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Twilight Quiz 2018 Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Are you a Twilight fan? Rivanro Games has made a game for you! Twilight had a lot of memorable characters, which is part of the reason why the movie is so beloved by people around the world. You just have to type the characters’ name and you’ll have the full cast of the series. Both Humans and the Wolfpack along with the Volturi and the Gullens come up on your screen. Guess their names and see the films pass in front of your eyes. And if your brain is overheated when a name slips your mind, then be sure to check out our list of Twilight Quiz 2018 answers and solutions!

Twilight Quiz 2018 Answers & Solutions

Level 1: Edward
Level 2: Bella
Level 3: Jacob
Level 4: Alice
Level 5: Rosalie
Level 6: Jasper
Level 7: Carlisle
Level 8: Emmet
Level 9: Esme
Level 10: Victoria

Level 11: Jessica
Level 12: Charlie
Level 13: Angela
Level 14: Embry
Level 15: Sam
Level 16: Mike
Level 17: Billy
Level 18: Tyler
Level 19: Eric
Level 20: Renee

Level 21: Waylon
Level 22: James
Level 23: Aro
Level 24: Renesmee
Level 25: Jane
Level 26: Irina
Level 27: Demetri
Level 28: Caius
Level 29: Molina
Level 30: Laurent

Level 31: Cora
Level 32: Felix
Level 33: Alec
Level 34: Marcus
Level 35: Valentina
Level 36: Seth
Level 37: Leah
Level 38: Emily
Level 39: Garrett
Level 40: Zafrina

Level 41: Senna
Level 42: Siobhan
Level 43: Maggie
Level 44: Alistair
Level 45: Benjamin