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Tap the Blocks Guide: 3 Tips & Tricks for Magical Results

Are you ready for a fun filled adventure through the lands of the Indians? If you want to delve into the craft and magic of the natives and be mesmerized for hours, hit the download button on Tap the Blocks and get absorbed into a land of mystique and adventure. Tap the Blocks is the latest game from gaming powerhouse SpecialBit Studios and is their newest addition to the matching puzzle game category. Most recently updated on 27 October 2016, Tap the Blocks is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store. The game packs respectable graphics and eye catching colors into a very reasonable package size of only 99MB. The game does not require an internet connection and can be played completely offline.

Tap the Blocks is like many other puzzlers but displays its uniqueness in the intense and time dependent gameplay as opposed to the majority of puzzle games which offer a relaxed and soothing environment for players. This makes it a puzzle game with elements of both arcade and time challenge titles. Tap the Blocks is a match to puzzle game which means you have to figure out which blocks to tap in order to complete a color series; green, red, white, yellow and blue in order to get points and move ahead in the level. The real challenge is to perform all this tapping while you are on a clock and the blocks are moving around you. Let one block fall from the platform and it is Game Over for you.

Tap the Blocks has a good tutorial for beginners and newcomers to the intense puzzle gaming genre but it fails to do justice to players who manage to get past the first few levels. Unlike other puzzle games where the background, environment and sound effects are generally placed to create a relaxing effect, Tap the Blocks is full of action packed and thrilling sounds and the background keeps changing dynamically as well. This can make it very hard to concentrate on the tapping of the blocks in later levels when you are very short on time. Therefore you will definitely need some external help before you can successfully clear the later levels and that is where this handy little guide comes into play. The tips mentioned in this guide have been compiled in such a way as to help you clear the levels that are both too easy for some and impossibly difficult for others. So sit back, relax and oh wait! Don’t relax while playing this game ever because this is not a game where time is your friend. Let’s start playing and tapping!

1. Time Is Your Enemy

Yes you heard that right and despite your elders strongly stressing on the value of time you are a battle against it in Tap the Blocks and it is your arch nemesis. In the first few levels of the game you will be falsely led to believe by the in game tutorials that there is plenty of time available for you to easily tap your way out of every level. However do not trust the developers on this because they have made sure that you are forced to try hard to even barely survive during the later levels.

There is no clock on the display of your smartphone while playing the game but you will instantly feel pushed by the need to tap blocks as fast as you can because of you don’t they will fall away into the abyss and you will lose. Tap the Blocks also introduces one of the most unique ideas for timing a round with this game. There is a little bug on the bottom of the screen which is travelling across a rope. It starts from one end and proceeds to the other end so keep an eye on this little guy as well because he is your only indicator as to the time you have left for the round.

2. Concentration Is Vital

The worst thing about losing is the absence of any checkpoints during the levels so it’s either do or die once you start a level and this feature undoubtedly also makes the game a much more exciting and thrilling experience. You do not have a visual clock at hand so you will have to rely on your mental faculties to judge the speed at which the blocks are moving towards the edge of the platform and prevent them from falling off just in time.

This can be somewhat of a challenge since you will also be paying attention to the color of blocks that should be matched to the color of blocks that you will be tapping above. Needless to say this requires a great mental concentration and you should be prepared to play this game in a quiet and unruly environment to get the best results.

3. Perform Combos To Finish Faster

Just like any other “match to complete” puzzle game, Tap the Blocks has combos as the bread and butter of the gameplay experience. Performing combos will get you through a level much faster and also grant you point multipliers which can greatly contribute towards attaining a huge high score. How you can perform a single combo will be explained by the freaky little tutorial guy at the beginning of the game but you will have to master the skill of performing multiple combos as you progress through the game.

A good way to perform a solid multiple combo in this game is to wait for at least three blocks of different colors to appear before you initiate the combo by tapping on one of the blocks. If you do not see three different colored blocks on the screen, just press on the evil Shaman priest standing at the left corner of the screen and he will pull down a rope making another column of blocks appear from the left. Keep in mind though that this technique will cost you a life as pulling the rope will make the column of blocks closest to the edge of the platform to fall down.