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Ava Airborne Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get a High Score

There is something about flying that is just so exciting and relaxing at the same time. For decades, humans have constantly tried to find different ways to soar. PlayStack’s latest mobile game Ava Airborne is all about a girl whose dream is to fly as far as her man-made wings can take her. This iOS-exclusive title will take you on an incredible journey through the skies.

Join Ava as she navigates numerous obstacles in her glider. Defy gravity and steer clear of giant bomb-balloons, catapults, and other deadly traps. Travel further by bouncing off trampolines and flying higher than ever before. No matter what you do, you must never touch the ground! Keep making your way across the sky and pick up different companions along the way. Customize Ava with different trinkets, charms, and gliders! Don’t forget to check out our Ava Airborne cheats, tips and tricks to make sure you get those high scores!

1. Prioritize Level Grinding

how to get a high score in ava airborne

Even though you are playing an endless runner, there is more to the game than just flying the same route over and over until your scores get better. In fact, you won’t really get far if you focus too much on getting higher scores instead of preparing for future runs. When you start out, your progress is really limited by your level. You need to focus on unlocking upgrades first in order to get better scores in the future. It does not matter how far you get during your early runs. Longer runs and higher scores will be easier to achieve once you have unlocked multiple upgrades that will help you on your journey.

There are a lot of upgrades available for you to unlock. Unfortunately, you can only unlock a maximum of one set of upgrades per run. That means you will be wasting all your effort on getting more points after you have unlocked one set on your current run. Instead of exhausting yourself, it is better if you stop once you have achieved the unlock you were aiming for. You can always go all out once you have all the upgrades you need.

2. Get A Yo-Yo

While you are unlocking things, there are a few choices that you will need to make. One of the best things you can unlock in Ava Airborne is the Yo-Yo. Make sure you get it as your second rank contraption. The Yo-Yo is useful for keeping your momentum without having to go up and down. Just dive down if you need to, then tap and hold to make Ava shoot the Yo-Yo forward. You will then swing forward, allowing you to propel yourself further with minimal effort. There are more contraptions for you to unlock along the way, but the Yo-Yo should be able to help you for quite a while until you reach higher levels. You can even cover greater distances if you can master the physics of swinging yourself with the Yo-Yo.

3. Trampolines Are Your Friends

Trampolines are scattered throughout the course, and they are one of the few things that are not trying to kill you in Ava Airborne. Make sure you use them wisely, however. One obvious use for trampolines is to save yourself from crashing into the ground. If you are falling, you can always aim for the nearest trampoline to propel yourself back into the game.

Another use for trampolines is to help you regain your speed. If you slowed down for some reason, you can just dive into the next trampoline you see in order to speed back up while gaining some altitude at the same time. You can also use a trampoline to save yourself from a tall obstacle that you cannot overcome with normal navigation.

4. Look For Those Rockets

where to find power ups in ava airborne

Rockets are special power ups that will give you a temporary boost in your run. When you pick up a rocket, you will be thrusted forward at a high speed, but you will be immune from all obstacles and enemies. That means you can safely cover a great distance without worrying about accidentally ending your run. Of course, you will have to actually spot and pick up the rocket if you want to enjoy its benefits.

The good news, however, is that you can actually anticipate when a rocket will come up. It may seem random at first but rockets actually appear every 1,500 meters. That means you can relax a bit and just start looking for the rocket when you are nearing the next 1,500-meter mark. On top of that, you can also get away with some risky moves that you won’t normally try since you know a rocket will be able to save you.

5. Pick Up The Presents

As you travel across the sky, you will often see presents tied to balloons. Make sure you grab them whenever you can. You will be able to open one present for free at the end of your run. You can open any other presents you pick up by spending 40 sweets or by watching a short video advertisement. Presents contain puzzle pieces of collectibles you don’t own yet. Keep collecting as many presents as possible in order to complete your collectibles!

6. Keep Flying High

how to survive longer in ava airborne

Unlike most endless runners, hitting an obstacle in Ava Airborne does not necessarily mean instant death. You will usually have time to recover and continue your run. All you have to do is tap quickly on both sides of the screen in order recover. A recovery bar will appear, and you need to fill it up in order to stay in the game. Keep in mind that the more you need to recover, the longer the bar will be. That is why you should fly as high as possible. This will minimize the amount you need to recover as well as give you plenty of time to fall. This is important because hitting obstacles will become inevitable the further you progress in your run. After hitting the 2,000-meter mark, the game will start throwing seemingly unfair obstacles at you. Even the laser fields will start homing in on you, so it is best if you are always prepared.

7. Unlock Batbat Right Away

Sweets is the primary currency in the game. You need it to unlock a lot of things. Unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to collect. That is why you need every boost you can get your hands on when it comes to earning sweets. This is where Batbat comes in handy. Aside from giving you a +2% air mile bonus, Batbat will also give you +5% more sweets. You can unlock him when you reach Rank 3, and he only costs 50 sweets, so there is no reason for you to skip him.

8. Grab Those Green Stars

Another thing you should be watching out for during your run is a green star with the number 1 on it. When you pick that up, another green star will appear, this time with a number 2. This will continue until you get all five stars. Completing the series of green stars will reward you with 10-20 sweets. Since you need sweets to open up presents, you should take advantage of the green stars as much as you can.

Fly high and reach for the top scores in Ava Airborne! Just follow the cheats, tips and tricks listed above and you will be soaring like never before! If you have anything to add, please let us know below in the comments!