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Smile Inc Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: How to Make Your Runs Last Longer

Smile Inc is a new game from Super Lame Games, featuring YouTuber Roman Atwood and his crew, who have finally decided to get real jobs in the titular company. This is an Android and iOS title where you’ll soon discover that Smile Inc isn’t as pleasant a company as it seems – it comes with loads of booby traps, deadly machines, and other forms of danger that could make working at the company as harrowing experience. And since this game is an endless runner, your goal is to climb as far as you could up the corporate ladder before the “lethal reality of business” turns you into another victim. There are also lots of playable characters you can unlock and level up, and more than 50 missions with their own sets of objectives.

As is the case in other endless games of its kind, the main goals in this title include lasting as long as possible without getting killed, collecting as much currency and other resources as possible, and unlocking all those characters available in the game. We can help you do all of those things, as we’ve put together some pretty cool tips and tricks for this all-new Smile Inc strategy guide. Working in Smile Inc may not be all smiles, but we can, at the very least, help you survive longer.

1. Characters Play Different, So Choose Wisely

Super Lame isn’t lying – there are tons of characters for you to play us and unlock. And these characters do play differently from each other, even if their special moves aren’t as plentiful as the actual number of characters. As such, it would be better to classify characters by their special moves – Double Down, Super Jump, Super Roll, and Super Sneak. You’ll want to take note of the characters that perform their moves, as it’s those moves that will come into play when determining the outcome of your game. Try all of these moves out, and go with the special move/corresponding characters that suit you the best. (As a bonus tip, main character Roman uses the Super Roll, which is self-explanatory, Beanie Bob does the Super Sneak, which allows him to move slowly, and Little Britt uses the Super Jump, which is a super-high jump that’s useful for hurdling high obstacles.)

Your mileage may vary when it comes to the best move type, but we’d probably go with Super Roll as the most useful overall. Super Sneak appears to be more effective in the early goings, but it becomes less useful as you move on further into your runs. But once again, it all depends on your play style and what move/ability you’re most comfortable with. And it’s the characters who perform that move who should be your go-to characters when playing Smile Inc.

2. Open The Mystery Box

What is the Mystery Box? It’s a box that you can open for free at given times, or purchase at the in-app store for a thousand coins each. Most of the time, the Mystery Box will earn you hats, which are, as you may have guessed, cosmetic in nature and non-bearing when it comes to gameplay. You can also earn about 2,000 coins by opening the Mystery Box, and on occasion, you may also unlock new characters. If you’re lucky, you could earn a profit by opening the Mystery Box repeatedly, but this is only recommended if you’ve got a lot of coins to burn.

3. How To Earn More Gems

You can earn more gems simply by playing the game and going as far as possible, but you might want to take it easy and not follow the path of gems all the way to the end; sometimes, it leads to a trap, and that could end your run just like that. If you see that the coast is clear and that there aren’t any traps in the way, go for the gems and add to your total. But if you’ve got obstacles or traps to deal with, or if it looks like the gems are leading you to an eventual trap, don’t chase them foolishly.

4. Watch The Ad Videos to Unlock Mystery Boxes

Why should you watch ad videos in Smile Inc? Going back to the mystery boxes, you can earn them by watching these videos, which last about 30 seconds at the very most. Keep on watching videos whenever the opportunity arises, as that will fast-track you toward unlocking more stuff. In addition, it’s advisable to watch videos after you’ve completed an impressive run, as that would allow you to continue even further. Just take it easy when watching those ads, as it would appear that the game limits the number of advertisements you can watch in a day; the number of videos may vary depending on where you’re located. Save the ads for a time when you’re close to breaking your personal best, or if you’ve done especially well and want to go on a little further.

5. How To Deal With The Obstacles

Smile Inc, as we stressed a couple times earlier, is a company that doesn’t live up to its name. It’s a very, very dangerous workplace filled with death traps, and that would include the actual traps themselves, as well as various obstacles. You’ll find it extremely difficult to get past those obstacles in the early parts of the game, but once you get the patterns down, you’ll find it easier to deal with them. For example, some traps may move toward you, or may turn red when they’re about to be activated. Know those signs of danger and react accordingly so you can avoid running into trouble and ending your run prematurely.

6. Should You Bother With The Coffee?

Like any other office, Smile Inc allows you to drink coffee, but considering the diabolical nature of that workplace, we can assure you that drinking coffee is not intended to be a trap. But it isn’t like it doesn’t come with any catches either. Coffee allows your character to run faster, but the caveat here is that you wouldn’t be able to use your ability if you have that cup of Joe. There’s a cool down period to deal with once you drink the coffee, so keep that in mind before deciding whether to drink it up or not.

7. Complete More Missions

You can earn more gems or Mystery Boxes by completing the in-game missions. Click on the button that looks like a red ribbon so you can access your missions – there are tons of available missions, as there are six different tabs that allow you to check what’s there to complete. Daily missions, of course, reset each day and you only have so much time to complete them while they’re still active. The missions in the other five tabs, on the other hand, can be completed at any time. Either way, completing them earns you currency or a Mystery Box.