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Ultimate Quiz for CS:GO Answers for All Levels

Ultimate Quiz for CS:GO by is a new trivia game by EcoRush Games for Android and iOS, that allows you to test your knowledge of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Basically, you are asked to guess the Counter-Strike skin using the available letters on your screen, and use up to three hints should you have a difficult time guessing what the skin is. That’s the Casual Mode, and once you complete at least ten levels in this mode, you can then move on to Competitive Mode, which will ask you to guess the right skin name in a multiple-choice setting, and make the right guess as soon as possible. Lastly, there’s Deathmatch Mode, where you’ll have to guess eSports players and teams, and guess as many as possible within a span of 60 seconds; wrong answers will deck you five seconds off your remaining time, so make sure you’re sure about your answers!

CS:GO experts should have no problem with this game, but casual players or those who aren’t too familiar with the game at all may benefit from this list of Ultimate Quiz for CS:GO answers and solutions. We’ve got the answers to the first 114 levels, and while these can help you move forward faster and get more correct answers in the different modes, we suggest playing the game with as little help as possible from this guide.

Ultimate Quiz for CS:GO Answers for All Levels

You can find all the answers and solutions for the game below.

Ultimate Quiz for CS:GO Answers Levels 1-50

#1 – Dragon Lore
#2 – Redline
#3 – Cyrex
#4 – Boom
#5 – Elite Build
#6 – Water element
#7 – Vulcan
#8 – Hyper Beast
#9 – Franklin
#10 – Asiimov

#11 – Orion
#12 – Golden coil
#13 – Eco
#14 – Kill Confirmed
#15 – Antique
#16 – Hyper Beast
#17 – Trigon
#18 – Fade
#19 – Knight
#20 – Medusa

#21 – Sandstorm
#22 – Guardian
#23 – Hot rod
#24 – Bronze Deco
#25 – Redline

#26 – Death by kitty
#27 – Djinn
#28 – Heat
#29 – Meurtos
#30 – Corticera
#31 – Pulse
#32 – Basilisk
#33 – Conspiracy
#34 – Styx
#35 – Wings