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Uncivil War TCG Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Build the Ultimate Deck

The evolution of mobile technology is a dream come true for fans of trading card games. It is a lot easier to play since they won’t have to lug around their card collection. Uncivil War TCG is one of the latest releases in the genre and it takes things a step further by adding a few twists of its own. This card game for Android and iOS devices starts out like a very simple game that you can play when you are bored.

The basic mechanic is just putting down a card that has a higher value than your opponent’s. After the first few campaign games, however, you will realize just how complex the game really is. It is not just about having high-value cards. There are a variety of card skills that come into play. On top of that, there are games that have added rules that you need to watch out for. If you find yourself struggling to win matches, just check out our Uncivil War TCG cheats, tips and hints for some help!

1. How To Assemble Your Deck

The game starts you off with a pretty decent deck, but you should always look for ways to improve it. Since there is only one type of card pack that you can buy using gold, do not hesitate to purchase as soon as you can afford it. Each new card can help you build a better deck. Remember, you can only have one of each number in your deck. That means you cannot stuff it with 13 Aces no matter how many cards you pull. What you should do instead is find the best combination of cards based on their skills. You can just decommission the cards that you won’t use. If a particular card has a really good skill but does not fit into your current deck, you can hold on to it until you have enough cards that will support it.

Make sure you check the skills of each card. Some cards may seem weak, at first, but end up becoming powerful once their skill is unlocked. For example, the game gives you Private “Longshot” during the tutorial and he only has a value of 3. He seems useless but when you unlock his Slayer skill, he will be able to destroy any Common card, regardless of value. That means you can confidently throw him at a Queen or Ace and he will still win as long as it is a Common card. He is easily one of your most valuable cards during the early stages of the game.

2. Upgrade Your Cards Wisely

Each card can be upgraded by using gunpowder. You can get gunpowder by sacrificing cards that you will not be using. The number of times a card can be upgraded depends on its rarity. Common cards can only be upgraded once. Upgrading does not increase the value of a card but it does unlock or improve that card’s skills. To upgrade a card, just go to the deck management screen. Tap and hold on the card you want to upgrade. Below the card’s name is a button that tells you how much gunpowder is needed to train the unit to the next level. Tap on that button to see the effect of upgrading. If you are satisfied with the effect, you can just tap on the confirm button at the bottom.

Upgrading a card that already has a skill will improve the effects of that skill. For example, Snake Handler Cayce has a Preventive Medicine skill. This skill gives a +1 bonus to all cards in your hand whenever it is played. If you upgrade this unit, the Preventive Medicine’s bonus will increase to +2. Of course, the higher the unit’s level, the more expensive it will be to upgrade. Don’t worry about investing gunpowder into your started cards, though. When you decommission them later on, you will be able to regain all the gunpowder you used.

3. Focus On The Campaigns

While it may be tempting to jump into player versus player battles right away, you should at least complete the first few sets of Campaigns. Don’t worry about getting bored because the game does not pull any punches. The training wheels come off as soon as your first Campaign match is over. That means you will be going against the AI on your own with very little guidance. This is a great way to get used to the game’s pace and mechanics quickly.

Another reason for staying away from PVP is so you can build up your deck first. Campaigns provide you with the resources you need to create a good deck before you head into the PVP arena. Remember, all players receive the same starter decks. That means all your opponents will know your cards if you don’t take time to customize and upgrade. Try to complete the first two maps of Campaign mode first, and then try your hand at PVP matches when you are ready.

4. Win A Little, Lose A Lot

One thing you should keep in mind when playing Uncivil War TCG is that it does not matter how much higher the value of your card is when you win a round. What matters to your score is the value of your opponent’s card. That means you should not waste your high-value cards against anything below 6 or 7. On the other hand, you should waste your opponent’s high-value cards by playing the lowest possible card. If you manage to gain a huge advantage against your opponent, you can easily secure your win by playing nothing but low-value cards until the end of the match. This will prevent them from catching up even if they win the rest of the rounds.

5. Check The Card Skills

As we mentioned above, card skills have a great impact in Uncivil War TCG . Make sure you take time to check the skills of the opponent’s card before playing your own cards. One good example is when your opponent plays a card with a Slayer skill. Make sure you don’t bother playing any high-value cards for that round since you will surely lose anyway. Another example is when you see a card that has a Rich Uncle skill. This skill adds to the value of the next card that will be played. That means you should prepare for a major attack in the next round. You can either play your own card that has the Rich Uncle skill, or waste the opponent’s play by using a low-value card in the next round.

6. Participate In PVP Tournaments

Don’t worry even if you are still a newbie. Tournaments in Uncivil War TCG work a little differently. It’s not the traditional tournament where top players battle it out and whoever wins the top spot will get rewards. All players who actively participate have the chance to bring home prizes. All you have to do is complete the milestones that are set by the Tournament, and you will receive the corresponding prize. For example, the very first milestone simply requires you to play three PVP matches. That means you will be able to get the reward regardless if you win or lose.

To check out the milestones, and their corresponding prizes, just go to the PVP screen then tap on the trophy icon. This will also show you how much time you have left before the tournament is over. You will notice that the first few milestones are pretty easy. As such, you will only get gold and gunpowder. As you complete more advanced milestones, however, you will start receiving premium currency called Gems. This is important because you need gems to unlock rare card packs. Make sure you try to complete as many milestones as you can. Keep in mind that you only get five bullets every few hours. You will need to manage your time well in order to maximize your progress in the Tournament.

7. Refill Your Energy For Free

There are two types of energy in Uncivil War TCG. The first one is food, indicated by the chicken leg icon on the bottom of your screen. Food is consumed every time you play in Campaign mode. The second type of energy is bullet. You can see this in the PVP screen, and it is consumed every time you battle against another player. It will take a while before your energy regenerates. If you want to refill your energy instantly, you can do so by watching a short advertisement. Keep in mind, however, that you can only avail of the free refill twice every eight hours.

8. Complete The Achievements

When you are on the main screen, you will see a medal icon on the bottom left corner. Tap on it to see the list of Achievements. These are milestones that you can accomplish by simply playing the game. You will see your progress shown by the bar under each Achievement. Work on completing as many Achievements as you can. Doing so will reward you with varying amounts of gold, gunpowder, and even gems. Rewards are automatically given to you as soon as you hit the milestone so you don’t have to worry about claiming them.

Winning the war is not easy, but with the help of our Uncivil War TCG cheats, tips and tricks, you will surely come out on top!