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Hero Masters Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Rivals

The main purpose of playing video games remains the same throughout the years – they are meant to bring joy and entertainment to the players. It is a relative term, since there are those who seek a real challenge in gaming, and the casual players who just want to chill out a little bit with their favourite title after a long day of work. Most of the current Android games belong to the second bag and rely on a non-competitive idle gameplay. When playing idle games, you don’t have to worry about logging off or not logging into the game for a longer while, since you will get your rewards anytime you come back.

For some it is just enough, but people tend to enjoy a thrill of rivalry and the feeling that their time spent in the game pays off. This is why game studios are eager to find the middle ground and make games suitable for both kinds of players. One these games is Hero Masters, a game created by Unnyhog studios, featuring idle mechanics, but also providing you with a dose of competition known only to the widely played e-sport games.

hero masters guide

Hero Masters is a fantasy role-playing idle game which is maintained in a cartoonish graphic style, very alike to the one seen in the Warcraft series. In the game you become a leader of the team of heroes whose goal is to stop Evee – an artificial intelligence which was meant to take care of the universe, but… something went wrong with her. Evee eventually got out of control and started to destroy everything on her path. Your task is to travel throughout the numerous worlds and planets, fight Evee’s minions, collect bountiful rewards and develop your heroes. This is a shortened description of the game, since Hero Masters has much more to offer!

Hero Masters, at the first glance, may look rather simplistic, especially when it comes to the game mechanics, but the real challenge comes when you eventually stumble upon an enemy that you cannot defeat. This is the sign that the area you are exploring is either too difficult for now, or perhaps you could have done something wrong during the hero management process. In our Hero Masters beginner’s guide you will learn the basics of how to successfully manage your team of heroes to defeat malicious Evee and her minions! So let’s not waste any of your time, instead check out our Hero Masters tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Swipe To Unleash Special Powers

When exploring the worlds in Hero Masters, sometimes your heroes will encounter bands of Evee’s minions that have to be defeated, so that your team can advance further. At first, the simplicity of battles may surprise you, since they are played automatically. As easy as it sounds, there is but a one thing that you can do during a battle – time and unleash your heroes’ special abilities.

In order to find out the moment when to unleash the skills, you have to watch the purple bar under the HP bar of your hero. Each time your hero performs an action or, in some cases, gets a hit, the purple bar charges up. Whenever it is fully charged, you will be able to draw a particular symbol on your device screen in order to fire off the special ability. To activate the special ability again you will have to wait until the hero’s purple bar is filled up again. Sounds easy enough, right? If you are lazy and if you trust your heroes you can just sit back, relax and order them to execute their abilities automatically. However, if you want to feel being “in control” in any way, there are some hints that you may want to take into account.

hero masters tips

Certain special abilities, such as Yoji’s Phoenix have long animations, but it doesn’t mean that you have to wait with firing off other skills. Whenever more than one special ability is ready to be used, you can unleash them simultaneously. Just keep drawing symbols with your fingers whenever you feel to do so! Firing off the skills whenever they are ready should work well against less dangerous opponents, but the more play, the more you will realise that playing your battles manually has some merits too.

If you decide to trust your own feelings and turn off the auto battle mode, you should learn how to time and manage your abilities to make the best of them. Whenever an ability is ready, you don’t have to fire it away just like the auto battle mode does it for you, but you can wait for the right moment to do so. By choosing the time to execute an ability you can easily change the course of battle. For instance, knowing that Duar’s ability called Shieldness makes him invulnerable for 2 moves, it would be a waste to fire off that skill at the same moment when your healer is casting a healing spell. The same thing applies to the situation when you’re decided to execute a healing spell at the time when your heroes have maximum HP. As you can see on these examples, if you decide to command your heroes personally, it’s good to choose the right moment to fire off their skills in order to maximize their potential.

2. Learn Your Heroes’ Abilities

The mechanics in Hero Masters are simple, but the real challenge kicks in when you have to prepare, equip and advance your heroes. But, let’s do first things first.

There are 4 main parameters that you should remember about in the game: Hit Points, which represent your hero’s health, Power, which stands for their attack and heal values, Defence, a stat responsible for decreasing an incoming damage, and Speed, which increases the frequency with which your hero makes moves. There are also 4 minor stats, such as Crit. Rating, which determines the chance of the hero for a critical hit, Crit. Damage, which increases a critical damage, Resistance, which represents a chance of applying debuffs on your hero, and Accuracy, which shows a chance of applying debuffs on your opponents. At the beginning of the game, it’s important that you get acquainted with all of these statistics, read their descriptions and learn what they do.

hero masters cheats

As you go through the game, you will learn that some of your heroes have different specialisations, such as tanks, dps dealers, healers, buffers and debuffers. It’s important that you learn what are the main roles of your heroes, in order to know how to manage them better. At the beginning of the game, you are given with several basic heroes, such as Yoji, Akia and Duar. Yoji, apart from being a funny, furry pet, can bring a massive firestorm upon his enemies. He is a typical damage dealer.

At this point you know that you will need him to melt the ranks of your enemies, but he is also rather squishy when exposed to direct attacks. A while after he joins your team, you will also receive another hero named Akia. She is a healer – one of the central characters of your team, and… she is even squishier than Yoji. She can heal both single and multiple targets once in a while, but without a strong support, she will end up dead sooner than Yoji. To protect weaker character you will need a sturdy warrior just like Duar, who will ward off your enemies from doing harm to weaker characters. Remember that you are not limited only to a handful of your heroes, since the more you play, the more of them you will be likely to unlock. Once you learn what your heroes’ roles are, you will be able to position them better on the battle map, and, in the process, make them more effective in combat.

You have to remember that every character has their desired location on the battle map. As natural as it may be, sturdy characters, such as tanks and other power-based heroes, should occupy the frontline in order to protect weaker support and healing classes. But that’s not always the case. You have to make sure that your team is balanced through and through, and that means, you have to pay attention to your heroes’ roles, actual statistics, upgrades and runes.

hero masters tricks

The most desired hero setup should consist of a 1 tank (e.g. Duar) placed in the frontline, 1 or 2 healers (for instance Akia and Nurse) that can perform single and aoe heals (it would be handy if they can cure debuffs as well) and 2 strictly dps heroes (such as Yoji and Lamia), or a 1 dps and 1 crowd-control character (Lane). Remember, however, that it is really easy to break the balance in this game. If you decide to add too many dps characters to your team, you may end up dead at the early game, but if you add too many healing classes you may not have enough of dps to break through the enemy heals. This is why a well-balanced team is a key to your success.

3. Upgrade Your Heroes To Make Them Stronger In Battle

One of the ways of upgrading your heroes is providing them with runes which increase their major and minor stats. Every hero is provided with 6 rune slots. Before adjusting the runes, you have to remember that not every parameter is equally important for every hero type. It may be tempting for you to boost your purely dps characters, such as Yoji, with additional HP, but it would feel more natural to provide HP runes to healers and tanks – namely those, who will be either vulnerable or the most exposed to the enemy attacks. In this section you will learn tips on how to improve the general performance of your heroes.

Amongst all the characters, healers and tanks should have the privilege of being the most important members of your team. Once a healer is gone, it is likely that your chances of winning are too, gone, so you should do everything in your power to protect them. In such a way, increasing their HP and Def level should be of a paramount importance. Next in the line parameter to be upgraded should be Power, since the more powerful your healer is, the more powerful healing spells he or she can cast. Generally you can give up on upgrading your healer with Resistance, but it won’t do much of harm if you decide to do so. A healer is the class that should be taken care of in the first place and should be provided with the all-round upgrades.

hero masters hints

When upgrading your tanks, in the first place, you should focus on improving their HP, Defence and Resistance values. You can give up a little on Power at this point, since damage should be the main concern of your purely dps characters, such as Yoji and a vampire named Lamia. The role of a tank is to survive the longest he can, so the heroes in the back can be safe.

When it comes to your dps and dps-crowd control characters, you should focus their upgrades on boosting their Power, Crit. Rating and Crit. Damage. It is their job to end the battle on your favour as soon as possible, hence boosting their damage stats should be of a paramount importance here. You can build them as glass-cannons (hard hitting, but squishy), but they probably won’t be able to survive several strong aoe hits in a row. In such a case, you can boost their HP value with some runes as well.

Before assigning runes to your heroes, you should think about specific fields that are best recommended for each and every one of them.

4. Level Up Your Heroes

Remember that providing your heroes with runes is just an additional way of upgrading them, since every time they level up, they automatically increase all of their main parameters (mind that the minor ones ought to be upgraded via runes only). There is a variety of ways in which you can level up your heroes.

One of the most natural way of levelling your heroes up is by advancing further in the main story line. After every battle won those heroes which participated in the fight gain experience. Once their experience bar fills up, they level up and their main statistics increase. It’s simple as it is. But now, let’s proceed to a more advanced option.

hero masters heroes

There is also an additional and much faster way of increasing the level of your heroes, and it is by evolving them. In order to do so, in the evolution section, you need to choose a hero that will receive the upgrades and pick up those heroes that will be sacrificed. The more heroes you will sacrifice, the higher portion of experience your central hero will receive (the actual level of their experience also counts to the amount).

As you already know, there is a number of heroes you can get in the game. Most commonly you can get them by using Summoning Scrolls of a different kind, but sometimes you will have a chance to receive them as rewards. Mind that, however, there is no way of bringing back once sacrificed heroes. At the early stages of the game, it’s best to summon a number of minor heroes by using Common Summoning Scrolls and, if there will be no interesting heroes for the keeping, sacrifice them to upgrade the hero of your choice. Remember that every evolution will cost you a certain amount of purple gems called Aqvium – the main currency in the game, and the evolution cost will analogically increase the more heroes you will decide to sacrifice.

5. Make Sure To Collect Your Rewards

In Hero Masters you will have a number of ways in which you can collect rewards for your successes.

Every time you win a battle, apart from receiving an amount of experience, you will also get physical rewards, such as your base currency Aqvium or Energy supplies that allows you to depart on adventures more frequently. Sometimes you will also collect special Gems that can be used for a number of purchases in the in-game store.

hero masters rewards

You can be also rewarded with Summoning Scrolls by which you can conjure up new heroes that will join your team. Don’t forget also to regularly complete Daily Quests, Story Quests and Achievements which grant you vast amounts of Aqvium, Gems and Energy.

6. Memorize Tricks To Maximize Your Effectiveness

Alright, it’s a high time to sum things up. If you are a beginner in Hero Masters, you want to stick to the following rules.

After you will memorize the basics, make sure to remember to balance your team, so that no character is out of place. In order to do so, split your hero types rationally. Don’t add too many dps characters or create a team full of support characters, since very often you will end up defeated or in a stalemate situation.

hero masters strategies

Provide your heroes only with those runes that can improve their performance. Don’t stack up HP to pure dps characters or Power to tanks. Think carefully and collectively what each and every one of your heroes really needs.

If you happen to stumble upon a group enemies you cannot defeat, it means that your heroes might require additional training. In such a case, don’t be ashamed to go back and try to collect some additional experience before you decide to take on more challenging enemies.

Feel free to try different hero setups, replace runes, repeat levels. If you happen to lose, don’t feel bad about it, but learn on your failings.

And this wraps up our Hero Masters beginner’s guide! If you know additional tips or tricks or just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to let us know in the comment area!

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