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Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete More Three-Star Levels

Want a pro football game for your mobile device that doesn’t overwhelm you with 50-man lineups for all 32 NFL teams, detailed team management options, and other intricacies of American football that might be a bit too much to handle for the casual gamer. Leave it to Full Fat, the company that gave you titles such as Agent Dash and Sugar Rush, to come up with just that title in Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19. The game’s namesake, for those who aren’t familiar with their NFL, is Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn “Beast Mode”Lynch, and your objective in this game is to train with him as a rookie running back and go through a host of different challenges, where you “work your way through a labyrinth of defenders, obstacles, and hazards.” It may sound easy, but you know the drill with these games — this is one title that is definitely hard to master.

Indeed, this is a casual take on NFL-based mobile gaming, but that doesn’t make it easy to figure out. That is why we’ve come up with a list of Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19 tips, cheats and tricks — nine of them for beginner to intermediate players who are trying to figure things out and complete more challenges with three stars. So are you up to the challenge? Join us and we’ll help you get through things much easier…or at least do our best to.

1. The Basics Of The Game

Although the game is endorsed by one of the NFL’s top running backs of the past decade or so, Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19 is more of an arcade game that tests your reflexes and timing; it is not a management game, nor is it something like Madden NFL Mobile that allows you to take control of a team and play offensive (and occasionally defensive) downs. In here, you play an NFL rookie running back, going through challenge after challenge and trying to accumulate as many points before making it to the end zone and scoring a touchdown. Some spots on the field may be marked as bonus zones that could earn you additional points, while others might be marked as off-limits, but either way, going out of bounds ends your run. Most challenges will also see you dealing with defenders, and if you come into contact with one of them, that too ends your run — you may run into them, they may run into you, and there may be times when the defender will merely graze your without making any serious contact. But at the end of the day, any contact with a defender, no matter how light it is, will end your run. Also be aware that defenders will get faster, stronger, and more aggressive as you progress onwards and complete more challenges!

marshawn lynch pro football 19 guide

Unlike most other games, you do not have the option to use the traditional tap-and-hold system to move left and right; that’s reserved for juking, or faking out a defender while running. Instead, you’ll have to tilt your phone left and right to run in a certain direction, with the option of holding on the sprint button on the upper right to run faster. This may sound like an inconvenience to a lot of players, but fortunately, the game is neither overly sensitive or clunky, which means you’ll likely have an easy time getting used to tilting your phone in order to move.

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s move on to the actual game mechanics and see how you can leverage those mechanics to improve your odds of getting three stars in a level/challenge.

2. When And When Not To Use The Sprint Button

Now you may be thinking that the Sprint button will be your best friend throughout the game, as this allows you to run faster and get to the end zone with more time to spare on the clock. Sprinting can also allow you to elude defenders with less trouble, or to increase your chances of throwing them off with a juke. However, sprinting also makes it harder for you to control your player, and that could force you to go out of bounds, into a forbidden zone, or right smack into a defender you don’t have any time to avoid. That’s why it’s best to moderate your usage of the Sprint button; use it if you’re trying to shave some seconds off your time, or if you’ve familiarized yourself with a challenge to the point where you know when to expect some tight defensive coverage. There’s no need to use it, in most cases, during challenges that aren’t timed, which are designated by the infinity symbol on the upper right of your screen.

3. The Challenges Aren’t Procedurally Generated

The term “procedurally generated” is used in gaming to refer to levels that change each time you play them, where enemies, obstacles, and other quirks can show up at random points. Fortunately for you, that isn’t the case in Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19, as the bonus zones, forbidden zones, and defenders always seem to show up in the same places each time you try to complete a challenge. We believe this could be very helpful if you’re trying to memorize where you should and shouldn’t be running, though if there’s one thing that does change subtly, it’s the pattern in which the defenders run. Still, knowing when where the defenders could show up and knowing where the bonus zones are could be very helpful if you’re trying to grind your way for more stars and more Beast Points!

4. Grinding Is Accepted And Necessary

Some games will no longer let you replay a stage you’ve already completed, but Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19 will let you grind by returning to previous stages and trying to get three stars where you failed to get them all the first time around. The number of stars you receive after a completing a challenge depend on how well you score — this could include hitting bonus zones, performing jukes and other moves successfully, or completing timed challenges with so many seconds left in the clock; if you simply reach the end zone without any of those things added on, you only get one star.

marshawn lynch pro football 19 tips

While some of you may think that completing a challenge with just one star is enough for you to move on, you’ll find out soon enough that you’ll need to reach a certain number of cumulative stars before you can progress onto certain levels. For example, level 11 will remain unlocked until you’ve accumulated 23 stars across the first 10. This makes it imperative to grind until you’ve reached 23 — it doesn’t have to be a flawless three-star run all the time, but every extra star you could earn during those replays could come in handy! (For beginners, we specifically recommend challenges without any defenders or time limits as the best ones to replay for extra stars.)

5. What Else Is In It For You In The Challenges?

When it comes to the challenges, or levels, in Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19, it’s not just stars you’ll be accumulating here, but also two other forms of “currency” — Beast Points and Fans. Fans are what you’ll need to have in order to level up, and you can add more Fans by finishing challenges or by completing certain Sponsorship tasks, which reset once per day. Each time you level up, you will earn one Beast Point, which you can then use in the in-game store to purchase new skins, or to upgrade the skills that you gain, starting with Trucking (ramming through obstacles) after you complete level 11. We would suggest that you use your Beast Points for the latter unless you’ve leveled up quite sufficiently; the other available uniforms in the game are only there for cosmetic purposes, and won’t give you an extra edge, for instance, if you choose the perennial Super Bowl contender New England Patriots, or a bit of a disadvantage if you choose a team like the Jets or the Browns.

6. Juking Only Counts For Points If You’re Evading A Defender

Juking is the first special skill you will learn in Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19, and as we explained a little earlier on in this guide, this is the process of rushing evasively in such a way that you’re faking out your defender. During the challenges, the game will reward you with some points for successful jukes, but don’t confuse this with performing jukes each and every time you can; not only could this cost you some seconds during the time challenges, this won’t actually count as a successful juke. There needs to be an actual defender in front of you in order for the juke to count, so if you’re just arbitrarily hitting on either juke button (read: spamming them) in order to stack up those points, then give it up; if it was that simple, the game wouldn’t be that challenging.

7. Videos For Retries Aren’t Infinite

While it may seem like the game allows you to watch an infinite number of videos in order to retry challenges which you failed, that actually is not the case. At some point, the game will run out of ads to serve up, which means you really won’t have any choice but to wait 10 minutes each for energy points to be restored. If it’s any consolation, some Sponsorship tasks reward you with some energy (sometimes a full 10 bars of energy), so waiting isn’t always the only option if you want to keep playing despite the lack of videos to serve up.

As a bonus tip, there may be some times where you will be asked to watch a video in the middle of a challenge, allowing you to continue where you left off. We suggest taking advantage of this, because quick as these challenges may be, it could be frustrating to fall so short of reaching the end zone just because you failed to evade one defender on the way to a touchdown and challenge completion.

8. Complete The Sponsorship Tasks

marshawn lynch pro football 19 cheats

The Sponsorship tasks are this game’s equivalent of the daily tasks you can find in other games, and since this is pretty much a casual title that takes away a lot of the bells and the whistles from your typical pro football mobile game, all you’ll get are three tasks to complete per day. As we mentioned above, these tasks reset once per day, which means you’ve got 24 hours to complete all three of them and get some nice and useful rewards. These may include, but not be limited to additional Fans to help you level up and get more Beast Points faster, or bonus Energy that could eliminate the long, agonizing waits in between runs if you completely end up running out of energy.

9. How To Get Rid Of The Ads

We understand that game developers need to make themselves some money in some way or another, and that’s why ads are an integral part of the gaming experience in many cases. However, we have to admit that the ads in Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19 tend to be quite intrusive and momentum-breaking. Far more often than not, they pop up in between attempts at completing a challenge, and they happen to be two-pronged ads — after hitting the “X” on the upper right or upper left the first time, you’ll have to wait another five to 10 seconds before you do it a second time in the next screen. While you can always go offline and play the game in airplane mode (with the caveat that you can’t watch videos to get one energy point back), you can also pay $3 USD or its equivalent in local currency to get rid of the ads. Alternately, there’s also an option to pay $3 for unlimited energy, and if you want a “combo pack,” which allows you to play the game without ads and with unlimited energy, that will set you back by $4. We’d say the latter deal is the best option, as it offers both perks for just one more dollar than either one of the first two choices purchased individually.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19. If you know any other tips, tricks or hints for the game, be sure to let us know below in the comments!