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Phantom Chaser Is Changing Things Up In A Major Way With Its New Update

It’s time for new adventure in Phantom Chaser, as developer FloppyGames unveils the hit action RPG’s biggest update yet. In the latest patch, players are being treated to even more mythical creatures and some generous quality of life updates. Here’s what to expect.

Rangda joins the cast of Phantom Chaser, and she’s bringing some pretty impressive assassin skills to the table. Rangda specializes in getting up close and personal with her opponents, dealing incredible damage at close range thanks to her high Dexterity stat. This new character is not to be missed.

phantom chaser new update

Older characters are getting some TLC, too. It’ll now be a bit easier to collect some rare characters, including Blue Dragon and Phoenix, which can now be obtained via Crafting. Phantom Chaser will also be regularly highlighting “targeted characters”. Collect one of these special creatures and you’ll earn free Star Stones.

Expect to reap big rewards in the Battlefield, too. FloppyGames is ramping up the difficulty, but the prizes will be much greater, allowing for a more rewarding experience all around. Monsters are also getting a few adjustments in Adventure mode to keep things better balanced.

Phantom Chaser as a whole becomes a much more streamlined experience for users thanks to this update. It will now be easier for you to develop your characters, and you’ll earn rewards at higher rates. Stamina usage has been adjusted, so you’ll be spending more time adventuring and less time waiting for timers to tick down.

Check out these exciting new changes yourself. Phantom Chaser is currently free-to-play on the App Store and Google Play.