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One Clue Crossword Answers for All Levels

One Clue Crossword is a crossword game where all you have is one clue, and that clue comes in the form of a picture. All you get is one picture, with no words describing it, and in some cases it will be as easy as describing what you see in the picture. But there may be times when you’ll have to think out of the box, and go beyond the obvious. For instance, you may see the Statue of Liberty on the picture, and your answers may include Torch, America, Landmark, and New York, aside from the obvious Statue being depicted. Different puzzle packs/chapters may also include people, animals, places, food, vehicles, and ordinary items you may see around the house, among other things.

There are more than 350 puzzles over 22 chapters, and while we haven’t completed all of them yet, we can at least get you started off on the right foot with this list of One Clue Crossword answers and solutions. We shall only be covering the first chapter here, so please bear with us as we continue going through the rest of the game, and solving more of these innovative crossword puzzles with just one picture as the clue.

One Clue Crossword Answers for All Levels

Below you can find the answers and solutions for the game.

One Clue Crossword Answers Chapter 1

Level 1 – Nuts

Cross: Pecan, Walnut, Shells, Brazil, Cashew
Down: Nuts, Snack, Hazelnut, Healthy, Almond

Level 1 – Chess

Cross: Board, Chess, Knight, King, Pieces, White, Queen
Down: Bishop, Black, Castle, Rook, Game, Pawn

Level 2 – Sports

Cross: Club, Ball, Shuttlecock, Strings, Laces
Down: Leather, Rubber, Racket, Golf, Tennis

Level 2 – Hotdog

Cross: Sausage, Ketchup, Red, Fast, Food, Yellow, Bun
Down: Snack, Mustard, Bread, Hotdog, Onions