of the genre, such as extremely talented Gohan, a finder of the first Dragon Ball – Bulma, and an arrogant prince of the Saiyan race and Goku’s rival named Vegeta. But, having a band of trusted friends won’t be enough to defeat evil Frieza. You will have to constantly improve your characters’ abilities and manage their skills to maximize their potential and succeed in your quest. If you are interested in the game and want to learn some of the useful tips and tricks, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a dose of epicness worthy only the mightiest of Saiyans! With that said, check out our Universal Fighter: Super tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Learn The Basics To Get The Feel Of The Game

universal fighter super tips

The first and the foremost thing you want to do before we will get involved in details is to learn the general mechanics of the game. Universal Fighter: Super is divided to two modes: the battle mode and the management mode. As you may easily guess, in the battle mode your task is to command your heroes and battle your opponents, whereas in the management mode you will improve their skills and equipment, and choose your battles. This is but a shortened description of your tasks, just enough to give you a surface look on the game, but there is much more to that. Let’s begin with the basics.

The game is played in turns. It means that you have plenty of time to carefully plan and manage your moves before launching an attack on the enemy. The first ones to move are those with the highest Speed attribute, and accordingly, the last ones are those with the lowest. In Universal Fighter: Super you will control your heroes solely by tapping or sliding your screen. Sounds easy? During your battles sometimes there will be an orange Dragon Ball appearing on top of your enemies. This is the moment when you have to repeatedly tap on the screen to increase the effectiveness of your heroes’ blows. Once you win a battle, you will receive rewards that you can salvage to improve your heroes’ skills and equipment. The game is basically about proceeding from battle to battle and upgrading your characters once in a while to better their performance. Still easy, right? But, hey! Nobody said that it has to have a level of difficulty appreciated only by the die-hard Souls players. Hold your horses though, since there is much more to that.

2. Position Your Characters Well To Maximize Their Potential

In Universal Fighter: Super, every character has a specific role. Just like in the majority of (J)RPGs, you will control tanks, dps dealers, support characters and healers. To maximize their potential in battle (and avoid losses) you will have to learn how to correctly position them on the field.

universal fighter super guide

In battles, you and your opponent can control up to 6 characters: 3 in the first row and 3 in the second row. The characters placed in the first row are usually those who will receive more damage than those in the second row (unless there are warriors which deal a massive Area-Of-Effect damage). That means, you should arrange your team in a way that the first row is occupied preferably by tanks or tank-killers, and the second by the strictly support and healing classes. Tanky characters, such as Kame Sennin or more balanced Krillin are much more sturdier than other warriors because of their increased Hit Points and Defence values. The support characters, on the other hand, such as Bulma and Raditz are best to be kept behind the line of tanks, since their HP and Def values are much lower.

The more you play the game, the more different characters you will collect and you will be able to deploy accordingly with your own plan. You can, of course, go for a typical glass-cannon setup, with high damaging, but squishy characters, but by keeping your warriors alive until the end of the fight you will be granted with higher rewards. In order to ensure yourself the highest possible reward, it’s better to choose a more balanced arrangement of your characters on the field rather than risk potential loss of the maximum completion reward.

3. Remember To Collect Your Rewards

In the game you will have plenty of ways to collect rewards that will increase your characters’ abilities and make your quest of defeating Frieza much easier. You can get rewards, for instance, by winning battles in the Story Stage, vanquishing other players’ teams in the Contest mode, unleashing a farm festival in the Adventure mode, completing quests and simply logging into the game.

The rewards are used mostly to improve your heroes’ abilities and their equipment. Amongst the most common rewards are gold coins, which is the main currency in the game, and diamonds – a premium, and slightly more rare currency, but equally important when it comes to the development of your heroes. Apart from them you will also find items, such as experience potions, which increase your characters’ exp, and scrolls which make their upgrades possible. Now, let’s proceed to the part in which you learn more of the collectibles and different means of getting your rewards faster.

universal fighter super rewards

During the exploration of the Story Stage and upon completing battles, on the map sometimes you will be able to spot twinkling chests that you can tap. Remember to open them all before you leave the particular Story Stage, since otherwise you won’t be able to collect them afterwards. In the Story Stage, in the lower left corner of the screen, you can also spot golden stars that you collect by completing battles in the particular Stage. The more stars you collect after each battle done, the better reward you will be able to get at the end of the Stage. You can get up to 3 golden stars per battle, and to achieve that, you have to make sure that none of your heroes was defeated. Upon winning the battle, you can automatically get 1 golden star, however, the more of your heroes fall in battle, the more stars you will most likely lose.

Another way of getting your rewards is by vanquishing other players in the Contest mode. Remember, however, that there are level prerequisites that have to be met in order to unlock this mode. You will be able to choose your opponents basing on your and their CR level. Remember, however, that the game doesn’t allow you to challenge players with much higher CR value than yours. After every successful battle, you will increase your Arena Rank. The higher the rank, the more rewards you will get by completing particular thresholds. Just one more thing. The battles in the contest mode are played automatically, so it’s best to arrange your characters before you actually find a partner to spar with.

universal fighter super cheats

One of the effective ways of getting rewards is through participation in a number of the Adventure modes, such as a Harvest Interval. In this particular mode, in order to collect a massive loot, your heroes will have to perform the highest possible damage to the enemy. It’s best to be described as a static farm festival, since your opponent will not fight back. All you have to do is to tap your screen repeatedly to deal the highest damage within a given period of time. Upon completing a stage, you will be rewarded with tokens of a different value that can be later sold for gold coins by accessing the backpack. Remember, however, that this stage has a time limit, so after every successful participation, you will have to wait several minutes to enter again.

You can also get rewards by completing quests. There are two types of them: Story Quests and Routine Quests. Story Quests, as the name may suggest, can be completed by successfully performing given tasks within the main storyline. Once completed, they do not recur and mostly revolve around getting your heroes to a certain level, completing main stages and collecting a specific number of characters. At least, at the early stages of the game, the rewards from completing Story Quests are usually less generous in comparison to the Routine Quests, but the further you delve into the storyline, the higher rewards you will most likely get. The Routine Quests, on the other hand, can be repeated after some time and once completed, you are mostly rewarded with gold coins and diamonds.

universal fighter super events

And last but not least, make sure to collect daily login rewards every time you log into the game. They grant you the most balanced kind of rewards, including gold coins, diamonds, scrolls and more, but, as the name may suggest, you can get them only once per day. Make sure to check the in-game notifications featured as red dots in order not to miss out any available reward collection.

4. Level-Up Your Warriors To Boost Their Power

Defeating your opponents, completing stages and collecting rewards are the important parts of the game, however, the real improvement you will feel only once you upgrade your heroes.

In Universal Fighter: Super, there are five fields of the hero improvement process that you have to care of: Advance, Star UP, Skill, Upgrade and Enhance.

universal fighter super hero improvement

Advance allows you to increase the CR points and the Speed of your warriors. In order to Advance your warrior, you have to collect a number of the precursor items, such as capsules and gems that respond to every of the following stats: Attack, Defence, and Skill. Once you collect all of the precursors, you will be able to Advance your warrior to another tier.

Every character can collect up to 7 stars that increase their capabilities. The more stars a hero has, the more skills he or she can unleash in battles. In the Star UP tree, you can see a current number of the stars your hero possesses. To further your heroes’ star level, you have to collect a particular amount of coins and the hero debris. The latter are, however, pretty rare and can be obtained either by performing a Normal Summon or the Advanced Summon. You can also transform your Master Shards into any hero debris you like, which greatly increases your possibilities of getting a hero of your choice.

universal fighter super tricks

During a battle, your heroes use a set of skills accordingly to the role to which they are assigned. There are single target skills and those which affect a much wider area. Each of those can be improved. To upgrade your heroes’ skills, such as a cult-classic Kamehameha, you have to spend a certain amount of gold coins. The higher you further the skill, the more powerful and effective it will be against your enemies. Remember, however, that you have a limited number of the skill improvements per day. You can easily bypass that limit by purchasing additional upgrades with diamonds.

In the Upgrade section, you can provide your heroes with experience potions to grant them new levels. The higher the level of your hero is, the higher the level of their skills you can get. Remember, however, that the skill level cannot exceed your warrior’s level.

There are 6 different experience potions that can increase your heroes experience. At the beginning of the game you are provided with a huge amount of the Exp +100 and +300 potions. It’s best to spend the low-tiered potions on the low-leveled heroes when you still can, otherwise you will be left with dozens of +100 potions which are rather useless when used on high-leveled warriors.

Your heroes run into battles equipped with a variety of items, such as weapons and clothes that increase their base stats. In such a way, enhanced weapons improve your heroes Attack value, whereas clothes better their HP and Defence. In order to finalise your hero improvement, you shouldn’t forget about upgrading those items regularly. Remember, however, that the higher the level of your items is, the more advanced precursor items they will require to level up, such as scrolls and reels.

5. Get New Heroes To Fill Up Your Team

At the beginning of the game, you are given with a fairly balanced hero setup, but the more you play, the more chances that the new heroes will join your squad. There are several ways in which you can get yourself new heroes. You can obtain them by collecting a required amount of the hero debris, summon them by performing a lucky draw or simply unlock them during your Story Stage journey.

If you happen to collect a number of the hero debris belonging to the same hero (the required amount increases by 10 each level) you can spawn such a hero into your team. It will probably take you a while to collect 10 puzzle parts of the same hero, so you will have to be patient.

universal fighter super new heroes

An easy way to get your heroes from the hero debris is by performing a Normal Summon or the Advanced Summon. To perform a Normal Summon you will have to spend some gold coins, whereas the latter requires diamonds. A Normal Summon is much cheaper than the Advanced Summon, but the chances of getting hero debris are much lower in this case. Once in a while you will be also granted with free draws, so make sure to check your in-game notifications. When it comes to the Advanced Summon, sometimes you will be notified with discounts on draws. Since diamonds is a rare currency, it’s good to keep track on the discounts to save some of the diamonds for other purposes.

Probably the best option for the new players is to simply not to worry of the small amount of your hero debris at the beginning of the game and unlock heroes by advancing in the Story Stage.

To maximize your performance in Universal Fighter: Super, make sure to remember of checking your in-game notifications, regularly collect rewards, keep track of your current quests and improve your heroes. Because of the thoroughly developed hero upgrade system, you will probably spend the majority of your in-game time in the hero panel. Besides that, the game is rather easy mechanic-wise and relaxing – the way most of the Android games should be. Every Dragon Ball series die-hard fan should definitely check it out!

And that would be all for our Universal Fighter: Super beginner’s guide! If you have additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!