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Assassin’s Creed Identity Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Become a Master Assassin

Assassin’s Creed Identity has just made it to iOS devices, and while it isn’t available yet on Android, Ubisoft’s new mobile title comes with great hype and promise as the “first action RPG game” of the popular franchise. The game allows you to explore the Italian Renaissance period while controlling your own Assassin, whom you’re free to customize with your own loot, outfits, and weapons. You can also pick your Assassin’s class (Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster, or Thief), and have him or her evolve from being a mere novice, to a master of the trade. And you’ll also be getting the “freedom of movement” you are probably familiar with if you’ve played any one of the many Assassin’s Creed titles for Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

The main mechanic of the game, however, is the aspect of customizing and training your Assassin, and taking him to Master level. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this set of general tips and tricks that make up our Assassin’s Creed Identity strategy guide.

1. Explaining The Individual Classes

Assassin’s Creed Identity prides itself on the wide range of customizations for your Assassin, and it all starts with the four classes you have to choose from at the beginning of the game. Berserkers are your all-out melee fighters, and are also quite hardy, boasting of high health and strength bonuses. That means they can get as much damage as they give, as well as stun opponents and take out more than one enemy in one go. Shadow Blades are the sneakiest of the sneaky, hiding in the dark, or even in broad daylight before they sneak up for the kill. This is the class for you if chameleon-like attacks where you blend in with the crowd are right up your alley. Tricksters are the fastest type of Assassin in the game; they’ll kill an enemy, and be speeding away and losing anyone who tries to catch up with them. They can also use disguises, set time bombs, and do a variety of things to throw enemies off their guard.

Those three classes are available at the start of the game, but eventually, you’ll be able to pay Hero Coins in order to unlock the Thief class. That adds the ability to pick enemy pockets for loot, and blind them.

2. Take Part In Challenges

Aside from accomplishing the main objective of the missions, these missions will also come with separate Challenges, which are like quests or optional objectives that nonetheless earn you some rewards (or a lot of rewards) in the process. You may, for example, be asked to kill a certain type of guards, or to complete the mission fully undetected. And while it’s fine if you skip an objective if you feel it’s too hard for you to pull off, it’s recommended that you complete as many of them as possible, so as to earn yourself more credits and rewards, which may include cash for customizing and upgrading your Assassin.

3. Different Assassins, Different Missions

There are a good many Assassin’s Creed Identity contract missions that can only be accomplished if you’ve got the right skill set. For instance, let’s start with escort missions, which would require you to be skilled enough in hand-to-hand combat. Then you’ve also got tailing missions, where you have to be as elusive as possible. If you consider the diversity of skills required to complete these missions, you may find it in your best interests to create multiple Assassins. As opposed to creating one Assassin and focusing on him/her alone for faster progression, this is a slower burn. But at least you won’t have as much difficulty as you would having one Assassin taking on all types of missions, skilled or not for the job.

4. Use Your Assassin’s Skills

While Assassin’s Creed Identity simplifies the fighting mechanics by letting your Assassins auto-dodge or auto-parry to a certain extent based on their stats, you also have some special skills to work with. You can access these skills in the skill wheel located at the bottom part of your screen. Choose a skill and unleash it in order to gain an invaluable edge in combat. As a bonus tip, you should also keep a close eye on the meter also located at the bottom, as when it fills up after successful attacks, you’ll be able to tap on it for an instant kill.

5. You Can Reroll Your Missions List

Should you spend cash in order to earn more of it in Assassin’s Creed Identity? Oftentimes, you would. For example, you may have three contract missions on deck, but none of them really offer much in the way of rewards, or at the very least, progress in a quest you’re currently undertaking. You have the option to refresh or reroll that list by spending 100 credits. More often than not, the new missions will pay for those credits and then some, so feel free to spend a hundred credits on a reroll if the current contract missions leave you feeling “meh” about your prospects.

6. Hire A Hireling

Once per mission, you’ll be able to summon a Hireling, who essentially fights alongside you and provides some passive buffs that could benefit you in the short-term. A Berserker Hireling improves your health, a Shadow Blade Hireling improves your odds of a critical hit, and a Trickster Hireling makes it likelier that your enemies will flee before they get killed. Take note, however, that using a Hireling’s active ability nullifies their passive buff for the duration of the mission; be wary of this should you decide to use those active abilities.

7. Take Part In Events

You will occasionally be notified of limited-time events, which can earn you some tasty rewards, but require a lot of time to complete. They may be difficult compared to the ordinary missions, but the rewards make them worth the time and effort. Consider this – your first reward in these limited-time events gives you 1,500 hero tokens, or a similar amount to what you’d receive by completing 50 initiate tier missions.

8. Use The Parkour Helper

One useful feature in Identity is the Parkour Helper, which shows up in the form of a white line that tells you just where to execute those moves, and where you’ll be landing should you leap off a ledge. While sometimes it’s best for you to simply tap to your destination to make a jump, the Parkour Helper should make it easier for you to execute the difficult parkour moves that feature prominently in the console/PC Assassin’s Creed titles.

And this is the end of our strategy guide for Assassin’s Creed Identity. In case you know other hints for the game, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, be sure to let us know!