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Stickninja Smash Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Defeat Your Enemies and Defend Your Dojo

Those stickmen are back again, and they’re fighting for the honor of their dojo in the new Dobsoft game for Android and iOS called Stickninja Smash. The game takes reflex combat to a new level as you defend your dojo with the lightning skills of the ninja. You will be asked to punch, kick, and smash in this endless fighting game, and it won’t just be enemy ninjas you have to defend against – there are also zombies and pirates, as well as different settings for your battles, and not just the dojo. You can master different types of weapons, and even customize your stickman to your liking, should you be willing to spend on costumes. Dobsoft also claims that a multiplayer versus mode should be coming soon in a future update.

This is one of those games where you have no choice but to act quickly in order to survive, while ensuring that your moves are as precise as possible. As such, this game can be addictive, yet also frustrating if you end up losing all the time after failing to make the right moves on time. But fear not, as we’ve come up with a list of Stickninja Smash tips and tricks that can set you on the right path to Stickninja mastery.

1. Do This Before You String Together A Combo

It may sound like a good idea to go for the impressive combo first, so you can finish your enemies off quickly. And while that does sound good in theory, it’s actually better to knock your enemies down first before you string your combo together. It’s all too common for more enemies to gang up on you while you’re stringing together a combo against a single enemy, but in the end, it will be better if you knock all of them down first, then toggle from one enemy to another as the combo string comes to an end. Combos resume from the last hit on an enemy, so if you’re fast and precise, you’ll be able to string ‘em together across all enemies.

2. Use The Sword For Emergency Purposes

Your sword is undoubtedly a powerful weapon. And it might be tempting to go ahead and use it once it’s been fully charged. But you may want to save it for those tight situations, and not use it if you’ve gotten far in one of your runs. At that point of the game, you’ll be regularly ganged up on by enemies, but once an enemy tries to pick up a charged sword, that will knock them back and make them fair game for your attacks. Take advantage of this situation and take all those enemies out if that happens.

3. Be Wary Of More Powerful Enemies

We told you above that it’s better to dispatch of large groups of enemies by knocking them down first, then stringing together a combo. That works reliably against normal enemies, but you will have to watch out for the stronger enemies in the game. They will come color-coded for your convenience, though if you’re new, you’ll know that they’re a nastier bunch if they come in a different color than regular enemies, and if it takes more than one hit to knock them down. Because of this, you have to invest additional split seconds to focus on knocking them down. Act faster than you usually do if you notice a stronger enemy, and make them your first priority once they appear on your screen.

4. Why Should You Watch In-Game Ads?

Stickninja Smash also allows you to watch advertisement videos, and would normally offer this option once you’ve completed a run. It’s highly suggested that you watch the ads if you’re hoping to unlock more weapons, each of which costs 1,000 coins. That might not sound like a lot for the uninitiated, but since good and productive runs usually earn you about 50 coins at best, that also means you’ll have to be very patient if you want to unlock even just one weapon. But that’s where the ad videos come in.

By watching an ad video after a run, you can double your coin earnings for that particular run, but also have that coin bonus apply toward your earnings on the next run. That’s hitting two birds with one stone, as they say, though it will definitely be better if you can make sure the second run is a good one, so you can maximize your bonuses.