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Zombie Anarchy Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Zombie Anarchy is now here for Android and iOS devices, and it’s about time. With Halloween coming up in a few days and The Walking Dead’s seventh season just having started (though the game has nothing to do with that series), it’s just about right that we get another zombie-themed game for mobile devices. This is a “strategy survival game” where you have to find the last remaining humans on Earth and help them survive, all while fighting off the zombie apocalypse. You have to fight both the living and the dead, and that you’ll have to create your own defenses in order to protect your camp from the zombies, while you fight for “the secret behind the end of the world.”

Think of this game as a multiplayer strategy game that’s all about zombie invasions, as opposed to the usual settings of games in this genre. Can you survive this zombie apocalypse, and keep those undead invaders from attacking your camp? Can you emerge supreme over the other human players in the game? It won’t be easy, but we can at least make it easier through this Zombie Anarchy strategy guide.

1. Tap On Zombies You Find Outside Your Base

Don’t be afraid to tap on the zombies hanging outside your camp, because they can do you some good. Sometimes tapping on a zombie would allow you to earn premium currency, and sometimes you’ll get some extra salvage. Sometimes, you may actually have no choice but to tap on the zombies, as that’s going to be a part of some missions, including the daily ones. And since tapping on a zombie allows you to shoot at them, you’re effectively protecting your survivors in the process.

2. Keep On Upgrading

Why is it important to upgrade everything in the game? The reason behind this may seem obvious, but to further elaborate, these reasons start out with the new buildings and new upgrade branches you get once you level up. Start out with upgrading your defensive towers, as you need something to protect your loot and your survivors. Next, upgrade your survivors, then your resource buildings, then the other upgradeable things in the game. You will need specific types of materials for the upgrade to go through, and that means having to make sure you’ve got enough in order for things to push forward. If you don’t have those materials in abundance, you can upgrade the building or survivor you want, and grind it out (in a way) by working on areas that have the required items as rewards for completion.

3. Dailies And Special Events – Why Are They Important?

It’s also highly suggested that you complete both the Daily Bounties and the occasional special events. While optional to take part in, the Daily Bounties will reward you with some free Bloodstones, which are the game’s premium currency. Simply review the requirements to complete the challenge, work toward fulfilling those requirements, and you’re good to go, and ready to be rewarded.

Special events, on the other hand, are limited-time events that work a bit differently from the special events in other games. Primarily, these will require you to complete a mission, then another one, and so on. They may sound hard to complete, but if you do, you will get even better rewards. If you see a special event open the moment you play the game for the first time in a day, go take part in that event, as you will definitely be better for earning those rewards.

4. AI First, Then Human Players

As this game has a social, multiplayer element like most titles in its class, your first instinct may be to try to attack other human players ASAP. That’s all well and good, as that will allow you to improve your ranking by earning skulls. But if you’re new to the game, which you probably are at this point, you may want to hold off first on attacking other human-controlled players. Instead, focus on the AI missions, which show up as black and gray on the in-game map. You can alternately go for the Survivor camp if human opponents are too much for you to handle.

Why should you settle on the simplistic AI opposition and not get in on the multiplayer fun right away? Go back to the part where we mentioned skulls, which allow you to rank higher once you get more of them. As you rank up, the game will publicly reveal your rank at that time, and that will, more often than not, give opposing players incentive to attack your base and come away with some loot. Of course, you’ll want to face off against real players at some point, but if you’re new, take it easy and attack the AI instead.

5. General Strategies For Attack

We’re only going to deal with basic strategies, as this is a beginner’s strategy guide. But one good way to attack zombies is to attack them near the corpse piles. That’s because those piles generate a lot of zombies, which you should prioritize when attacking. Make sure to spread out your heroes to various parts of the battlefield; tap on the screen to tell them where to go. But before even thinking of attacking the zombies, you should first try to take down their buildings. This shouldn’t be anything new for RTS players, but once again, we’re only dealing with the bare essentials for now.

6. Beginner Tips For Base Building

As you keep leveling up in Zombie Anarchy, you’ll be able to unlock more goodies for improving your base. Still, as is the case in games of this kind, your first priority should be your towers when it comes to the defensive aspect. Make sure you’re putting those towers in the right place; place them behind walls or other buildings, as that will make it harder for enemies to take them out. Remember that you’ll always have a better chance of winning a battle if your towers are still up and still working perfectly.

Basically, the key when building a smart and well-thought-out base is to place the walls in the right place. Buildings, once placed in front of your defensive towers, will serve as a means to distract your opponents once they try to attack. But you should also make sure to place your mines in such a way that opponents will most likely pass through them, effectively taking them out once they step on the mines.