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Dog Evolution Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Earn More Coins and Evolve Dogs Further

We’ve got another animal “Evolution” game to cover, and surprise, surprise, it’s not from Tapps. Dog Evolution is an iOS title from Cartoon Mobile that features very similar mechanics and gameplay to Tapps’ games that allow you to evolve and mutate cows, chickens, and even platypuses and giraffes. You’ll start with basic, ordinary-looking dogs, but as you progress through the game, man’s best friend wouldn’t be what you remember it to be. Yes, you’ll be evolving dogs into “strange, fantastic, and visionary forms,” and like you can in Tapps’ Evolution series, you can earn coins from animal (in this case, dog) poop, and use the coins you earn to buy new dogs and new tools.

As it seems, Dog Evolution is a copycat game, but at least this time around, we’re dealing with animals that aren’t included in Tapps’ original series. And you may be wondering what you should do to make those dogs evolve into different forms while earning more coins. We’re here to help with that, as we shall now bring you our list of Dog Evolution tips and tricks.

1. Buy The Tractor Upgrade ASAP

Remember those tractors from Tapps’ Evolution games? They’re also included in Dog Evolution, and likewise, you’ll want to buy the tractor upgrade as soon as it becomes available. The importance of the tractor is that it helps you earn more coins offline. It first works for a span of two hours, and that duration will keep increasing each time you upgrade your tractor. Offline earnings will always be the equivalent of your coins per second multiplied the time the tractor remains active.

2. That Same Evolution Trick Works Here Too

Another thing players can do in the Evolution series is to turn their phone’s auto-sleep mode off, and leave the device plugged into a charger with the game running, while the highest-end animals are all active. That’s also a valid trick to pull off in Dog Evolution, as you can earn coins as your dogs poop while leaving the game on for as long as you wish. The higher the dog evolution, the more coins you can earn from their poop.

3. Buy The Bone Upgrade As Well

Another useful upgrade you can buy is the bone upgrade, which drops bones at random. Think of these bonuses as power-ups; for example, white bones give you bigger bonuses when merging two dogs, blue bones give you free diamonds, while red bones accelerate the pace in which your dogs are able to poop.

4. Watch Videos To Get Free Diamonds

This game allows you to buy diamonds as a premium currency, though you’re going to have to pay real money in the in-app store by default. However, the in-app store also has the option for you to hit the Free Diamonds button, which launches an ad video. You’ll only earn one diamond per video, but there’s no limit to the number of videos you can watch, apart from the number of videos the game has available to serve up. You can also rate the game for a free diamond, or tap on cards that randomly appear; for the second option, watching an ad video would double the diamond bonus you may get from the card. (Bonus tip – debuffs that may also come with the cards disappear when you watch ad videos.)

This is our quick guide for Cartoon Mobile’s new game, Dog Evolution. Stay tuned for updates to this guide, as we may add more hints in the near future!