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Underworld: Blood Wars Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Ultimate Deck

Ludia’s new mobile title called Underworld: Blood Wars is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which is a new game based on the Underworld film franchise’s latest installments. This is a collectible card game (CCG), and you can choose whether your Champions will be representing the Lycan or Vampire factions. The game comes with real-time battles, multiple Battle Zones, and the ability to play your cards in such a way that you can launch close-range and long-range attacks. And if you’re successful, you can earn some nice reward packs – there are over 250 unique cards in the game, inspired by both Underworld: Awakening and Underworld: Blood Wars, but can you get the rarest of the rare?

Creating a formidable deck in this game is not an easy task to accomplish. It’s going to take time, and you might not always be successful against your opponents. Especially if you’re starting, or simply a newbie to CCGs, you may find it difficult to strategize and to come up with a winning formula. But that’s why we’re here, as we have put together a detailed strategy guide for Underworld: Blood Wars, that’s designed to help you come up with a winning deck.

1. Maximize Your Champion

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the traditional RPG term (Hero) or the game’s term (Champion) – you have to maximize the capabilities of your characters in Underworld: Blood Wars. Each of the game’s Champions, and each of the two races/factions, have their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. For instance, consider that Vampires excel in long-range attacks, while Lycans should be your race of choice if you prefer close-contact action. Your Champion will play analogously to the general tendencies of his/her race, so choose accordingly, depending on your preferred play style. Also, make sure you’re leveling them up properly, and playing them the right way when battling in-game enemies.

2. Movement Is The Most Important Thing When Playing Cards

Speaking in general terms, movement should be the key thing to consider when playing the cards you have. Your mileage may vary, but a lot of players tend to prefer Vampires, as ranged attacks in Underworld are easier to play than up-close attacks; you also don’t need to move much, as you’ll be taking out enemies from afar. But speaking of movement, we should go back to our original point in this tip; you cannot move and attack at the same time as your Champion, so you should come up with a way to minimize their movements and maximize the damage dealt out.

For instance, if you’ve got a Vampire Champion as a frontliner, you can deal out a lot of damage while at a safe distance from the enemy and therefore avoiding damage from melee attacks. But if you’re attacking with a Werewolf (or Lycan) Champion, that might sound like a recipe for disaster at first. Still, you’re saving them from ranged attacks they’d normally soak up if they stay out back. It’s important that you know where your Champions are good at, and make good use of their strengths while hiding their weaknesses to the best of your capability.

3. Level Up Your Champions, Here’s How

Leveling up your Champions isn’t as simple or straightforward as it may seem at first. The first thing many newer players do is to level them up in such a way that they deal out more damage. But it would be all on a case-to-case basis, depending on where you’re at in the battle. If you need a little more oomph on your attack to get the win, then leveling up to improve damage should work. That would normally be what you’ll have to do anyway, but sometimes, you may need to look for other options.

4. Missions Can’t Be Refreshed

You will have to complete the three available missions in any 12-hour timespan so you can unlock the Mega Bonus and get more coins for your efforts. That’s also a bit harder than it looks, as the catch here is that you cannot refresh missions; you’re stuck with what you have. Still, your patience will be rewarded, with the quality of rewards you’ll get once all three missions are completed.

5. How To Complete Missions Faster

We’d probably call this a cheat as it involves some sneaky mechanics to get to that point. If you want to have an easier time completing the missions, you might want to try deliberately losing several games in a row. Do so until you’ve reached the lowest-possible rank of 20, and make your way upward. This cheat is best-used if you’ve been playing the game for some time and already have some rare, impressive cards on you. Don’t mind the lower ranking – just lose deliberately so that you can get the easier missions!

6. Collect Free Card Packs And Save Up For The Better Ones

Compared to other CCGs, building up your deck in Underworld: Blood Wars is a bit more difficult. It won’t be easy beefing up your deck from a bunch of common scrubs to rarer, more powerful cards, but you can start out by collecting the Free Card pack once you’re able to do so. Don’t time lapse to get this pack faster, as you’ll need to earn some coins and buy card packs with that in-game currency you earn. Also take note that you can unlock and open cards through the natural course of playing more games.

It’s always a good idea to save some money before buying a card pack. Don’t wait for the Epic card pack, because it might take you too long to save for it; the moment you can afford it, buy the Rare card pack. Once you have, you can then save up again for the Epic pack, though this will take more time. And as a bonus tip, the game allows you to watch video advertisements for additional free coins. Just don’t expect many free coins – in fact, you will only get one measly coin per ad video completed.

7. The Vintage Deck-Building Rules Mostly Apply

At the end of the day, building a strong deck in Underworld works in a very similar way to building a strong deck in other CCGs. That means the majority of basic deck-building tips will still apply here; that includes having a balanced deck, having enough cheap and common cards to play in the early rounds, but also having more expensive, more powerful cards handy for the latter rounds. Another old rule that applies here is trying as many deck combinations as possible, though you might find this a bit harder to do, as collecting cards in Underworld is generally a long and arduous process. Don’t bother experimenting on combinations so you can come up with a deck for rushing; you simply won’t have enough time for that.

8. Have A Sound Battle Strategy

Having a good deck is one thing, but a good deck means nothing if you don’t have a tight strategy to back it up. Once again, a good general rule to follow would be to play the cheaper cards first and use your more powerful/rarer ones later on in the game. But it also helps to change up your strategy from time to time, due to the fact that you’ll be facing scores of real players in this game. Also be prepared for the “luck of the draw” – it won’t always smile on you, but luck does play a part in many victories.

This completes our detailed strategy guide for Underworld: Blood Wars. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide with more tips and tricks in the near future. Also, if you know more hints for the game, feel free to let us know in the comment section!