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Twisty Wheel Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score and Complete the Harder Levels

Tastypill has released a new game for Android and iOS devices called Twisty Wheel, and it serves as the official mobile version of the viral tapping game. It’s a “reflex color match tapping game made for users of all ages,” and a title that Tastypill warns could become “hopelessly addictive.” The goal here is to match as many color arrows as possible as you climb from level to level, with each new level requiring one more color match than the last. With each tap, the arrows change color, while the dial “twists back and forth.” The gameplay sounds simple in principle, but as you’ll find out, truly mastering the game could be quite the challenge for you.

We would like to help you increase your score and progress through more levels, and believe us, this could be easier said than done as you spin that Wheel of Fortune-esque wheel without the dollar values. That said, we hope these Twisty Wheel tips and tricks could indeed be of help.

1. Focus On The Top Of The Screen

Before spinning the wheel, you want to focus mainly on the arrow on top of the screen and the color corresponding to where the arrow is. That’s the color you will have to stop on. If you keep your focus straight on the arrow and the color where it’s at, you’ll be able to easily stop the wheel at the right time. Focusing on the wheel will only be counterproductive, and you’ll end up failing more often than not when trying to stop it at the right time.

2. Remember The Level Number

Aside from maintaining your focus on the arrow and the specific color for that level, you also have to remember the number of the level you’re currently on. That number will always match the number of taps you need to make so you should pass that level. That means making the right tap ten times when you’re on Level 10, tapping correctly 20 times when on Level 20, and so on. In addition to this, be aware that the number of taps you need to make to pass a level is consecutive.

3. Sometimes You Can Play Without Ads

Find the pop-up ads too distracting? We can’t blame you if you do, and if that’s the case, you can play the game with your Wi-Fi off, or with your phone in airplane mode. But since the ads do arguably take some getting used to – and you will likely get used to them – we suggest leaving them on most of the time. Doing so, as they say, is “doing a solid” for the game’s developer and helping them earn from their game.

4. There’s No Point To Grinding, Except If You Need Practice

You’re always free to redo a level you’ve already completed in the past, by going to the pause menu and repeating that level all over again. Then again, there’s no real reward to the grinding process by way of additional points or achievements. The only time you want to grind is if you want to hone your skills and practice with little pressure.

These would be our hints and tips for Tastypill’s mobile game, Twisty Wheel. In case you know other hints for this addictive game, don’t hesitate to let us know!