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Twisty Hollow Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Tips to Complete All Levels

New mobile game Twisty Hollow, by Arkadium Games, has earned itself some positive reviews from the gaming press, and had won Pocket Gamer Gold honors as well. In this iOS/Android game, a self-appointed mayor is ruling Twisty Hollow with an iron fist, imposing nonsensical rulings, such as bacon being frowned upon and giving fashion tips to ghosts. As you can see, these rulings are as weird as they get, and it will be your job to support the town’s citizens by meeting their needs and combining resources to do so. It’s a crazy town you’ll be living in, but it wouldn’t be so crazy if you’d keep the following Twisty Hollow cheats, tips and tricks in mind.

1. Act Fast When Collecting Coins

Customers will leave you coins once you’ve fulfilled their orders, but you have to actually tap on them to collect them. If you don’t, they’ll just be staying there on the outer wheel and taking up space. You want to keep your production line up and running, so don’t waste much time and collect those coins ASAP.

2. Complete Processes Even If No One Is Waiting

You don’t have to have a customer waiting for an item; when it comes to processes, you should start them the moment you’ve got all the pieces with you. Again, this is to keep the production wheel moving, and things running in an efficient manner in the town of Twisty Hollow.

3. Be Quick To Serve To Get More Coins

When serving your customers, you should also be fast on your feet, or should we say fingers. Because by acting faster, you get more coins, and better ones at that – to be precise, your customers will be giving you gold, and not silver coins. And that’s also going to increase your chances of three-star level completion in this game.

4. Customers Always Order The Same Thing

Now, here’s one thing about Twisty Hollow that you have to remember if you’re still worried about all the need for speed. Customers in the game always order the same thing, so that should allow you to prepare an item before they even order it, and without having to think of what that order will be. The moment a customer appears, spin the wheel quickly so you can give them the item they want.

5. Completed The Advanced Processes / Recipes First

Throughout the course of the game, you’ll be able to unlock new recipes or processes, such as the ability to use the chef and the knife to create sushi out of fish. And since customers won’t order the original item again, you can proceed and serve them sushi, and not fish, should they order for it.

6. Watch Out For Hazards And Obstacles

There are some levels in Twisty Hollow where you’ll be dealing with obstacles and hazards – remember, that eccentric mayor is always up to no good! For example, one of the wheel’s layers may be on auto-spin – in here, remember that wheels spin in gaps of three seconds in order to overcome the obstacle. Another example would be the bears in the woods; bears would “replace” customers, but instead of paying for your goods, they’ll eat them instead. That makes placement very important when dealing with bears.